4 thoughts on “AIN’T SCARED OF YOUR JAILS — 1960 – 1961”

  1. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was huge step in the Civil Rights Movement. It finally gave the NAACP, a case they needed so they could challenge the segregation of the black community in Alabama. My grandmother talks about this time in her life, the things she had to go through. I feel like everyone, especially African Americans should be proud of what are relatives accomplished and we should focus on what we can do now to make the next generations lives even better.

  2. Lawson method was bold I don’t know it was safe at the time due to the fact the police wasnt on there side.I know they practiced a nonviolent approach and they seat there but how can you practice something like that getting punched spit on and food thrown in your face.Thiese were brave and but I wouldn’t call this tactic smart

  3. People say that history repeats itself, it’s events like these that make me wish that they are wrong. This shows that the only way to peace or compromise is through great lose or extreme violence. it should have to come to that.

    1. I understand your sentiments. However, there is no mistaking the reality that those who have power are much more interested in remaining in that position that one could ever imagine. Although it should not have to come to this, the truth of the matter is that it often does and will continue to in the future. Sad, yet true.

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