An Unwise Choice: An Open Letter to Black Men About Umar Johnson from a Sister Who Loves You

I am most certainly disturbed and bewildered by Umar Johnson’s continuing relevance in the struggle to liberate Black America. I am confident that you agree with my summation that Mr. Johnson is the most polarizing figure Black America has seen since Clarence Thomas. To some he is a breath of fresh air, to many others, he is a traveling con man selling hope for a better tomorrow to the droves of oppressed confused black people. Make no mistake about it, you either immediately embrace or exert extreme caution when it comes to this verbal wizard who possesses an uncanny ability to mesmerize black men. Johnson’s siren call comes in the form of seductive rhetoric that taps into their innate urge to assume what they consider their rightful position as “head of household” if not an exiled African “King” in the North American wilderness.

As a black woman, I would be disingenuous if I did not relate that the seemingly unending support Umar Johnson has received from my brothers is simultaneously shocking and offensive. For myself and the vast majority of black women, Mr. Johnson’s incantations for a return to the good old days when black men ruled their homes and communities with an iron-fisted authority that no one dared to challenge are eerily similar to white racists calls for a return to the good old days when a woman knew her place, children were to be seen and not heard, and homosexuality was a sexual deviance on par with child molestation.

Although Mr. Johnson’s supporters will deny it, their manhood constructs are merely a dastardly inheritance of tyrannical patriarchal that they were bequeathed by their white male fathers. In every way, Umar Johnson’s expression of masculinity is nothing more than a minstrel show of white patriarchal constructs.

It is time that the black community divests from the draconian position that one’s gender is sufficient for the leadership of anything. My brothers fail to realize that they have picked up their oppressors tools and dedicated their lives to replicating his immoral pattern of oppression within their community. The irony that Umar Johnson’s male supporters fail to realize that their movements to ‘uplift’ the black community are a haphazardly constructed garment that is held together by the anger of black males that is demanding not only silence from dissenters but also an intrusion into the personal lives of those under their reign. It appears that when black males’ steep emotional investment in Umar Johnson combines with natural impulses to take their rightful place as “the head” of everything they encounter, reason and logic are suspended.

The fact that thousands of black men would champion the flawed, antiquated perspectives of Umar Johnson is frightening as it reveals their failure to understand the inherent dangers associated with patriarchy and toxic manhood constructs. I pray that those I honestly consider my brethren can divorce themselves from the seductive emotionalism of this charismatic charlatan known as Umar Johnson, return to their senses and understand what Audre Lorde meant when she admonished oppressed people seeking liberation that “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” What Umar Johnson is doing is not dismantling white supremacy, he is attempting to build a black version of it that will oppress all of those within our midst who disagree with his irrationality and inconsistencies.


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2 thoughts on “An Unwise Choice: An Open Letter to Black Men About Umar Johnson from a Sister Who Loves You”

  1. PEOPLE, who is this “Sister who loves US” allegedly, but isn’t upright enough to give her name and credentials, and don’t WE ALWAY have a better way, while in the main not actually doing anything constructive as opposed to the manner in which the so far from perfect Dr Umar Johnson is at least attempting to make the play; whereas isn’t it also a fact that our so totally baffled and confused consistently inept Boulé dominated socio-economic elite either can’t be asked or are consistently outright TREACHEROUS/sell us out from the start?

    Isn’t Dr Umar Johnson at least aspiring to facilitate the means of people of African ethnicity in the USA and the rest of the Diaspora combating the maliciously EVIL WAR that has been waged on non-whites generally, the peoples of African ethnicity specifically by the European collective for over 2000 years now; whereas what has this “Sister” proposed or done [why throw stones while living in a glasshouse] with regard to stopping the ongoing African HOLOCAUST continuing to be WHAT IS, in the 21st century?

    When are WE going to face/acknowledge the fact that peoples of African ethnicity in Africa and the Diaspora are still in severe trauma/ catastrophic SHOCK due to the so all pervasive scale/range of our so totally devastating collective defeat due to the WAR [that has never EVER been openly declared, has it, just constantly waged against us for over 3000 years, that has peaked with the ongoing African HOLOCAUST of over 500 years duration, now] that we’re all frontline soldiers in whether we want to fight or not, which begs the question why are so many of our people burying their heads in the sand?

    So the despicably EVIL, mega cowardly WAR that has never been openly declared as opposed to constantly being waged in every area of human activity on non-whites generally, people of African ethnicity specifically by the European collective for over 2000 years now, as opposed to being an easily verifiable FACT re the ongoing African HOLOCAUST in the 21st century, that Dr Umar Johnson is highlighting is news to the Black people in the USA, UK the rest of the Diaspora and Africa, perhaps?

    Additionally can any of you be specific as to how the USA, UK and the rest of the Diaspora’s Black underclass and Africa’s lower echelons are in any measurable way more STUPID than the white trash in the USA/worldwide, and Japan, China and India and the rest of Asia’s over 3 billion peasants?

    Isn’t the only significant difference the FACT that the USA’s white trash and most of Asia’s 3 billion peasants are citizens in nations that are intelligently organized and led by a pragmatically rational socio-economic/ruling elite/leadership, intently focused on their nation’s collective advancement, hence the manner in which they have in the main industrialized/with India, China and Pakistan having the BIG STICK/Nuclear weapons and delivery systems in this extremely challenging/mega harsh 21st century, whereas aren’t most of our communities in the USA, UK, the rest of the Diaspora and African countries themselves STILL being totally inadequately secured and administrated; with most of our countries a shambles being misruled by despotic CRETINS/RETARDS whose only focus is filling their and their family’s and friends pockets with loot, as opposed to moving us FORWARD?

    Isn’t this so concerted programme of various allegedly high profile Blacks so very very publicly attempting to destroy/ disparage Dr Umar Johnson reminiscent of the manner in which W E B Dubois and the rest of the so very very consistently clueless Boulé CLOWNS/TRAITORS were utilized by the status quo to undermine and subsequently destroy Marcus Garvey and his organisation?

    Undeniably Dr Umar Johnson who is a very long way from perfect, needs to be adequately audited and supervised but isn’t he at least consciously focused on initiating and instigating the changes necessary in our communities and countries to make the African Renaissance at least a possibility in the 21st century?

    Though I’m not asserting that Dr Umar Johnson is the Messiah so much as opposed to him being so much more alert and awake to the so very very challenging situation/WAR the African collective is in, in the USA/UK the rest of the Diaspora and Africa, in stark contrast to the so very very consistent incompetence, corruption and lack of vision being displayed by both our Boulé dominated political mis-leadership and our equally consistently dysfunctional socio-economic elite?

    Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
    graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

  2. vague and misleading liberal “leftist” so called progressive jargons. Black lives matter has done far worst to polarise the global “black” community and hijack the black liberation struggle into an LGBTQIA E.T.C agenda without any complains from you sisters because you have promoted such behaviour and supported it as your white middle class feminist movement has dictated to you. Not a single word of condemnation from you. Its pathetic and astonishing to see a so called “black sister” write such an article with any lack of wit or substance. If truly you have done your deep analysis of the situation, background research how can the only concept and approach to slender the name of Dr johnson is by attacking patriarchy from a white supremacist feminist perspective shows the enormous deceit, confusion and illusions you use this platform to project into the global black community, simply for likes and shares to make you relevant. Its just sad, you should be ashamed of yourself and if you lack any shame whatsoever, well your family should be ashamed for you. gooosh only blacks in amerikkka could be doing this type of nonsense.

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