The Fantastic World of Facebook is Nothing More Than a Game of Dungeons & Dragons Where You Can Be Who You Always Wanted to be

Dungeons And Dragons aka Facebook the new Open world RPG for All ages
Choose your character and customize it with the latest filters and quotes
Specialize your character from Migos to chart toppers like Celine Dion, customize your character and let the open roll playing game world  know who you are as you choose from personal characteristics such as “you don’t need a man for shit” or ” I’ma be a player for life ..’feeling like you need to put a stamp of approval on love????
For couples playing online choose from “Married, In a relationship,and if that’s not you let the world know!!! “it’s complicated.”
The more controversial you are, the more “likes”, “pokes”, and “friend requests” you shall receive.
Take pics for angles and filters that rarely display natural beauty.. C’mon girls, show the world you have the booty for the duty!! or try to accomplish the role of becoming the queen standing your ground with high levels of belief and love with knowledge of self becoming one with your king of choice.
Along the way you will encounter many warriors sending vulgar remarks or disrespect or some warriors going as far as pornographic pics!!
“Warriors”!!! try to slay your fellow brother throw him under the bus !!
Stunt !!show the world you care of nothing but feeling above the others!! Slander the other warriors in the vast land of Facebook.
Or will you kings rise above and show the queen you do not need to boost with others for you will engage in intellect with the highest consciousness stirring the pot of awareness wakening thy fellow warriors joining together to slay this social dragon and rise and uplift every queen and become one as Kings and Queens!!!
Do you dare enter this mysterious world full of any character you could imagine???
Sign up it’s free.
Batteries not included adult assembling may require adult supervision recommend for ages under 18.

Vincent VanBuren



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