Although every fiber of my being wanted to feign shock at the racial identity of looters arrested in the wake of Hurricane Irma, however, it would have been disingenuous to do so. Additionally, I long ago abandoned efforts to hide my feelings regarding a certain incorrigible portion of Black America. Although sad to say, if you are being truthful with yourself, you intuitively know the racial identity of those seeking to capitalize on the above natural disaster by stealing tennis shoes and other material trinkets.

Making matters worse is the reality that Miami was not the only city that saw its black citizens exhibit such inexcusable behavior. Houston, where I reside, experienced similar antics with individuals seeking to exploit devastated citizens by pillaging their homes under the cover of darkness.

Make no mistake about it, this is not a short-sighted argument asserting that African-Americans have a monopoly on lawlessness during difficult times, however, it would be shocking to not find black faces when such activities are occurring. It is this reality that further solidifies my belief that there is a roguish element within our midst that needs to be extricated from our community by any means necessary. The alluded to subculture serves as a consistent disruption of black progress.

In his celebrated address at The March on Washington, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., advanced an argument where all Americans would be judged by “the content of their character.” When one considers the deplorable behavior of many within our community, I shudder to think what an evaluation of “the content of their character” would reveal. It is past time for the best segments of our community to execute definitive steps to address the criminal element in our communities; such decisive is desperately needed as these individuals consider our communities a refuge for their lawlessness.

Although it may be politically incorrect to state these things, however, the truth of the matter is that the alluded to criminals and hell-raisers are a significant distraction to an embattled community that cannot afford such inefficiency. With the many formidable non-black opponents fighting black advancement, it is shameful that there is an element in our midst that has consciously decided to aid those efforts via criminality and unprecedented dysfunctionality.

Until we address those who relish the opportunity to be a supreme intra-racial disruption, there is little hope that progress will occur. Hence, at this moment it is imperative that non-criminal elements within our midst step forward and denounce criminality, social dysfunction, and other social vices that severely curtail all of our endeavors. History indicates that politico-economic collectivism is the only reliable path for group improvement, hence, it is time to separate ourselves from those whose actions prove that they have neither interest nor desire to uplift the community. Trust me when I say that it is one of our primary steps in lifting the African-American community from an unfortunate position that they have occupied for far too long.

The American historical record indicates that politico-economic collectivism is the only reliable path for group improvement, hence, it is time to physically separate ourselves from those whose actions prove that they possess neither the interest nor the desire to uplift Black America. Trust me when I say that this is a fundamental step in the fight to uplift the African-American community from the unfortunate position that it has have occupied for far too long.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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MIAMI (Reuters) – Miami area police arrested more than 50 suspected looters during Hurricane Irma, including 26 people who were accused of breaking into a single Wal-Mart (WMT.N> store, authorities said on Tuesday.

City officials on Tuesday lifted a local 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew that had been in place since Sunday. As normality began to return, police commanders said officers will work 12-hour shifts, 24 hours a day, to discourage any more criminality.

“I said we would not tolerate criminal activity or looting or anybody who takes advantage of our residents,” Deputy Chief of Police Luis Cabrera said at a news conference. “I was not joking.”

The Wal-Mart incident took place on Saturday night at a store on the north side of the City of Miami, said Miami-Dade Police Department spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta.

Among others suspected of looting were six men arrested on Monday and accused of breaking into stores at the Midtown Miami shopping complex, near the fashionable Wynwood district, before making off with merchandise that included shoes, bags and laptops.

The looting attempts spanned the city, said Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, from the well-heeled Brickell and downtown neighborhoods to the low-income Liberty City and Little Haiti areas. He said police will stay vigilant as the cleanup goes on.

Officers have also been busy trawling roads that can be perilous for motorists because power cuts shut off traffic lights at intersections and streets have accumulated shredded vegetation spread by the storm’s powerful winds.

“We have never experienced, not even with Hurricane Andrew, the amount of trees that are downed in the city,” Regalado told the news conference. Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992.

Since Irma began bearing down on the state late last week, authorities have been warning any would-be looters against taking advantage of the situation.

Rick Maglione, the police chief of Fort Lauderdale, about 30 miles (48 km) north of Miami, told residents to stay home during the storm and look after their loved ones. “Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice,” Maglione said in a statement.

Miami police posted a photo on Facebook of several accused looters sitting in a jail cell under the caption: “Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors.”


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