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175 thoughts on “GOODBYE UNCLE TOM”

  1. This video is just a reflection on how we African Americans where treated like animals and was taught to only please the White they tried to make us uneducated and all that did was allow our working skills to improve so while they thought they where handicapping is they helped improve our other skills In which we will forever remain on top this video is what they use to teach to inform us that this is what happened don’t forget where you came from

  2. This film is disgusting to watch. Surprisingly, I was able to view it the entire way through. This was cringeworthy. One of the memorable parts was watching the slaves take ‘showers.’ They were bleached and covered in salt water. After watching this, it’s hard to like white people. As bad as that sounds, it’s very true. Africans were treated horribly, talked about, exploited; the list goes on. This left me speechless. What could anyone possibly say after watching something like this? Whites failed to understand that all racial groups are equal, and we are all capable of the same things. The way whites treated Africans was absolutely unnecessary. They honestly ‘did the most.’

  3. I just decided to watch the whole video because the first time i tried watching the video it was to much, people are being treated unfair. In my opinion many african americans where treated unfair they where treated like animals they used them for work and made sure they was good for them to sell them. African americans where a source to getting rich of selling to people. When african americans where being sold they became slaves and did all the work the slave owners told them to do. Two disturbing things i watched from this video was when the man did not waned to eat so they took out all his teeth so that he could eat , they just forced the food into his mouth. The other disturbing part was when they put a sugar cane in their butt to stop the diarrhea while they where in the slave ships.After watching this video it made me realize how crazy it was back then and how times have changed. Many african americans struggled and worked hard to get to where they are now, they are now successful educated men and woman but back then they didn’t have the opportunity so we have come a long way from the past to make leaders for example Martin Luther King helping out in the equal rights moment.

  4. This movie really makes me hate the white man. Is it right no, but the way certain things are displayed are ridiculous. Slaves were treated terrible rapped, beat, starved, all these things have one thing in common they are all inhuman. The white man tried so hard to beat down and belittle africans. So many cruel things where done to them but we are still here today. This film has opened my eyes showed me how strong my people really are. If we made it through slavery I feel like we can make it through anything. The film also showed me that even in that time when my people weren’t taught to read or write that they still figured out how to make and in all outsmart the White man in the end.

  5. Goodbye Uncle Tom has to be the most gruesome and horrific two-hour film that any human being with a heart will watch. I felt a thousand and one emotions while visualizing the heinous acts that white Europeans did to Africans. While mostly feeling angered, I also felt helpless. I felt as if the scenes in this film were real and that I was just there watching African men, women and children be compared to and treated as animals. Watching my ancestors being treated like cattle, fed out of a trough filled “food” and fighting each other for food broke my heart into pieces. The fact that a white man broke the teeth of chained African just to force food down his mouth made me cringe. And to think, that white people (Europeans) had the audacity to look down on the catholic religion while they believed that it was “Christian” for them to strip africans from there culture, sell us and to beat us along the way is sickening. Theres an old saying that states “ the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy “ and after watching this film I truly do believe that white people are the devils unlogical children since that is exactly what they did

  6. This movie was very heart breaking. I couldn’t finish it past 25 minutes. It gave us a glimpse of what our ancestors went through. It shows us how cruel white people were back then. It’s one thing to hear about it but actually sitting here and watching it knowing some of these things actually happened is what hurts the most.

  7. This film is absolutely heartbreaking. The images in this film have me so shocked. I can’t even imagine what they have been through. I could not even watch the entire video. It disturbs me, knowing that human beings are being treated this way simply because the pigment on their skin is simply darker than others. Witnessing people say comments like, “I believe in freedom but not equality” or “God is white and as long as he is white we should prevail all other races”. Hearing these comments disturbs me even more, knowing that in the year 2017 people still have a mindset like this. The scene in the film that was most disturbing for me was watching the owners rape the women in front of their children. This is a act of violation and their privacy as well. Hearing the kids scream and cry was very devastating. The images were so graphic, it made me feel as I was experiencing this act of violence myself. I have never seen anything like this before. Watching this film just makes me feel so blessed to live in today’s world. I want to say I am truly blessed. Although we still have prejudice individuals today, I believe we will never relive those images. I would never want to watch a film like this again.

  8. I didn’t think I would finish the film. Yet, I did. My reason for this is simply because there was nothing new to me. I did not learn anything. It wasn’t educational to me. It felt as if it were only a form of graphic entertainment. It’s the same movie like all of the other slave films. Just a different director. The only thing that I found that were somewhat interesting, was the scene that included the “Red Flag” . How it has became a term or saying of; something to look out for or be aware of in the language of the 21st Century.

  9. As I watched the video, I found it very explicit. The slave owners treated the slaves so horribly. I didn’t like the privilage slaves killing other African Americans. And when the lady threw her child and force fed the food to the child. How can a man rape a woman in front of their child? And how can a 13 year old give herself up at such a young age. White people treated African American like they weren’t even humans. It was disturbing watching this from a white person view.

  10. this was not the easiest two hour long movie to watch. There were many scenes in this clip that were horrible to watch. the scenes were so horrible that it made me question humanity many times such as; How can someone do this to another human being? Despite the gruesome graphics of this video, it was very impactful. Growing up in middle school and high school we were always thought about slavery and knew how unfair life was for them. But this video somehow allowed me to be in their shoes. It allowed me to see what life is like being a slave to a white man. What was hard for me to wrap my head around was the fact that the southerners and farmers back in those times found nothing wrong with slavery. They found it normal treating the African Americans like animals or even worse. And the craziest part is that they would use religion as an excuse to treat them that way. They would make everyone believe that it is from the word of God to treat them that way. For them it was alright to separate millions away from their family and ruining their lives and making them less than animals because it was the holly way. I cant imagine what my life would be like if I were in a slave’s shoe. I would have no choice but to be strong like the way those slaves were.

  11. When I first began to watch this film I was thinking why would Dr. Jones say if you could watch the whole movie then as the movie went on I understood. Yes, I eventually watched the whole movie 30 min at time.The horrific images tore me up mentally. The way that slave owners took of there slaves was pitiful from the bathing them in saline and Lysol to them running in the river getting killed off one by one and the black “privileged slaves” helping to kill there own people. There were points in this video when I began to cry because they treated slaves like they where animals feel then out animal grazing containers; then there was the woman who threw her child into there feed of sweet potatoes and fat and basically stuffed the child’s the mouth with food. The graphic scene on the ship when they knocked a slaves teeth out of is mouth to force him to eat. Also, when 13 year old girl offered her self up to the slave master and when the men were raping the women in front of there children and not giving a care in the is world. This movie open my eyes even more to how cruel whites can be and how messed up America really is.

  12. After watching bits and pieces of goodbye Uncle Tom knowing this a touching situation for me as an African american was heartbreaking. The whites treated us like animals and they looked at us as an joke and they found it amusing. One this I found just heartful to the soul is that the whites took advantage of the young women’s by raping them. Who really has a strong mind to go out and do these provocative things to theses women repeatedly. As to watching this film it was very hard for me to learn about black history through the white man view.

  13. In the video of “Goodbye Uncle Tom” lots of cruel things where done to the African Americans. African American’s where treated like animals is so disrespectful and it has too much graphic content. Couldn’t watch the whole video because it was so graphic gave up on it because realized how bad people where been treated, they suffered so much during the slavery days they weren’t given enough resources to survive.

  14. This video was definitely an eye opener, slavery has been talked about for years and years but I never truly understood the whole picture of what slaves really went through. Seeing how they were put into boats, fed and treated like animals was heartbreaking to see. There was one part where a slave was given food to eat but was starving himself, starving himself to death because of the torture he was going through was unbearable for him to live anymore. It’s upsetting to witness a man get beat and suffer by another man just because of his skin color. Even as to when they were sold the slaves had to be cleaned and looked as “presentable” to be bought, there was another part where the slaves were given a hair cut and the barber’s blade was so used from the previous cuts that many slaves would get scalped. Or how the babies were used as tests, objects to thrown around or even how the women were raped multiple times in front of their children, seeing those women scream and fight back was so hard to watch because as a female when you’re in that position someone is basically using you, not only does it hurt the woman physically but destroys her mentally. The more I watched the video the more I learned about how slaves everyday life was, I honestly felt like I was there the video was so graphic and so disturbing to watch but also so powerful in telling people that racism is alive. It’s sickened to think that many many years ago slavery was apart of that time era but even more sickening to know that even TODAY people are still looked down and judged upon due to their skin color.

  15. The images portrayed in the movie are completely sickening. My whole life I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the concept of slavery. Its crazy to believe that people were treated less just because of the color of their skin. They just took pleasure in treating the blacks like animals. They enjoyed pushing them around and beating them and even raping them, and they saw no wrong in it. The fact that this kind of stuff was normal is beyond me. Growing up I obviously learned about slavery but never in depth. I couldn’t even begin to try and understand what these people felt going through this. I was unable to sit and watch all of it but I plan to go back and continue this so I can attempt to have a stronger understanding of the topic.

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  16. I am a good hour and 40 min into the movie, and I’m not as shocked as should be that people can actually treat another human being like an animal. A part me feel like there is no acting in this movie. It’s raw filming from real slave owners and slaves. But, what I can say is I felt validated looking at those boys being treated like women and the women being treated like whores(1:05:50). It’s cruel and unusual to do such things. And then they had the “Uncle Tom” black man doing most of their dirty work, to their own people!!!! It was all a plot scheme to reprogram the minds of these Africans to make them working robots.

    1. I was very apprehensive about watching the entire movie and I watched some scenes due to the weak stomach I have when it comes to visually seeing what happen to slaves in the past. After reading your comment I’m more eager to learn why the white men used the black men as pawns to do all of their dirty work.

  17. This movie was extremely detailed in the vulgarity of how slaves were treated. The most appalling apart of the video to me was at the very beginning when the whites were sitting around the table discussing their beliefs on slavery while two young black boys sat under the table crying. At the table the second white man mentioning his belief on what color God is and using that as his reasoning on slavery was sickening. The ship scene was the most disturbing because the white men sat around the center of the boat looking in on the stacked slaves. While the white men talked negatively on the slaves you could see the horrid conditions the slaves lived in while living on the boat from: laying in their own feces, being sprayed with salt water to kill “disease” and having insects and rodents crawling on them. When the slave owner was whistling and screaming Pluto to one of the slaves as if he was a dog I became agitated due to the lack of a basic human respect from one human to another. The most inhumane part to me was when the slaves took baths in the water of ashes and salt as if they were already dead. These men who were still alive and human begins were treated as animals by the way they were fed, cleaned, and talked to. The saddest part of the movie was at the twenty one minute mark when they examined the crying babies and the narrator described how the children were examined.

  18. This movie really depicts the position of the black man or woman as slaves and truly gets in depth with the lifestyle that has been to reprogram the african to help the american in any possible way. as i watched this the evolution in time kept showing me the dangerous control that the white man had over black people at that time even to where they turned against each other and forced new beliefs

  19. It was no way that I could finish this video after seeing every detail Africans went through. Such as how Africans were bathe, fed, and treated throughout the video made me sad. For example, the clip where the Africans were chained up to one another on the boat was the saddest part to see. Also, the scene how the were sold to other slave owners touched my heart as well. This video overall shows the truth behind slavery and how people of color was really treated. I would never watch this video again because of how graphic and cruel the video was overall.

  20. Before watching this movie, I never knew the true hardships our ancestors went through. After the first 20 minutes I began to cry because I was slightly naïve about the truth of how horrible slaves were treated. I hated how the narrator speaking about slaves in the slave ship spoke. He would try to convenience you that the slaves we’re treated with such luxury. How they treated sick slaves and what they believed was the right way to cure them was truly heartbreaking to imagine. In this video many times people were being praised on how they view slaves, treated them, and even talked so down about them that animals had a higher respect. I honesty do not know how any slave survived in that era because it is horrifying to imagine yourself in that position. I wish I was educated more about our people because what I knew did not compare to this.

    1. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about history in the past. The whites used so many cover up story to hid their true attributions into the beating, tortures, and repeated rapes. They always wanted to see themselves as the good guys, but ones the truth came out on how African Americans were really treated the tables turned. The whites got real defensive about how the slaves we’re disobedient, but in reality they was just treated harshly.

  21. After watching this video it makes me really look at my culture differently then I had before. I dislike the video very much didn’t like how slaves where treated are how the kids where treated. I almost cried when the white men raped that women in front of her kids and the way they used God’s word to justify slavery. Throughout school and history class they would say piece by piece are we might watch the movie roots to see how slaves where treated but after watching this video I actually see how they where really treated and it took me to get to college to take a history class to get a understanding and outlook on how slaves where actually treated like and that’s sad and the movies is sad from beginning to end .

  22. Just within minutes of watching this documentary my stomach was filled with discomfort, my heart with anger nothing was not plesent to watch. These white Americans really took advantage of these African American to treat them as animals, no one should ever have to face situations like this. Watching kids in this documentary really made me sad and sick watching them being used as tools. I am not African American but watching this really opened my eyes and truly understand of how far these people went through just to have equality. In today’s society African American are still facing these hardship due to racism within the white community. I truly give respect and love to the African American. Within the movie just watching the slaves being put in cells and having them chain down was really disgusting to watch. Especially watching how the white man feed them really put me in a bad mood because these African American really suffered so much and still being treat unfairly till this day. Over all this movie put me in so much emotions and not the good kind but has given me the knowledge of how everything was like in the old days.

  23. I honestly couldn’t through the entire video because it made me uncomfortable I only got through about thirty minutes of it. but, I will try to go back and finish the rest at some point. Watching this basically confirms what they kinda sugarcoat and gloss over in elementary and high school classes when slavery is being discussed.Throughout the parts I did watch I actually enjoyed the opening scenes around the dinner table where the different guest discussed their philosophies andd some defended their reasoning with their religions or backgrounds much like people do today when discussing racism. The parallel between those ideals now and some non black people have today was entertaining to say the least. The parts that made me severely uncomfortable were the scenes on the slave ship. In previous classes you always hear how graphic the slave trade was but seeing this depiction of it really struck something inside of me. Seeing how unfairly they were treated and quite literally being treated like cattle became too much for me to bear.

  24. I couldn’t believe what I watched. The video was very graphic and sad. Africans had to go through a struggle just because of their color of their skin. Furthermore, Seeing how they were chained up on the boats was the sad part seeing and what caused me to stop watching the video. The video overall just bring back why rasicm is such a horrible topic to bring up in the African American community today. Also, this video really does show the graphic details of how Africans was bathe, fed, and sold! I would never watch a clip like that again because it shows the truth behind slavery which is saddening.

  25. After watching this video “Goodbye Uncle Tom” it was one of the most disturbing yet most detailed way how slaves were treated when they were first being brought over to America. What made my stomach turn even more was they way the women and children were treated they were treated worse than animals. The one scene that particularity got me was when the little white girl was carrying the little boy on the chain as she was running acting as if the little boy was a dog or a pet of hers. Our ancestors were literally put through the depths of hell and to be honest this film was really hard to watch it was often times way to graphic i had to skip through some of the scenes, however I do believe as hard as it is to watch, people should watch this film to show the unfiltered and very much detailed version of our ancestors story.

  26. I am flabbergasted on how the movie emphasizes on some of the most gruesome factors about slavery. I despise the contempt towards my ancestors in the times like this. They were treated like animals and toys to the average white male and female. The scene’s that hit me closest to home were, the slave ship scene, which showcased what African Americans had to experience while being forced to reside on the ships. The other scene was the rape scene, I was appalled to see how white men demoralized our women. Overall my feelings after watching this movie for only 40 minutes, has left me in utter shock and awe. I feel like if I were to continue on with this movie, I would feel mentally tattered at what this movie has showcased. After what I have seen today, my outlook towards my culture and people has been forever changed.

    1. While watching this film I was initially angered by how the slaves were treated. This film was unlike any other video that I had seen about slavery in the past. It was much more graphic and provided a more realistic representation of what slavery was truly like. The explicitness of the content made it very difficult for me to watch. There were many points when I wanted to turn the film off and stop watching it. However, I did not because I was interested in seeing how it would progress. I did not enjoy how the slaves were viewed as animals rather than human beings. They were groomed, sanitized, and inspected as if they were some sort of show animal that was to be auctioned off for money. One part that truly disturbed me was how they forced the innocent young girl to have intercourse with a much older man who she did not even know. She was only forced to do it because it would ultimately benefit the master by “breeding” an exceptional slave. However, this film provided an opportunity for me to reflect on my own life. It made me appreciate the many luxuries that I have and made me realize that I take so many things for granted.

    2. I absolutely agree with everything that you said about this video and it does make me look at my culture very differently.

    3. I was also flabbergasted on how this film portrayed these images. I agree with you saying that they were treated like animals and toys.The ship was was absolutely horrible. I just can’t get over this scene or even the entire film it just blows my mind. I believe we are all created equal. The rape scene broke my heart as well . I just could not believe my eyes. I also watched this video and was left with shock. My outlook towards the culture and people has also changed.

    4. I agree on the part where you mentioned white men were demoralizing those women. When I saw the part when the white men were raping the African American women I was so hurt by it because not only did those women have to go through that physical and mental pain their children, young and old women and also other kids around them had to witness it all as well. This part was was so disturbing and left me speechless.

  27. Within the first seven minutes I found myself heated with anger by the disrespect and the inhumane things they we’re doing to my people. Reasons why they th not to talk about slavery anymore because it shows how cruel this nation really is and what is was built on. Claiming God was an white man was a very inadequate statement as if your purpose in life was to enslave any person that wasn’t the color of your skin. With that being said I couldn’t make it to the Ten minute mark I was done!!!

    1. I too was bothered by the inhumane comments from the whites about the slaves especially when they were sitting around the table. The scene when the slaves were being transported on the boat to be sold was one of the top inhumane parts in the movie to me due to the way they were stacked and treated. At the twenty minute mark it shows the slaves in a room with a sign on the door saying Veterinary as if they were animals. The way the narrator described the treatment of the children as if they were animals was the saddest part.

  28. I will never watch a video like this ever again. I cried most of the video, it was so hard watching the African Americans male and females being lock up in the ship with chains around their hands and ankles. it was also hard watching how they fed them and have them take showers. I also didn’t like how it was other African Americans doing that stuff to there brothers and sisters. its just so hurtful and awful watching that film because this is how it actually was during slavery.

    1. I completely agree with you. I felt that it was extremely eye-opening and brought on a new perspective as to what slavery really was. They treated them so cruel and so inhumane which made it very difficult for me to watch. It was very saddening to see how they would just throw a bucket of water onto them, and consider that a shower. Yes, I thought it was so strange how some slaves would act as if they were a master to other slaves when they themselves know how hard it is to endure the pain of being a slave.

    2. I feel the same way. I hate watching films how this that show how it really was in that time. African American youth heard the word slavery and think “Slave’s to the white man for 400 hundred years” but they don’t know the weight and gravity behind it as to how we are to view it. I view it as a in a new and old view, I was forced to watch movies like this by my father as he explained what is happening in ways I didn’t see at first. African American being treated as less than property; treated as if they were put on the earth with no reasoning other than to be of use to the white man and if they weren’t they were useless. Slavery with what it stood for is boldly shown in this film.

    3. Jaelyn I couldn’t agree more with your post, this video definitely pulled at my heart strings. To me the ship scene was disturbing due to the way the slave traders referenced the slaves as if they were nothing but a product. The scenes of the slaves being cleaned was sad but the saddest scene was their selling process and how they go through: shaving, baths, check-ups, and more just to see if they are good enough to be another mans property.

    4. Thats one part that confused me, who were the other African American men that were beating on those slaves? That I did not get, were they slaves as well? Or were they getting paid to beat on other African Americans? It was an ugly thing to watch because I feel like the white men were putting the african americans against each other in a way. Such a disturbing video to watch.

  29. This film was very disturbing to watch. I can’t even imagine someone saying yes to be displayed as vile and disgusting. What makes this film so deterring is its authenticity. I knew about the overcrowding and unsanitary conditions in which they traveled but I was unaware of just how severely they were thrown about and taken advantage of as well as having their bodies torn and tortured. I was taken back from the beginning when the slave owners were talking about the slaves right in front of them. This brought me to think of present times as with all these KKK rallies and Caucasians degrading black people and calling them out of their names. It pains me to think that with all that our African American ancestors have been through to bring equality to all races, we are working in reverse. These images will forever be displayed in my mind and have enabled me to realize what exactly has been achieved and that anything is possible. This film was a real eye opener as well as a head turner. Many don’t want to know what took place but I’m glad to be aware of what my ancestors endured before my time.

    1. I agree with you 100 percent. I would never understand why people of color was treated this way at all. I didn’t like the clip because it brings out memories of what our ansectors went through as well. However, it was an eye opener to see the truth behind slavery as a whole.

    2. The film was also very disturbing for me as well. I also knew about the poor conditions they had while traveling but I did not know it was this bad. It was very disturbing to see how there bodies were tortured. I was also very disturbed by the owners comments said right in front on them. I agree that these images will be very hard to forget and that the film was a eye opener.

  30. Watching this video will have your stomach weak. It’s very graphic and detailed. It goes back to slavery and how they used to treat our people back in the day. How they beat, fed, bathe, and sold them. If you have a weak stomach you won’t make it all they way through the movie. It has a good standpoint and is very educational I would recommend giving it a try to see how it was back then.

  31. After I watched this film, I decided ill never watch it again. Its hurtful to see a film that is basically a splitting image of how things went on during slavery. Driven by greed, sex, superiority, and most of all their common idea of “GODs way”, the white man is the lowest and most vindictive race to me after watching this film. I’d be lying if i said that my perception on old white people and religion has changed for the better. Time after time in this film people referenced God and quoted things that “God” said in which i never even heard of. I agree with Brianda and Lauren in regards to how sad and disgusting this movie was.

    1. I agree with your assertion regarding the intertwining of Race and Religion regarding the exploitation of persons of African descent. It is truly a cringe worthy offense that although ugly and unfortunate is a significant portion of our collective history.

      1. This video was very graphic and i wished that i never watched it. This video hurts me to the core and to see how far we have become and society is somewhat the same because of a skin color is depressing. Having to witness what our people had to go through makes me forever grateful for the great black male and female leaders in this world that made a difference and gave colored the opportunity to be just as successful as the whites but we have to work 20x harder which i am willing to even though we been creating tools and food and the whites took the credit for it .. I am happy with the decision to attend PV to see how much colored people are willing to help and support you through your career. This makes me wonder what the world would be if it was switched and colored people were superior over whites.

        1. The video was very hard to watch for me as well. Seeing all of the pain that the slaves had to endure was just awful. However, it is great to see how far we have come as a race. We were able to transform from once being treated as animals to now having just as many rights as whites do. I honestly feel that I would not have learned this information that I witnessed on this video if I were attending a predominantly white institution. I think that I was kept from the true horror that slavery really was, and this video allowed me to witness it.

    2. I completely agree with you, it’s going to be hard for me to look at older white people with respect as an adult now. Those men had no right to speak in Gods name like that. He spoke as if he were God himself. They all acted as if they were above God. Then on top of that, the slave masters acted as if they were doing the slaves a favor by taking them onto their plantations.

  32. This video was very graphic and went into detail. At the beginning of the video I was shocked when i saw those little kids/babies under the table when one of the white men handed them the chicken bone. Like really? You keep them under the table? Another part that bothered me was the scene about the ship, where they had to take three showers. It was not normal showers, they came and sprayed water on them. That’s crazy. No soap, no nothing they just threw water on them like they were nothing.I hated that part and the part where the women were raped. These guys just ran in and picked a girl and slept with them. That was really disturbing to me, because their kids were watching first off. Why would you do that in the first place and then why in front of the kids. I could not even watch the whole thing. I watched only 30 minutes of it and I was done. This video shows that racism was horrible.

    1. I understand your concern. However, I hope that you will be able to re-engage this film at some later point. Although its contents are disturbing, the truth of the matter is that it depicts a major aspect of the development of American history. Ugly and disturbing, yes!!!!! Important, yes!!!!!!

    2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. At some points, the movie was, in my opinion, a little too graphic. The scenes you mentioned are the exact scenes where I was in awe. I couldn’t watch very much of it either because of the lack of empathy these individuals had for African Americans. They preach about God and then turn around and do such unholy things. The raping scene as well as the “bathing” scene literally left my face in a cringe. It is inhumane that anyone had to go through this. I learned a lot from the part of the movie that I could watch.

    3. I completely agree with you, after watching just a short 40 minutes of it, I felt mentally scorned, as if I had went through those situations myself. it’s safe to say that those times are gone, and are hoped to never return. It would be unspeakable to go through something so atrocious and disgusting. Lord knows how one of our ancestors would feel if they were to see today’s society.

    4. I totally agree with you. Also how the white men were just talking about the slaves as if they could not hear them was just disgusting. They were just so inconsiderate and completely ignored the idea that slaves were also humans and had feelings just like they do. That was another part that really appalled me as well. They saw the women running away and screaming and they still had the nerve to fore themselves on them. There were many times when I also wanted to turn it off but it was just so eye-opening and allowed me to be more appreciative of the life that I have today.

  33. This movie was very educational and information-giving, while being graphic also. This movie gives you a full understanding as to how (our family members who lived very long ago) were treated back in the time in history of slavery. How we shipped in (things carried by a ship, etc.) like we were a product, technically we were because we were being sold to other masters. The slaves were overall treated like animals store in cages, women were raped by the masters. When it came down to feeding them they mushed all their food together, put it in a long tray, and once they let out the slaves in the cage they would escape and eat like violent people. In this film you will get a better understanding as to how we have people of lighter skin come in to play. Slave owners were having sexual intercourse with the slaves. The movie is completely and totally baffling to say, but you gain better knowledge about (our family members who lived very long ago).

    1. I tired to get one of my friends to watch this film and he was not having it at all! He took a glance at the screen and told me to cut it off. Some people aren’t strong enough to watch a film like this

    2. I agree with what you were saying though graphic and very detailed it was very educational in the fact this how our ancestors were treated and it really put into perspective what our ancestors went through after being taken from their homeland to being put into slavery.

  34. This movie shows exactly how slaves were treated in the past. The movie was too violent for me, all the torture and rapes and disrespectful behavior towards a fellow human being. It is an amazing thing to watch there is no slavery at all right now. It is the fight people fought and made this world a better place to live.I just hope slavery never ever comes back, because it is the worst thing ever.

  35. I watched this movie a few years back and I will never watch it again. I wanted to fight. This is by far the very worse slavery movie I have ever seen. I know these events took place but I cannot stomach this movie.

  36. Truth be told, I am at a loss of words after watching “Goodbye Uncle Tom.” The video itself is so graphic but so amazing that I could not help but continue to watch these seemingly fictional events unfold before me. I say “seemingly fictional” with no intent of disrespect, on the contrary, with a sense of amazement. Amazement in how the times have changed, amazement in the brutal torture and disrespect some of our ancestors endured. Yet, as amazing as it may be, the bad treatments and the ignorance itself is enough to enrage any who see it. Living in a society in which being physically strong can get you fame and a contract worth millions of dollars, it is hard to believe that back then that superior strength would make you nothing more than an animal or a burden. How they were treated (or mistreated) as such. Women being bred as if part of some experiment regardless of age We are so accustomed to living as a human race side by side that the sight of African Americans being treated as cargo and mere tools is a strange and infuriating sight for anybody. But as gruesome as it may be, it happened, and sad to say but I am sure that the torture that truly went on was more disgusting than what the video showed, and that in itself tells you a lot and shows how far we have come.

  37. Watching this video shows me that no matter how much time has evolved, our world will proceed to have a judgmental and negative outlook on “negroes”. Not everyone is racist, but not everyone looks at a colored person and sees them equal either. People base things off of scientific facts and allow it to run our thoughts on specific topics. Being classified as an “inferior race” is extremely frustrating. As far as colored people have come and how much they’ve brought to our world, they shouldn’t be considered an inferior race. Unfortunately, our world is going backwards and racism is becoming a huge problem again; not that it ever went away. But hopefully, we proceed to push forward and prosper many more things.

  38. This movie was very educational and informative, while being graphic as well. This movie gives you a full understanding as to how our ancestors were treated back in the era of slavery. How we shipped in cargo like we were a product, technically we were because we were being sold to other masters. The slaves were overall treated like animals store in cages, women were raped by the masters. When it came down to feeding them they mushed all their food together, put it in a long tray, and once they let out the slaves in the cage they would escape and eat like savages. In this film you will get a better understanding as to how we have individuals of lighter skin come in to play. Slave owners were having sexual intercourse with the slaves. The movie is absolutely baffling to say, but you gain better knowledge about our ancestors.

  39. Watching this film was very frustrating and disturbing for me. Frustrating because how could you be so ignorant as to say because you’re darker than me, your features don’t look like mine, or because you’re stronger than me, and somehow in your head that makes logical sense that they’re inferior or animals to yousimply because they’re different. “God is white, and as long as God is white we shall prevail over all other races” With this quote, I truly seen throughout this movie what people mean when they say someone has a God Complex. It was disturbing to see the whites call them animals and have them taken to the vet instead of the doctor. It was disturbing to see the white males impregnate their slaves and have their offsprings as slaves as well so that their wives wouldn’t know. It was disturbing to see young female slaves get punished for being a virgin. Although this movie had a lot of moments that frustrated and disturbed me, I’m glad that I watched it. It truly informed me on what they put our people through and gave me a clear perspective of how horrible it actually was.

    1. Hello Kelci, honestly your comment could not have been any more accurate. Overall, I feel that those same emotions you experienced were the same emotions triggered within anybody who watched the video. I feel that we take for granted the freedom we have today and it is because of that same reason that seeing these events trigger those emotions. In other words, it isn’t something we are used to seeing and in my case, something we did not even know had happened. Overall, this is borderline traumatizing but very educational and no regrets are felt after watching this. Safe to say that I’m sure it opened up the eyes of many of us.

    2. I feel the same way, I felt as if my soul was being scorched. While watching this movie for only 40 minutes, my stomach began to churn like butter. The scenes witnessed in that short time, also frustrated me. I felt a deep anger begin to rise while watching this, as if I were about to explode in anger and frustration. I’m so flustered, it’s making it harder for me to type this.

  40. As a whole, I found “Goodbye Uncle Tom” to be very informative but also very disturbing; not only because of the events and vivid imagery, but because of the mind-set and beliefs that the slave masters had. Through-out this video I just couldn’t come to understand how hateful these people were with such a since of superiority, and to think that there are individuals still today that feel the exact same way is disarranging. The statement that John Randolph of Roanoke made, ” I freed my slaves because they were stupid, foul smelling, sad and bothersome.”, showed that even when it seemed that maybe some slave-masters had good intentions, in actuality, they didn’t and were just worried about their own benefit. I mean what more would you expect from people living in those horrific conditions that YOU provide!? I feel that this still is the case for African American people today. The white man, they oppress and degrade us, put us down and discredit us every chance they get, take what’s ours and make it theirs and make it much harder for us to be successful in life; but then turn around and expect us to be peaceful, abide by the rules regulations and to sit down and shut up just because they say we are free. What is freedom without equality? If your eyes are really opened, you can clearly see we are just in a new form of slavery making it seem like we are free.

  41. My general and overall response to the short film, “Goodbye Uncle Tom” was disturbed and slightly angered to say the least. How our own people took active roles in slavery whether knowing of what was to come for the other fellow Africans or not, senseless to me. Aside from that though, of course the other scenes of ignorance that were acted out and displayed throughout the film was incredibly unbelievable. From Whites thinking they were a “superior race” just for the simple THOUGHT (not fact) that God was white, to even the white men who worked for slave owners to help oversee the slaves who ended up raping the young African women with no regard or remorse for their being. The whole thing was just tragic, that a group of people, my people, would be subject to such conditions that literally would drive some of them to the point of death. The visual representation of slavery in this film, and knowing there was absolutely no exaggeration whatsoever put into the storyline, definitely puts everything into perspective on certain issues posed on slavery by African-Americans even today in our history. The film was an eye opener nonetheless, no matter how disturbing though, a recommended must watch for all my fellow young African-Americans.

  42. This video is very informative and gives the African American community a vivid picture and understanding of how horrible racism was in earlier times. It also shows how strong our people can be if only we all stand together.

    1. Racism was probably a lot worse but I do agree, and it’s sad that nowadays we tend to fight amongst each other (as a human race), completely disrespecting and disregarding the struggle our ancestors went through.

      1. Thing about it back then before the 1970’s we stuck together more. But, they put all of us in a community took away our resources and what all we had nothing. So we start looking for one another…explains this killing in the inner cities. Most of the inner cities have liquor stores on every corner a gas station, and food market by another race. We have all unhealthy food in our neighborhoods. We don’t have any programs for children. So, wheres there is no resources bring violence…now we looking to outshine the next person so we won’t look broker than them. Now that brings the hatred and killing. But, I agree with you

  43. After watching the movie ” Goodbye Uncle Tom”, it showed me how “the Negros” were treated. From beginning to end through the whole movie I was disgusted by how the blacks were treated. They were treated as animals because they did not look like the Whites. On the boat they washed the blacks with salt water three times a day because of their odors. If they refused to eat, their teeth were knocked out and they forced food down their throats by a using a funnel. Women were raped by white men and the wives of the white men thought that the blacks that were getting lighter and lighter and were getting traits that would qualify the blacks as a light-skinned. But the wives thought that it was some type of syndrome. But it was really their husbands children. At the end where they started to have a breeding farm where they bred the blacks and forced them to have sex with each other. The whites wanted strong working men or woman that produced twins or more because that would mean they would cost more money. Over all this was a big eye opener and I am glad we watched this movie

  44. As I sit in my room watching this i am immediately disgusted and sick to my stomach, because there are children acting as personal fans and sitting under the table begging for food or just waiting for it to drop on the floor. The film actually becomes very hard to watch. A “Master” kept saying over and over that “God is white” i feel that their belief of god only being white is because that was the only color that they’ve come encounter with for years, and for this reason they fear anyone that is different from what they believe to be ” normal”. While on the boat they all laid miserably in their own vomit, only getting showered three times a day in salt water, they weren’t able to feed themselves or bathe themselves. They treated Africans that they’ve enslaved as animals because they weren’t seen as humans. I personally complain about how bad things in my life are, but my ancestors were taken from their land and brought to an unfamiliar place and was expected to adapt immediately.And it sad to say that the same thing is this film is actually still going on today in this world and its just seenin a completely different light.

  45. “God is white and therefore we will prevail over any other race.” This stuck out to me like a sore thumb. I was furious by this comment because people still believe this. This is one of the reasons I believe whites are prejudice and racist. They tried to tie religion into a wrong mindset. I fault racism and slave ownership on a lack of knowledge of and ignorance to the bible.
    ​What also stood out to me is the white professor at the dinner table, Harriet B Stone, stated her opinion, on how African Americans are not animals. This is a key point to me showing that all whites were not slave owners and did not treat blacks like animals. This was the only positive emotion I had throughout the whole film.
    ​An eye opener throughout the film was how blacks were treated bad back in the day. From bunks stacked on top of each other, rats crawling all over their bodies, the “showers” they were given, and the black women that were getting raped. To whites we were animals through their eyes. The lady in the beginning stated, “Do not feed the bones, because they had to go to the vet twice.” She refused to use the term hospital. Also when the white man said “Horses cannot tell, so I am not worried about getting in to trouble.”
    ​I had to key out the main points because throughout the film, I was furious and disgusted by the way the African Americans were being treated.

  46. Overall the movie was very informative and provided great and insightful light to the treatment of slaves.
    In the beginning of the movie…”God is white! And as long as he is they will prevail over all other races.” This quote stayed with me the entire movie. And I strongly believe that this belief of “God is white.” Was one of the main reasons following just plain fear and ignorance behind the treatment of African Americans. My eyes swelled as I saw the conditions while on the ship…rodents, reaches, diarrhea, the amount of men, women children kept in a small amount of space. Tears finally fall, because I remember how planking was once a “#”, and something fun for people to do and post on social media. And as I sat in my bed…let me say that again. As I sat in MY BED! I looked at how my ancestors planked on top of one another. 8 bunks high, in the heat, sick, with diarrhea, shackled and chained. I had to pause the movie and drop to my knees apologizing to my ancestors and thanking my ancestors for their shoulders that I stand upon now.
    I’m sorry for the collective Lysol and sand baths that you were forced to take, I am sorry for the troughs that you were fed out of, I am sorry for the thoughts being seen as an “animal” and for this, a veterinarian was thought to know how to “care” for you…yet the same enima was given between many men. I am sorry that chains were placed on your neck just as the goats, as you drank from the same waters while baths were being taken, I am sorry for the little white girl running, as a little black boy ran behind her, as if he were a dog with a leash around his neck, to the black women, and little black girls only 13. I am sorry that oysters (aphrodisiac) were fed to these white privileged “masters” before they were to lie down with you.
    I am sorry!! And I am thankful.

    1. Beautiful, heartfelt statement right here. I am likewise simultaneously sorry and thankful for their strength and resiliency.

    2. i completely agree, they treated them as if they were animals and that they couldn’t get the same exact treatment they recieved

    3. After watching this video, I couldn’t agree more because I never realized how much we have that we have our ancestors to thank for and for this video to show what they had to endure and go through shows that we don’t have any right to be ungrateful and belligerent. We don’t have that right because nobody is beating on us, chaining us together or forcing us to take lysol salt baths. I really don’t know much about my ancestors, but I want to learn about them after watching this video.

  47. My initial response to Goodbye Uncle Tom was disturbed and I was angered in how our own people took part in slavery wether knowledgable of what was to happen to other Africans or not. The scenes of blacks being at the vet instead of an actual doctor showed how ignorant people were at the time and the comments on black people not having souls or feelings when there was so much pain induced onto them. The quotes on the bible also were disgusting and it made me question religion as well, as many times as the bible has been rewritten it makes me wonder what is real in it. During that time it was God’s will for white to be superior to blacks and in this time we say it’s complete ignorance so at what point and who edited the bible once again with their own thoughts and ideas? The law has so much to do with the bible it makes me wonder wether or not in the future if being homosexual will be accepted (as it should be) in the bible as well and if that will be another universal barrier overwritten with religion as well as the law. The documentary was eyeopening in a lot of ways such as showing breeding farms for blacks, the boat scenes, and the process Africans went through before being sold.

  48. Watching this documentary really put in this perspective how horrible the slave trade and actual slavery were. I saw events that I didn’t even know happened to these people and it’s even more horrifying because these are true events. It shocks me, and is almost funny to me how white people really thought that Africans were not human, that they were some kind of form of beast. They compared us to animals, and even made up diseases to figure out why we were so “different” from them. Another thing that also shocked me and even made me angry was their use of bible scriptures and their churches. They found scriptures in the bible and used it as almost an excuse to justify what they were doing to these people, as if it was God’s will for this misery to be put upon them for generations. In my opinion, that’s not Gods work. Something else that surprised and also almost made me laugh was the complete ignorance of the wives of the masters. They completely believed that their husbands were having sex with, and more than likely raping some of their young female slaves, and that’s how they were lighter slaves then previous times. Their ignorance leads them to actually believe that there was a disease that caused them to become lighter. Although it was very disturbing and hard to watch at times, this film was very educational for me and caused me to see slavery in a different light.

  49. In this film I can truly say that this piece was very moving. While watching the beginning of the film I began to grow hatred towards what was going on. The transatlantic slave trade, the arrival, and the process of selling them was honestly emotional and heartbreaking to see that this is what they did to humans. The accuracy of the film was on point and detailed nicely and tried to make it look as real as possible. Whites thought that they were the superior race and tried to make others believe that God is white. Skin color shouldn’t define a the difference between you and I. We all bleed the same color red and come into this world the same way as everyone else.

    1. Whites still think they are a “superior race”, and it is still taught that “God is white.”
      And the sad thing my fellow classmate…is that this is believed.

  50. This video was very disturbing. To me it showed how ignorant white people are. White people believed that because Jesus was white that white people were superior to black people. They believed black people were meant to be slaves.White people treated black people with no respect and as if they were nothing. Blacks were treated as animals and like property. This video open my mind to the fact that Blacks went through a lot. Things that I didn’t even know went on. They endured so much just because of their skin color. I never understood how white people thought so low of black people but raped our women with no hesitation. This video shows what really went on its interesting to see what really went on during those times because in school the teachings never go that in dept on what went on during slave times.

  51. Even though this movie is eye-opening, as watched the movie i also found it disturbing as how they fed them and just threw the water on them at the beginning in order to bathe them. Even though their was a lot of disagreement with this movie that i have, my main two points was the Caucasian girl having that little boy in chains while she was running around playing. I also had a problem with how the two men came back for the baby and smashed it against the wall.

  52. Kalisha Hines
    we have been treated the worse as a race but we get the least attention brought to our situation they called us animals they thought we weren’t humans they beat us raped us killed us and they act like we’re supposed be over it and okay with it

  53. I just want to start off by saying this was a very difficult film the watch!Goodbye Uncle Tom is a very shocking and aggressive film for any African American to watch. Although this was very disturbing to watch, it’s very accurate on the facts of slavery as we know it. Actually believing that we aren’t human and considered animals disturbed me so much, and the crazy thing is that they treated them as such. One of the craziest scene was with the girl and the weird man that were about to reproduce, this was very hard to watch because it shows how utterly disturbing this time was. Therefore, I’m so vey grateful to live in a world of which has changed.

  54. Watching Goodbye Uncle Tom was an eye opener for me. I always heard stories about what the slaves went through on a daily basis from the time they were shipped off from Africa to when they were free, but when i seen a visual on what possibly happened I was aggravated. The part that made mad the most was the fact that they treated the slaves as animals. Especially when they chained the children and had them running like dogs. Another scene that aggravated me was when the white men raped the women in front of their children in the barn, also when the slave master would force the women to breed with other slave masters. I found it very cruel how they treated the slaves on the ship chained up and in a boat with nothing but themselves and the rat in a wooden bed. Another thing I that discussed me was the scene where one of the slave had a bowel movement and they plugged him up to stop him from having a bowel movement. It was a good documentary that showed what was happening at that time and how the slaves were treated. throughout the documentary i was mad but I was laughing the last scene when the white people got killed.

  55. The reason of the film is brilliant – an Italian narrative film group is transported “back in time” to meeting and take the stand concerning American Slavery on all levels- – from rich slave proprietors, to the “veterinarian” who should clean and delouse the slaves, to the poor whites who don’t possess slaves yet attack their quarters for the motivations behind assault this motion picture keeps nothing down, and so on. It loses focuses for some unwarranted nakedness and savagery (Mandingo, anybody?), and it’s contemporary consummation (which tries to associate the Black Power development and the Nat Turner 1831 slave rebellion) is to some degree tangled and plainly intended to leave viewers alarmed. The idea that Black men still loathe white individuals however hunger for their ladies yet would want to murder them instead of have intercourse to them is a thought better handled in a different film.

  56. I don’t know where to begin to describe my thoughts about this film. I am truly disgusted and disturbed by the movie as a whole. I’m trying to figure out is this a movie or a documentary? They treated African Americans like pigs! I just can’t believe my eyes, if this is how slavery really was I don’t think I could ever mentally understand why Europeans felt what they were doing was righteous. I also don’t understand why we allowed them to treat us that way. I know fear played a big role and the lack of knowledge but still I just cant comprehend it at all. What really upset me were the African Americans that were helping them treat their people like trash. It was really hard sitting through this film because it is just 100% insulting.

  57. Goodbye uncle time simply puts me to not such a lack of words rather than a thesaurus of emotions built within the first opening minutes of the movie. As a young black male, it brings an awareness to how important the privilege of our freedom is to minorities. It makes me want to find change to help end gang violence. It makes me want to be an inspiration to young black children such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Gabby Douglas. It shows how far the world has come and how we are taking this lifestyle for granted. The scenes projected by this film show the harsh and inhumane reality that our ancestors went trough. These disturbing images put one in a different perspective on live, causing one to realize what has really been accomplished, yet how it is taken for granted. Society today has turned away from the truth and act as if it never happened, not knowing that we are slowly, but surly, returning to those same days. the more things changes, the more they stay the same

  58. Watching the video the way everything is its just down right disrespectful from the way African Americans are treated to the way they are cared for. The fact that at the beginning children are under a table basically eating table scraps is sad. Moving forward to the scene where the men are on the ship, that was probably one of the many most disturbing scenes in the video, It disturbed me because the living conditions, the maintenance of where they were being held and how they were being held was very poor. The fact that there shower was someone dashing water on them there food was gruel that was stuffed down their throat people were forced to eat by getting there teeth beat in. The poor conditions didn’t stop when they got off the ship there doctor was a veterinarian. The way they held them in a room or whatever and released them like a herd of animals so they can eat. The scene where the white man rapes the African american woman made me mad. I hate the fact that the African american help mistreat the African american children. The video was gruesome and disappointing the fact that people actually had to live like that.

  59. Watching the film “Goodbye Uncle Tom”, led me to the realization that black people were greatly dehumanized from the standpoint of when the slave master or auctioneers that were sizing up he slaves and pulling their lips back and measuring holding the genitalia of the men. Also how they blatantly disrespected the women by raping and breeding them as if they were animals and and calling the baby’s bastards instead of baby’s or blessings of God they are.It also touched on systematic racism and how it corrupted our people from the standpoint that even our own people were killing runaway slaves and free Africans instead of helping them they conformed to the ways of the white ways instead of banning together at the time due to the lack of knowledge given to the enslaved Africans. It also exposed me to how white people treated them as if they were animals rather than humans. For example, they put chains on them as if they were dogs, cadged them as if they were birds, and portrayed them as less than a man. Before watching this I was skeptical about the events that really occurred during slavery, but it reassured me that it was actually worse than I thought. It made me feel needed cause it power in them black folk.

  60. This movie was very disturbing on every level. But it had substance behind it and made me realize how blessed I am that I didn’t have to experience those times. From the ship, to the baths with ashes, to the raping of the women. It’s a miracle how strong the African American race is and how little we acknowledge it.

  61. Goodbye Uncle Tom has to be one of the most gruesome videos I have ever seen. Seeing what the black people went through during the time on the boat trying to make us believe it is justifiable. With the health of the black people not being taken seriously and why the pastor would use God’s word to justify the act of slavery. They were a lot of events that really got me thinking, like the way they were given showers and also the way they were being fed. They were considered as animals and as so were treated as such with the men being taken to a veterinarian. At some point in the video, it was sad and disturbing to see the women being raped by those men in the presence of their children. Another part that disturbed me was when one of the slaves refused to eat and had all his teeth knocked out., it was really sad to see it and it was really disgusting to see how black people were treated.

  62. The film “Goodbye Uncle Tom” was very disturbing and jaw-dropping. The film exposed me to some sickening facts about the enslavement of Africans in America. Human beings were sold off as if they were merchandise or exotic animals. The part most sickening would have been their journey on-board the ship. While on the ship, the slaves were referred to as a “Cargo of rotten meat”. They had endured the worst of the worst condition, being packed together like a can of sardines, excreting on themselves and others, and showered with water then left in the sun to dry like piece of cloth. They were forced to collect the skeletal remains of white men whom were killed in the civil war, build their caskets, and bury them. Young males were brutalized and treated worse than animals. Those affected with various diseases were quarantined in iron cages like dogs and epileptic males were left dangling by their feet. Women were raped while children were forced to starve and also painted and used as statues. There were boundaries to what these ‘masters’ did to the Africans. It was distressing to see the way human beings were actually treated in the enslavement era. The Africans were brainwashed to brutalize and torture their own. One scene of the film showed an African who attempted to escape being caught by other Africans and unwillingly branded by them.

    1. These harsh realities truly make me sick. And as I mentioned in my comment, what truly happened must have been way worse than what was shown in this film. Truly unimaginable and it shows the kind of morals people had back in the day. That sense of superiority born by the ignorance of those who simply wanted more. That “God complex” that resided in the minds of most Caucasians that remained fueled by the belief that God is white, the same God who, I might add, created us all in his image. Yet apparently being a certain color made you nothing more than the dog that most people keep as pets. Overall, I think your comment conveys the emotions and the understanding that one hoped to get from this film.

  63. At the beginning of the video they had kids under the table eating the left overs and crumbs basically symbolizng that Blacks are “dogs”. Later when they were on a ship they gather nearly 100 Africans chained up and threw later on them to assume that would clean them. Some of the harsh things watching this video was when the White men raped the black woman and having the kids to watch it with their own two eyes. Another was basically watching the Adults and kids go around naked with no clothes on their back being bitten and recieving infections from the crazy toxic things thats surrounds them. What really suprised me was when the preacher tried to justify that slavery was okay when Jesus came the die for everyone not just my fellow white sisters and brothers but for Asians, Russians, Mexicans, Canadians etc.. The very Preachers those days were corrupting and Intoxicating the minds of people to believe that slavery was ment to be in this world not knowing it is a Spirit of reception that closes people Spritual eyes to see whats going on. At the end of the day Im gratefull the blacks durring slavery didn’t give up and threw in the towel. Although sadly some die and committed Suicide but alot stayed for a bigger purpose to continue the African Black Male and Female Race. Us blacks wouldnt be here if they would of all tooken there lives away in spite the horrifying conditions of the South. Thank God we are here today to live another day and live out our purpose.

  64. Dennis, This was a very disturbing, sad , emotional, and eye opening video to me , the reason why it was disturbing to me because I’ve never seen a documentary or a movie that was this detail in the business of slavery , I don’t think twelve years a slave can top this documentary , I was really grossed out when they showed the inside of the slave ship seeing how they treated and handle these people when they had diarrhea , seeing all the blood when they smashed these people’s teeth out and forcing them to eat all because the captain and the crew wanted to keep these people in good shape and sell them for a good price. It was emotional for me because seeing all of this stuff going on with the raping of women in front of their children , seeing the part where the master would call for enslave women to have sex with them and their wives have no clue and don’t even think that their husband is sleeping with his slaves. The scene where they show those white women chattering about that it is impossible for two different races to produce a kid just made me laugh , because they believed that if a slave is around white folks a lot he or she skin would get lighter , which is not true. The slave breeding plantation was a eye opener for me because before I even heard or watched this video I read a book called “breaking the chains of psychological slavery” by Na’im Akbar in this book it describes everything that went on in slavery and it compaired it to today’s lifestyle of black folk and how the effect of slavery is still being in effect toady but in the book it talks about how the pimp system in black neighborhoods is similar to the breeding plantations in the slave days and when the documentary showed the breeding plantation it stared to make a lot of sense to me. So while I was watching the video was also thinking about “breaking the chains of psychological slavery” . At the end of the documentary I felt like the black panther was waisting his time killing those white folks but it did introduced to me the slave of Nat turner and what he did , I was just not impressed with it .

  65. Watching the film “Goodbye Uncle Tom” has severely impacted me in so many ways. I’ve always believed that I’ve had a pretty good general idea of what the slaves went through during that time but watching this film has given me a new perspective. Many people who watch this movie will develop intense hatred and extreme disappointment for the white people in that time, however I believe that several of the enslaved Africans are to be blamed as well. Even though the circumstances were strong enough to influence them to do so, many of the enslaved Africans treated themselves like the objects they were reduced to. A point that I felt even more upset with was how the enslaved Africans treated one another. It was bad enough that the slave masters treated the slaves as if they were nothing but for the slaves to treat each other with such animosity. There was a scene when it was discovered that a little girl was not a virgin and was severely beaten for it. The truly sad fact about it was that the beating came from her own fellow slaves. After seeing that particular scene, it came to my realization that that particular black on black attacking is still prevalent in today’s society, no one is harder on Black people today than other Black people. I think the film captures that in a very brutal manner. Overall this film, although extremely graphic as well as gruesome, shows a hidden but very crucial perspective on the enslaved African experience.

  66. Goodbye Uncle Tom had to be one of the most shocking and outrageous videos I have ever seen. Seeing my ancestors go through what the movie portrayed had me outraged because why it is that innocent people who are just trying to live their life are being brutally attacked for no reason. What had me shocked was when the pastor decided that he would preach on how slavery was justified. It poses so many questions in my head such as how someone can even think that slavery is justifiable. One question I have always had that this video brings up is why was it that African Americans had to go through this and where is this hatred coming from. After watching the video I feel as though it came from a race that was envious of what the African Americans had to offer. My heartaches that people who just wanted to live and be someone in that time period were beaten and mistreated and attacked. This video shows how much the African American race has gone through. My response is disturbed but also educated because I had no idea a lot of the things that occurred in the film had actually gone on.

  67. If there was any word at all to describe this movie it would be “disturbing”. As a future veterinarian what really stood out to me was how they constantly referred to the slaves as animals, therefore rather than seeing a physician they saw a veterinarian. Using terms like a female being in “heat” rather than saying she’s ovulating, or how they described their children as “pups”. The first quarter of the movie they herded the slaves as you would livestock. Also as a scientist I found their ignorance to be astounding. The way the women described the lightening of the their skin to be the product of symbiosis was hysterical. It was amazing to see just how ignorant these women were of the fact that their husbands were raping slaves. Throughout the movie the female slaves were sexualized for their body yet were treated as animals. What was truly disturbing was their ability to brainwash the slaves. In certain instances such as how the slaves were laughing at another slave being tortured, how a thirteen year old girl asked her “master” to take her virginity, or one slave reasoning why being a slave was better than being a free man. It was hard to watch a race be stripped of everything including their mind. Lastly, the part I found most disrespectful was the preacher who tried justifying slavery in the bible.

  68. In the first scene where all the “diplomats” were gathered around the table, I was disgusted to hear the old white lady tell the man next to her not to feed the little black children under the table, because they had been to the vet (not doctor) twice already that week. Her statement also reminded me of the origin of soul food. Historically when black people were given scraps, we were somehow able to make a whole meal out of something that was meant to be thrown away.
    Watching the black men on the ship scene really just turned my stomach. The hardest part was watching the white man force feed “his cargo” until his teeth were broken and he was spitting up blood. In elementary and middle school, my teachers never held back information regarding the Holocaust and our lessons weren’t anything short of extensive. I find it odd and unsettling that we never watched movies like “Goodbye Uncle Tom” to truly depict what slavery life entailed.
    In conclusion, this film did exactly what I thought it was going to do which is fuel my hatred of white people, my former history teachers and people like Donald Trump. I believe this film should be mandatory in schools across America so students can learn the uncomfortable truth.

    1. I also found it to be very offensive of using the term veterinarian rather than physicians. A bunch of the gruesome facts of slavery were withheld from us in grade school coming up, but I believe that is not because of the teacher but the board of education who set up the topics that need to be covered. School districts are very strict on how information is to be covered and how it is to be covered. Although this movie is very informative on what happen during slavery, I think in order to appreciate this informative movie it requires a certain maturity that children at a young age don’t posses. The obscene nudity and violence may be seen as inappropriate to some people. In the end I do agree that they need to do better at expressing the extent to which slaves suffered.

      1. I believe that school districts are not only “strict” in how they chose for information to be taught, but strategic in trying to downplay slavery as a whole. “In 2010, the Texas Board of Education approved a social studies curriculum that promoted capitalism and Republican political philosophies.” (
        At one point the Africans that were stolen from their homeland were referred to as “millions of workers” tending to plantations in the American South. Although McGraw-Hill Education claimed the term “workers” to be a misnomer, I find it difficult to believe that no textbook has ever given the wrong impression that the people in concentration camps were there voluntarily. I agree that this film should be shown to students of the appropriate age. I should have specified that when submitting my original response but I was overcome with emotion.

  69. My first reaction was to the young babies underneath the table who were clearly distraught. I couldn’t believe how they could even continue talking over the babies screaming as if the noise was just unnoticed. It honestly made me think about my own nephew and nieces and to even think about them sitting under a table like that makes me sad. I also felt sympathy for all the slaves on the boat so close to each other! they were looked down upon as if they were dogs! I was also shocked at harriet beecher stowe because even though she didn’t support slavery, she supported another injust by saying the blacks were still inferior to whites. Which to me go hand in hand because why try and suppress someone’s feeling of self worth, in my opinion that is another form of slavery. I also noticed how some whites tried to close their eyes to the situation almost as if to just let it go unnoticed! very sad!

    1. Jazmine, I also found it quite contradicting to say that you don’t support slavery yet call blacks inferior. I think that way of thinking and the mind control that the white people had during slavery has caused the most detriment to African Americans as a race more than anything else. I was also hurt by how they treated the children. The time that they forced the children to watch their mothers be raped by white men was incredibly heart breaking. I found it interesting that they continuously looked upon us as animals yet would go on to rape us and find our bodies desirable.

  70. This film is very eye-opening. I have always heard of the horrible and inhumane activities that took place during this time, but I have never seen them in action.
    The biggest eye-opening scene for me in this film was when the veterinarian was experimenting on the africans. He was trying to prove that africans were a different species of humans. The veterinarian was explaining characteristics like the lack of blue pigmentation in the eyes, wide-spread nostrils, and the extremely large genitalia. Watching this scene helped me to realize how ignorant white people were during this time. They were not aware that other people and other races do not look like them.
    There were plenty of gruesome scene in this movie that brought me to tears. In the beginning of the film when the slaves were refusing to eat. They did that because they didn’t want to live in those conditions. That really struck my heart. It was terrible how they treated every slave on the ship.

    1. I agree with you Chanel that the ignorance that plagued white people was very extensive. Its sad how the people that are supposed to be of the up most intelligent such as doctors, scientists, and diplomats carried the most ignorance in that era. The way they referred to them as animals rather than addressing as human beings was truly offensive. I also find it quite contradicting that the scientist trying to prove their inferiority due to their lack of blue pigment and other such things was Jewish. Just as you I saw how towards the beginning the slaves had a certain pride and expectation of how they should be treated, but towards the end you could see the constant mind control white people had over them broke that down.

  71. Initially Watching the beginning of the movie I got a satirist vibe from the way the director set up the scene. I was shocked to see the immense detail they went through to show the middle passage and the Atlantic Slave Trade. The Video made me upset to the point where some scenes I had to fast forward out of pure disgust and hurt for my ancestors. It also had me thinking, ” Who can help us?” and “Why couldn’t we/did not fight our way out of this predicament.” But yet and still this video does not make me hate white people. Rather it makes me feel sorry for their lack of intellect during that time period and their ignorance to not understand that no human being is beneath or above another. Yet we still have this way of thinking in our society now, I now understand how we as African Americans cannot be racist seeing as racism occurred at the turn of the century with the target being African-Americans as a way to control every move and keep up in check, and as a result it has rolled over 200 years and counting into our education, communities, and politics.

  72. Goodbye Uncle Tom filled me with hatred toward other races. However, during this film, some of the events sparked my attention. For example, for the African race to be compared to animals. Scientists thinking they can inform the viewers and persuade them that Africans are indeed inferior and sub-human beings. This is not only degrading, but a disappointment. Also, breeding human beings, or on the other hand, identifying them otherwise. I despised the fact of women being looked upon as a subject, or an item. Where they can be just thrown upon the ground as if they were a t-shirt in the mall. They didn’t have a say-so in losing their precious virginity, it was just taken. In addition, it intrigued me to see how they literally hunted runaway slaves, killing about 50 at a time, and then took a picture with slaves deceiving the ones who would view it. Lastly, I admired the wise Indians who were compared to the Coyote, because of how they could not be trained, how they couldn’t be a subject, or item, and how they wouldn’t let the white man humiliate their body after taking over their land.

    1. Just like Ariel Taylor, this movie gave me hatred towards other races. The comparison of the African race to animals was so degrading and disgusting that I actually had to pause the movie in between scenes. The way they had us bred as if we were dogs or horses was one of the worst parts to me. Women had no choice when it came to being bred, they were forced to mate, regardless if they wanted children or if they were even sexually attracted to the men. Like Ariel mentioned, the way they literally hunted runaway slaves as if it were a sport and took pictures was completely immoral. The slaves were hunted about fifty at a time as if they were deer or rabbits.

  73. This video was very disturbing. Seeing what my ancestors went through really had me apprieciative of how things have changed. In this video babies were treated wrong and they treated all blacks as if they just werent human. One thing that was sad was how they didnt give a care about how the blacks health was. Another thing was how the white men raped the black women and impregnated them and had their own wives confused as to why they look like their husbands.There was one slave in particular who refused to eat, so to resolve this problem they chizzled his mouth open and forced him to eat. In many scenes of this video it hurt my eyes to even watch what were happening to these slaves. Just knowing that it was reenacted of how things used to be is just sad.

    1. I agree with Jamesha Cherry, “Goodbye Uncle Tom” was very disturbing and disgusting. I actually don’t believe I will ever get those images out of my head. Just like Jamesha is, I am also very appreciative of how times have changed, because personally I wouldn’t have survived one day in the experience. The way the slave masters treated the slaves was horrible but one of the many things that got my attention was the manner the infants were treated. Those babies didn’t deserve to be discarded and uncared for in the manner that they were. The slave masters did not care about the health of the infants as well as all of the Blacks in general. The enslaved Africans had all kinds of diseases and health problems. Health was so poor, a bucket of water poured on them was all they got. Even though the health of the women was extremely low, a lot of the white men would impregnate them despite the high risk of disease. While the husbands would be having children by the slave women, some of the wives of the masters would question the children’s pigments, while others falsely claimed it to be scientific processes like symbiosis.

  74. I totally agree with you Faduma, the amount of nudity in this film was very aggressive. The way the white men only saw the black girls as sex symbols and baby makers, the way they would just slap them on the ass when just because they can. It was honestly sad knowing that the black girls couldn’t do anything to prevent that from happening, also throughout the movie it felt like the nudity worsened as it went deeper into the story. It was like the only time they had clothes on was when they were inside the house, and while they were even outside half them were half naked.

    1. So was the nudity in the film what bothered you or the degrading issues that were reenacted the issue? Could the issues that were appearing in the video be perceived as they are today, because we commonly see how men of every color treat exotic dancers? Men often see women as sex symbols typically in African American community. It comes down to what society see as acceptable. So again, what is the real issue the nudity or the fact that it was abuse being reenacted. The fact that both men and women were being treated subhuman. They were property and not humans.

  75. There were several scenes within this film that I had a hard time with. First, I found the scene at the breeding farm to be difficult to watch due to the white males making a joke of the young slave girl losing her virginity to one of the breeding farm owner’s males. The way they laughed about the old man splitting her open and her owner simply replying that he would just sew her up as if she was just an object illustrated to me how inanimate they viewed slaves. Really, this film as a whole did that. They way the white people of this time went to extremes to justify their actions with science and religion is astounding, and all because they wanted to be right. It’s impeccable really. Also, the scene with the wives of the plantation owners sitting around chatting was also comical. As if blacks really became lighter due to symbiosis. Again, another tactic employed so that these women would feel better about the fact that their husbands were sleeping around on them. A final scene that I found to be challenging was the 13-year-old virgin throwing herself at one of the cameramen and claiming that she didn’t like black men. Though it may have been for survival purposes, the mind game that the white people of this time played not only on the slaves, but on themselves as well, is incredible. If their goal was to break down a race of people, they did that, for we all haven’t recovered from this tragedy.

  76. If I could condense my reaction, feelings, and thoughts into one word to describe my reaction to this documentary, I would pick draining. The hyper sexualization of black bodies in this film was shameful and, in my opinion, unnecessary. Though I understand that many who watch this film may look at it and sympathize with the way slaves were treated, I don’t believe that’s the only response this film will get. I know this is not the reaction that many people will have when they watch images of black children being preyed on by pedophiles or when they witness the ways that black women and their bodies were objectified.
    Another thing that was really gut-wrenching was watching the minds and souls of black people crushed. Many times throughout this film, there were reminders that slavery didn’t only create workers out of black people. We’re watching the mentality, the soul, the humanity of human beings shatter. So while I’m upset with the way certain black people acted in this film, I’m disturbed at how complicit they were to their own downfall /because/ of white supremacy.

  77. In my opinion the video was a bit disturbing. The slaves were raped and I feel as if the space owners . Also what pissed me off when the white men raped the women in front of their children, like that’s not okay because those babies can be messed up in the mind. Also when the white people were in the pond cleaning with the blacks was kind of pissing me off because the white people just didn’t care the things they did having them all just bath and walk around naked.

    1. I agree with you Armani. I think the part where the women were been raped by those white guys was the scene that most impacted me because they raped them in front of those innocent kids. I didn’t not like that . I felt really bad . And the worst thing is that the women were not be able to do anything.

    2. As I watched Goodbye Uncle Tom, I began to despise the “white man”. I hate the fact that white people thought they could rearrange the words of God, rewrite the Bible, and teach and speak their manipulations, therefore misleading the white and African races. It was also amazingly ironic to hear the women speak so down upon the Africans, when their husbands are having sex with them. They’re are so many topics to choose from in this movie regarding the differentiating relationships such as: the slaves and their masters, the slaves and upper class white men, slaves and white men, the slaves and the white women, slaves and the black masters, slaves and black workers, and the slaves among their selves.

  78. In the film, Goodbye Uncle Tom, there were several scenes that were extremely disturbing. A lot of the scenes showed how Africans mistreated they own kind. After watching the film I was really disturbed and disgusted with a lot of the things that I saw. The film showed a lot of stupidity between both races. The most disturbing scene was of all the slaves on the ship. When they put the slaves on the ship they had them in such an unsanitary environment. In one of the scenes they showed a slave that had diarrhea on the ship and they shoved a sugar cane up his rectum. The way they made them shower was also unsanitary because they were all just sprayed down like some animals. Another disturbing part was when the 13 year old girl got beaten by her own kind for not being a virgin. Young black women were beaten for not being slutty enough for their masters which is disgusting on another type of level. The film overall was brutally disturbing it really went into details about how slaves were treated back then and the horrible environments they were in. This film helped open my mind in a different point of view from what I had before.

    1. I understand you being disgusted with the way the white men were acting in the video. It’s almost as if they were the real savages. They were acting as if they had no home training the way they were throwing themselves on these women. The scene of the mammy beating the 13-year-old evoked emotion from me as well. I was angry with the mammy for beating the child because she wasn’t to the white man’s liking. I was also angry about the conditions of the slaves in the ship scene because the men rating them acted as if someone wouldn’t stink if they were chained in their own filth for days.

    2. I totally agree with, Megan Leger. The scenes in the film were disturbing. And reasons why Afticans mistreated their own race is because I thought they were better, or that would I’m press their masters if they were to do so. And I also agree one of the most disturbing secens to me was also, when they put the slaves on the ship they had them in such an unsanitary environment. In one of the scenes they showed a slave that had diarrhea on the ship and they shoved a sugar cane up his rectum.

  79. My reaction to this video was the obvious, “disturbing”. When the filmmakers were allowed on the ship, they were able to witness how these frightened Africans were treated in so many different inhumane ways. This video also reflects on the degrading parts of how these Africans were treated as animals and also “property” to be precise. One of the scenes that irked me the most was when one of the black slaves was crying because his genitals was about to be cut off; his own kind stood aside and laughed at the scene, joking with each other not even thinking of the fact that the tables could be turned at any moment. After the scene, the old lady spoke to filmmakers stating that; “blacks don’t feel anything” after the man’s genitals was cut off. Not that they would care if he or she in that matter felt any pain or sadness from the way they were being treated. I think the whole thing about the way these slaves were treated was sick; especially when the women were being raped against their own will. Some people might say that it is not classified as rape since they are owned by the white men but in my opinion, rape is rape; whether if he or she is “property”. The most disturbing part about the rape scene was the fact that they let the children watch. No one in this world should go through that kind of pain or even watch their loved ones go through the same.

    1. Chinwendu, I, too, was angry when everyone was laughing at the male being castrated. Actually, there were several scenes within this film where the slaves were laughing and I couldn’t understand why. The mind control that the whites had over the slaves is ridiculous. The various scenes in the film where the whites acted as if the slaves felt nothing because they weren’t human is extremely annoying. Whether it be breaking their teeth with a funnel to make them eat, sewing them up after having intercourse, or selling them off as sexual playthings, these various scenes all illustrated how the whites of this time viewed the slaves as property.

    2. I agree,
      Chinwendu Ejimadu A lot of things came to my mind as well while watching it because I don’t know how white people could treat black people that way . The mind control that the whites had over the slaves was ridiculous they acted if they weren’t humans too. And what made it worse is that they used the “Bible” to justify their actions, I’m sure that was not what God plan for this earth and all the people that he created. Overall the movie was hard to stomach, leaving me with a certain grudge against them.

    3. We totally had the same reaction. Every scene was pretty much disturbing to me. Seeing how Africans were treated was sad, for example, seeing how they were bathe, fed, and discipline was the most heart touching scenes in the clip. I just can only imagine what they were going through.

  80. Watching this film has given me a whole different look on the inside of slavery in America “Goodbye Uncle Tom” was on of the most graphic displayed movies I think I’ve seen, it was offensive on all levels but I appreciate the honesty of them showing the full treatment that my poor ancestors had to endure throughout time. To perceive slaves as animals and not human beings says a lot about slave masters…honestly Slave masters are a contradiction to their own religion if they believe in God they would understand that slaves are the same species as them and that God didn’t give whites dominion over blacks or over any other race for that matter as the man in the beginning expressed how “God is white and he gave whites superiority over all ethnicity” and if we were really animals and not humans than why is it that a slave master would have sex or rape his property to populate more slaves…in all honesty that’s sick if we’re considered animals and not humans, so pretty much being a dead-beat father was taught to us before our time.

    1. I totally understand your statement especially the second half of your comment. I feel that if the slave master really think that the other race beside them are not equal to them. Then why would they want to sleep with the them and have childern with them. It’s kind of idiotic.

    2. I agree with you Kameron . It was probably the first time I’ve seen a video like that. A lot of things came to my mind while watching it because I don’t know how white people could treat black people that way . Because they were humans too. I’m sure that was not what God plan for this earth and all the people that created. I think it was the worst thing that could happen because black people were not able to enjoy their lives and live like normal people.

    3. I am completely agree with you but I won’t ever give anyone pity. I believe our ancestors were strong and had it been another race to endure what occurred the task would have never been completed because the slaves had another type of spirit within them that was always fed with hope. This film displayed strength on the behalf of the slaves because even though they were abused mentally and physically they eventually overcame the terror they endured throughout that period of time. As far as the use of religion the white people did what many people do today, which is using the text that would benefit their needs and not recite the actuality.

  81. The movie “Goodbye Uncle Tom” displays white supremacy in its prime, which arguably is the social basis for the white American culture. Therefore, after viewing this movie in its entirety, I do believe that in order to understand the foundation of the American economic, and social construct; Good Bye Uncle Tom is a necessary film to conduct thorough research. In this movie there are many scenes that are interesting. That being said, the scene starting at 1:17:13 stuck out to me the most. In this scene there is a slave that has been brainwashed into thinking that the system works in his favor. It is clear in this scene that this particular slave has completely submitted himself to the “will” of every white person that he comes in contact with (*Narrator – “can I ask you a question” *Slave – “Yes please masters, I am at your disposal”). It is arguable that the mentality of the slave in this scene is relevant in today’s time. In the Afro – American community there are many people who go through life with intentions on using the system to take care of them; Negating the fact that they have surrendered their will to be independent.

    The narrator goes on to ask questions pertaining to his treatment, which the slave responds by saying that “I’ve had masters, each one more humane than the next.” Its almost as if he is recognizing that there is something wrong, but he just goes with the flow and tries to make the best of it. However, what makes this scene painful to watch is his attempt in justifying his position in society without acknowledging his own oppression.

    1. DeMarcus, that part of the film really stuck out to me as well. It was sad to watch. I didn’t like how the man behind the camera condemned the black man for not complaining about his condition though. And after he doesn’t complain, he goes on to verbally attack him and get angry. You really have to think about the way an audience would view this scene. Some people may be happy that the Italian man thought black people were treated awfully (after sleeping with a 13 year old black child). Others may view this scene and feel that the slave’s mentality is, as odd as it may sound, a way to protect himself. If he speaks about his problems with slavery to a white man, nothing will happen to the white man. The slave may lose much more than he already has. I think everyone who watches this scene should really look deep into the hypocrisy that exists with the man behind the camera.

    2. Responding back to DeMarcus Mitchell statement I do agree with him when he says “in order to understand the foundation of the American economic, and social construct, Goodbye Uncle Tom is a necessary must see”. I totally agree with you on that I feel like Goodbye Uncle Tom opens your eyes to a lot things it is basically forcing you to face the reality of what really took place back in that time. For myself watching the movie really open my eyes on certain things that took place back then in that time. Especially the scenes when the blacks are pushing around the slaves encouraging the master.

  82. Andre Davis
    I would first like to say that watching roots prior to watching this video helped me as far as my understanding of slavery and how they were taken from one country to another against their own free will. However, the movie “Roots” was not as much detailed as “Goodbye Uncle Tom,” and with that being said, there were certain things that went on in this video that left me with nightmares. This is the type of video that I would not show to another individual unless I was confident and convinced that he or she would be able to handle it. After watching some of the disturbing things that went on in this video, it is apparent to say that we as a people should never COMPLAIN. I cannot put it anymore bluntly than that. There was enough struggle and suffering going on in that video to open brilliant eyes to the understanding that we complain on a daily basis about simple small stuff. I guarantee you that any one of those slaves would have given up an arm and a leg to be able to enjoy the many luxuries that we have today. Other than that, the video was very educational and I look forward to many more to come.

    1. I agree with you Andre. Not only was this video sad to watch but some of the scenes were very graphic. Prior to watching this video I had some idea about slavery but “Goodbye Uncle Tom” gave me a new outlook on slavery and how our people were treated. I couldn’t agree with you more when you said that we should never complain about the small things because you never know how hard the next person may have it. You never fully realize how truly grateful you are until you look at someone else’s situation.

    2. I would have to agree with you on this because after watching this movie I can see how the whole slavery worked and how bad the Black people suffer under such situation. It’s quite a nasty history for America.

    3. Andre, I understand you when you say that we as a people should never complain. I also understand how one might think that the current descendants of those same slaves have come so far, and I agree with the latter. However, I would not go so far as to say that we are complaining, especially when one considers the significant disparities between whites and blacks in the various arenas of life. The effect that slavery left on the African-American race is evident in our present society. To be able to pull off these long-lasting effects disturbing events such as those depicted in the film had to have occurred. I, too, gained a different outlook on slavery from this film.

  83. My response to the other student’s response it that we are both on the same page, the video was disturbing and the things that happened to the slaves were so disgusting and downgrading. Most of my classmates’ focus was on the suffering the slaves suffered while they were being stolen from their land. To me this is very sad; if I were to look at it like I was in their shoes I probably would have killed myself to escape the torture. Also what was so nasty was the way the slaves were greased and cleaned like they were a dirty bathtub that needs to be bleach; they were not treated like humans at all.

    1. I agree with you IbukunOluwa , the whole video was disturbing . I thought I wasn’t going to be able to watch it all because of all the stuff that those slaves were going through. Like you said, they were not treated like humans , it looked more like animals. Specially when they fed them . Also when they gave them showers it was sad when one of those slaves died. I really wasn’t expecting that .

  84. My response starts with the beginning of the film. The sarcasm at the beginning of the film towards the Catholic reporter .and the sarcasm towards the whites’ general viewpoint towards the slaves. Each white person at the dining table had their own view point towards how to treat a slave or how not to. What was so horrifying is the fact that the people at the dining table was enjoying bit the slaves were starving and doing all the work to allow the whites to eat and live lavishly. It’s sad how the lady didn’t allow the senator to give the little two black boys some chicken or his leftover chicken, but one of the servant had to “accidently” drop a chicken for the kids to get food. I hated the fact that the things people in our society take advantage of back in the day the slaves were used to provide it. Like the slave boys were used to provide a/c (air) for the whites in their homes. Also how the slave girls would push an object to provide shower water for the young white girl to shower. The slaves were considered an object and also a liability. This video was extremely uncomfortable to watch to the end!

    1. I agree with you, IbukunOluwa. I was really uncomfortable watching this entire thing. We watch this video and I too am astonished at the evilness of white people in this film. Many times, I found myself asking how anyone could commit such horrific acts for hundreds of years. Of course, the answer to that is that they refused to view black people as humans and took refuge in their religions to excuse their barbaric practices. I think once a person becomes desensitized to black pain, they no longer have a moral conscience to help black people. This, even today, has never been thoroughly addressed by America.

    2. Just like you mentioned IbukunOluwa, it was a sad sight to see the way the slaves were being talked about right in front them like they were a fly on the wall. All they did was criticize them in everything they did but not even acknowledging the fact that the food they were eating were made by the slaves. They even went to the extent of refusing to give the little slave boys some of their leftover chicken like it wasn’t going to the trash right after dinner. The fact that they couldn’t even spare a piece of chicken after all the work they do proves that the slaves are nothing but objects that they use when they are needed.

  85. After watching Goodbye Uncle Tom my involuntary reaction to one of the scenes that I witnessed in the film was when the slaves were on the boat getting water thrown on them, rats and bugs crawling all over them and the slaves being chained down in one position barley being able to move around. When I watch those scenes of the slaves being on the boat it disturbed me. I thought how could another human being do another human that way and think it is perfectly okay. Another scene in the film that caused a reaction out of me is when the white men took pleasure in rapping the women slaves. They enjoyed chasing them around throwing them on the floor, ripping their clothes off watching them scream for dear life! And the part that made me the angriest is that they were rapping the women in front of their children. In another scene in the movie when a black male slave got his genitals ripped off, and all the other slaves were laughing and encouraging the situation that was about to take hand. In my reaction to that scene is would you laugh at your own kind, what if that was you in that situation and the tables were turned would you want people laughing at you and encouraging such a horrible thing to happen? I wouldn’t !

    1. Just like you Briana, there were many scenes in the video that disturbed me. For instance when the slaves were on the boat about to be fed and one slave in particular refused to eat, so to resolve this issue they chiseled his mouth open and still forced him to eat and drink. Honestly, that hurt me to see how these people were treated back them. Also, it sadden me because the slaves were treated like animals, in my opinion, hence they were seeing a veterinarian. Not only were they treated like animals they only served one sole purpose, which was to make the white man richer.

    2. I agree with you a hundred percent Briana. I thought it was really shameful how the white men chased the women around just to receive an ounce of pleasure by ripping their clothes open and even prying their legs open while they just sat on top of them grinning and laughing at their shocked and fearful faces. They even went to the extent of committing this sick act in front of their children. I don’t think that any one of us in this world should ever deserve that kind of pain and anguish, not even our enemies, and also no one deserves to watch their own family go through something like that because I assure you that it would hurt them as much.

    3. It’s amazing how it took us to take a history class in college to get a vivid representation of what slavery may have actually looked like. We always knew it was horrific but my imagination never took it to the level of this movie. I’m sure this isn’t even half of what slaves went through.

  86. I had several reactions to this film. I did not like how these slaves were treated in general. one of the things that impacted me was how they would get showers. it was not in a good way and I even saw someone who died. also after taking a shower, other people would cut their hair and some of them were cut and they were bleeding. I mean, at least the people would cut their hair should’ve been careful. another thing that impacted me was the food. it did not look good at all. but like of one the guys said, those slaves would eat anything because they were hungry and there wasn’t anything else to eat. They were treated like animals because there was a part where a veterinarian would check them out instead of a regular doctor. I think the thing that got my attention was when women would get raped in front of kids.
    But from all these bad reactions that I got, I finally saw a part where these slaves felt happy and “free” in a way. it was when they were taken to the river and would do anything they wanted, that was one of the scenes where I saw smiles on their faces. but other than that, they were mistreated the whole time.

    1. In desperation of food slaves would eat this garbage and as the movie showed they ate like so called “animals” because they haven’t eaten in so long that they were eager to put anything in their stomach to satisfy that hunger and for the slaves who didn’t eat I feel did it was out of pride and was seeking death more than serving their slave masters.

      1. I understand you with the things you said because, as a human being we have to eat to survive and if that makes the Black people an animal then so are the white people. Meaning that every human on this earth are all animals.

  87. After watching this video I just like the whole slavely is just sick. The more I countine to watch it to the end. I can see a whole lot of nonsense. For one example I could see that the wifes of the plantation owns are not very smart to not know that their husbands are raping the poor African girls behind them and having children with thm. All they can just say is because of science that they are being lighter in their color. Which is absolute madeness. There is other part in the video that the white pastor keep saying that it the whole of the Lord for the Whites to slave the Blacks and that’s ok by God. Which made shake my head because I feel like the church in the south were just polluting the minds of the people and then they polluting the minds of the next generations. Which is quite sad and a little mind boggling. You know what the whole is disgusting and out of this world to see such a thing, but people will see this and know the bad things in the past and not do anything like that again.

    1. After watching this video, I just think that the whole slavely is just sick. The more I continue to watch it towards the end. The more I see a whole lot of nonsense. For one example, I could see that the wifes of the plantation owns are not very smart to not know that their husbands are raping the poor African girls behind them and having children with them. All they can just say is because of science that they are getting lighter in their color. Which is absolute madeness. There is other part in the video that the white pastor keep saying that it is the will of the Lord for the Whites to slave the Blacks and that’s ok by God. Which made shake my head because I feel like the church in the south were just polluting the minds of the people and then they just pollute the minds of the next generations. Which is quite sad and a little mind boggling. You know what, the whole thing is disgusting and out of this world to see such a thing but, people will see this and know just how bad things where in the past and they will not do anything like that again. Because all human beings are all equal and same in the eyes of the Lord and should be the same in the eyes of other humans.

      1. I agree with, Felicia Prah. It’s sad how the white people betrayed and lied to there women, raping the poor African girls behind them and having children with them. And all they can just say is because of science that they are getting lighter in their color. The women were clueless. The other topic I liked that you touched on is the bible. It’s crazy how they lied on the bible to there people, and they say that black people are monsters or bad people. The pot can’t call the kettle black.

    2. Some interesting facts that you didn’t include in your comment was that; the slaves that a white woman had, most of them that worked in her home were young children. They were young boys and girls whom were house servants and their jobs consisted of, cleaning the floor and piano, shined all shoes and some working in the kitchen with the older women. In one scene of the movie, a group of men carried a slave back to their home because he had run away. As a repercussion he had to get his private parts removed for disobeying the rules.

    3. I agree the slave masters wives exemplified stupidity to the fullest when it came to the slave masters taking advantage of the women knowing that his seed is being diffused around to “property”

    4. I totally agree with you! I don’t like how the video shows the truth behind slavery and that makes me sad. However, I did not get a chance to watch it to the end to see the husbands rape African girls, that would have been so disturbing to watch. But in some weird way slavery made us stronger as a black community.

  88. Throughout the movie there were a few scenes that made me uncomfortable. In the beginning of the movie you see the slaves digging up bones and making graves for them. There were at least 336 slaves underneath a ship for 95 days. They were chained up, butt naked with all types of bugs and rats crawling on them. Their version of showering them was dumping cold water over then three times a day. If they did not want to eat they would chisel there mouth open while it was bloody and force the food down their throats. As soon as they would arrive they were placed in quarantine and given baths that contained ashed, sand, and Lysol. If they had epilepsy they would hang them by their feet upside down until they stopped. They treated the babies as if they were animals handling them any kind of way, keeping the dead ones in jars as if they were science projects. The white men would go where the girls would sleep and rape them while the little kids had no choice but to watch. They would shave 200 heads before they would get a new blade, some them would get their heads cut from this process and some even died.

    1. Some interesting facts that you didn’t include in your comment was that; the white men lubricated the slave’s rear end to take out the sugar canes out. The sugar canes were to stop the flow of diarrhea when the slaves were on the slave ship. In one scene of the movie, a young boy was with a young girl and they were about the same age but unfortunately the little girl had a chain around his neck. Basically, that scene itself showed how white young children are brought up to mistreat the slaves, and to not treat them as if they are one of them.

    2. Like you mentioned Morgan, the scene where they were chained up with the bugs crawling over them with nothing to cover themselves up with was mind boggling to me and at the same time a little disturbing. And also the fact they would chisel their mouths open to feed them not caring about the pain and the blood. I felt like they treated each and every one of them like a piece of gum under their shoes; like they were animals and not their fellow human beings; even to the extent of daring to rape the women and shamefully letting the children watch.

  89. After watching this particular video, I can honestly say that there are some sick people in the world. To know that during that time frame white people treated black people beyond subhuman is ridiculous. They probably treated there animals better than the black people. The so call health care for the slaves were was more like torture. How they analyze the black people was degusting. What saddens me the most was how they had babies in jars as if they were science experiment animals. I also notice how the red flag symbolized slavery and now a red ribbon symbolize HIV. What blows my mind is how the white men saw it as a game or a sport to chase the black women down and rape them. The white men may have felt superior because they planted a decade of fear inside the hearts of many. The white women felt as though the black women weren’t worth having sex with so their husbands wouldn’t dare have any lustful feelings about the black women. The white women discussed how they were so surprised that after their husbands would impregnate the black women they would be surprise that the children resembled the white men, as if it was impossible to have child by a black woman. The white people even used the holy text out of content to fit their needs. They spoke in church as if it justified their actions. The fact that they exploited the black people so much just to sell them. The so call scientist theories were totally untrue. Comparing the black people to animals as if they don’t share some of the same characteristics. After the scientist took of their limbs for whatever there so call reason they claim like animals they became strong by crawling. Honestly I just believe they were hungry. What amazed me was how they white people could never make an Indian a slave. What heart my heart the most was how the white man used the black men as hunting targets for fun.

    1. Some interesting facts that you didn’t include in your response was that; in the movie the slaves were fed like pigs and were mistreated by their slave masters. The white men put their food in feed troughs as if they were animals and not human beings. The slop consisted of yams 2 pounds of fat and beans; it was only enough for their protein and necessary foods. In one scene of the movie, 2 white men were at a lake with their slaves and one of the white men didn’t pay his taxes so the other white man shot and killed him.

    2. Actually the red flag was a subtle reference to the Moorish empire that was conquered by the Europeans after the Spanish Inquisition. These were all Moors but this film obviously embellished and over emphasized points. Don’t mistake this movie for actually having witnessed the actual events (which is why the producers added comic relief after parts like the shooting of all the runaways).

  90. Regarding my involuntary reaction to a few scenes that I witnessed in this film was, that slaves were mistreated throughout to whole story. At the beginning of the story. slaves had dug up old bones from people that had fought in the war. For 95 days slaves were on a boat, they had a mean unpleasant stench to their bodies. They would vomit on themselves, rat and roached would bite them and they were given 3 showers a day. But definition of a shower was throwing buckets of water on their bodies. To keep the slaves from using the bathroom on themselves other slaves would stick sugar canes up their rear ends, which eventually messed their bowls up. In one scene a slave didn’t want to eat so the other slave workers forced food down the slaves mouth with something and he bleed from his mouth. If you had a skin disease you were caged from others, and if you had ecalepy you were hung upside down till you stopped shaking. It was a process that had to be done before a slave was sold to someone. The slaves had to take a bath and that bath water contained, ash, sand and pine sol. After that their bodies were degreased with oil, their hair was cut with a razor blade and their body was checked by a doctor. Each razor blade that was used had to have been used by at least 200 slaves before a new razor was replaced. Unfortunately, some slaves were cut by old razors and nearly bleed to death.

    1. The way that they shoved the food in the mans mouth was very filthy. What I don’t understand is why there are blacks helping torture the other blacks. The fact that they were naked all the time was very sad. The hanging upside down, and bath in a huge pool was crazy. Food that was served to them looked so nasty and they had to rush to get food while still being pushed back from the food. The white men would rip off the women clothes and rape them, in front of the children too. Towards the end when they were painting these kids gold, I felt bad because they probably don’t know what is going on.

  91. After watching this video “Goodbye Uncle Tom”, I was truly amazed at how my ancestors were treated. It was a lot of events that ocurred during the beginning of the video that really stuck out to my memory. For instance, the way that the slaves were given “showers” on the ship. All that simply was was a bucket of salt water that was threw on them. Also, there was one slave in particular who refused to eat, so to resolve this problem they chizzled his mouth open and forced him to eat. It was truly sad how the slaves who had scabies were put in cages, like they were caged animals. After separting the slaves with medical conditions the remaining slaves were directed to a pool that contained ashes, sand and Lysol. Many of the slaves found this fun to be in a pool with water but what really hurt me was when the people’s heads were pushed under water. Later in the video it deeply saden me when the group of white men went into the camp where the women and children were sleeping and raped some of the women. After watching this video I was truly disgusted at how black people were treated.

  92. Looking at this particular video made me think there are some sick people that walked God’s green earth. The way the white people took care of the health of those people was disgusting. They truly believe the black people were subhuman. I can honestly say it makes my stomach turn. The so call pioneers of America seem mentally disturbed. The babies were treated like experiments. I would absolutely hate to have a child during that period of time because that would be the hardest thing to live through after your baby is placed in a science jar on someone’s counter top. The fact that the white mean saw it as a game to chase down black women like chickens than rape them as if it was all fun and games bothers me. To know that a red flag symbolized slavery it made me think of other things. Like why does the red ribbon represent HIV. It sadness me to see the fear in this film. Slaves were capitol strictly seen as a good and service to slave owners. To know that this film is just a reenactment disturbs me. Because reading and acknowledging history is one thing but watching a film such as this draws another prospective. After the man said slaves were more of a liability than assist maybe the cause of the making prison industry facilities in America. The fact that the people used God’s words strictly out of content to justify slavery is a shame. As for as the white women who felt as though black women couldn’t possibly be worth having sex with is beyond ridiculous. After their husbands impregnated the women they were so amazed how the black women’s babies had resemblance of their white husbands. So that let me know that the white women felt as though black women were lower than animals as well

    1. Assata, I was truly sadden when the white pastor was using God’s word to justify slavery. Honestly that was ridiculous because you should never use the word out of context. Also, it made me mad when the white men raped the women in front of their children, the nerve of them. It was almost like that was a game to them because they found this matter funny. I also found it very dumb how the white wives of the slaves masters were clueless as to how the babies that were being born resembled their husbands.

      1. I agree with Brianda. Those particular parts were key parts for me. The whole documentary was completely disheartening. The part where the women were getting raped in front of there children literally made me cry. It was so sad watching the fear in the children’s eyes, and it was completely disgusting watching the men act like it was a festivity. Also one of the worst parts for me was the idiotic scientist that said that based off of difference of anatomy that black people were genetically inferior. Being a science major myself, I could not believe my ears. I did not know that people were that stupid and given credit for being “smart”. Speaking of stupidity, the slave owners wives where idiots as well. I was amazed that they really believed the part about symbiosis. In all, this documentary opened my eyes even more to the systematic oppression and genocide of my people. It makes me proud of how far we have come. It makes me proud that our “oh so inferior race” has come so far.

        1. The whole movie showed and exploited the black people of the world and in America specifically all while having a dynamic of white wash boondocks atmosphere addressing the problems with in the black society and also the flaws of the American foundation of this world also while doing this the movie gave the perspective of all the white oppressors in their different respects whether it was popes masters slave owners and also the different social constructs and racial infrastructures that kept African Americans oppressed and also living in inhumane conditions it showed the upright the immorality of white people and Europeans in the World

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