1. This was my favorite video because it highlights the social constructs of segregation and its affects on the oppressed and suppressed over a period of time. Once pro-segregation, the brown-eyed people saw how negative segregation; from their point of view it highlights progression amongst a group of people. For the blue-eyed people it showed their movement towards eliminating segregation.

  2. The blue eye experiment by Jane Elliott was a success. I think it shows modern day whites and blacks how things really were when their grandparents were growning up. people had conflicts becuase thier were not able to do the same thing as the brown or blue eye people. Some people were separated and The blue eye experiment showed that things were not always how they seem now in today’s time.

  3. This is a lesson that needs to be taught at every school, workplace, or any place where people gather. I agree with Elliot in that people need to be trained in administering this experiment. I was wowed at Elliot for how thorough her questioning and overall experiment seemed to be. I feel that racism and discrimination are learned behaviors. When she asked the little blue eyed boy (the day that they were up) why he called his former friend brown eyes when he hadn’t done that before even though he had brown eyes, his respond was “but we just learned it yesterday”. All I could say was WOW. It was sad to see how the kids felt on the playground, but interesting to see how a prisoner could relate. It was sad to watch the kids so discouraged and sad and to hear the way they described what they were going through was shocking. I didn’t expect 3rd graders to explain it in that way, but I think it shows how we really need to talk to our kids because they can be having real problems. To see that out of the hundreds of times Elliot did this experiment, and almost every time their test scores were affected was heart breaking. I think every human should see this to understand how it affects not only people, but children as well. As a country we limit our potential when we don’t allow everyone to be extraordinary.

  4. Discrimination is a learned “skill”, it isn’t something genetic. The experiment does a good job of showing how quickly people can start to judge others just by different traits that they have. It obviously doesn’t have to be skin color, because people can start to group each other according to one trait that they have in common with others.

  5. This is a very interesting experiment that Jane Elliot conducted with her third grade students. She did this to demonstrate to the children how societal attitudes and mistreatment can affect one’s performance. One day she told them that the blue eyed students were smarter than the brown eyed students. Then the next day she switched it around and told them she made a mistake and that brown eyes are actually better than blue eyes. It was amazing to see how within the first 15 minutes of the experiment the children were already treating each other differently.

  6. It’s amazing to see how this experiment worked. Racism is taught and you can see that by how the brown eyed kids were treated. Janes experiment was very interesting, it taught people what it felt like to be discriminated against and they couldn’t handle it. It’s sad to say that what was taught in her class probably didn’t stick with most people because they went right back to these homes where racism was taught but a few may have caught on and learned from her.

  7. I saw these videos before and I couldn’t help but laugh and feel bad because I laughed. The reason for the laughter was because some people thought that they were being treated unfairly when it was nothing compared to the harm and unfairness that they inflicted on the African American community. They want to get an attitude when what Ms. Elliot was doing is giving them a piece, a very small one, of their own medicine.

  8. Above all, it was absolutely amazing to me how quickly those children responded to being taught to hate. Within mere hours! That just validates why hatred is still so prominent. That feeling of superiority was like fuel to the fire. Manipulated at the youngest ages to believe that black people are inferior. It’s something that I’ll simply sit in amazement at, no matter how many times I might watch this video. It was good to see that she not only attacked a younger generation, but was full fledge prepared to teach men and women the same lessons. Truly inspiring!

  9. I think that that was an incredible way to teach young children about race and discrimination. There should be more elementary teachers like that, even now in this generation because there has been no change in discrimination. If we are able to learn while we are young, we grow up with that knowledge and pass down that knowledge to their children. And then there would be that much less people that will discriminate people by their race.

  10. I like the way she did handled this experiemnt. It was a big lesson for students it even opened my eyes to some things. It was a great teaching to tool to show how kids discriminate to easy and they kids need to know what was going on. I really like how she came up with this. I bet this experiment really changed a lot of people and showed them how thins use to be and it was crazy. Overall I think they should still be doing the experiment and let teachers show there students till this day.

  11. i believe this was an great experiment so they can grow up and see how people of other races feel about being called different names and see how it feel to be treated differently than others, no matter what color eyes, hair or skin we have we are all still people and have feelings as well.

  12. The Blue Eye Experiment, I think, was somewhat of a good idea. It can be both beneficial and cruel at the same time. Cruelty in this case is almost necessary just to get people to understand how messed up we are and how twisted things have become. If everyone were to experience this experiment, it would go either two ways, 1) A lot better than it is today, or 2) A lot worse than it is today.

  13. This experiment seems like it was very beneficial for these students. In away I felt bad for the children, but they needed to go through it. They needed to experience how it felt to be an outcast. Especially doing the time that they were raised.

  14. After she taught them the “rules” the blue eyed children begin to side with her and say mean things to the children with brown eyes. They even began calling them “brown eyes”. This is the way that society works,once a person is taught that this type of person is less than because of the color of their skin. Discrimination has been passed down from generation to generation and it still exists today.

  15. I really liked this blue eyed experiment with Jane Elliot first her starting out with the little kids and then going to college students really shows you how easy it is to discriminate because they almost acted exactly the same. I think more school teachers around the world should have lessons like this with the youth today.

    1. Yes it opened the children’s minds I believe. What better way to teach someone what you go through unless they go through it themselves then they’ll have a better understanding.

  16. The brown eye blue video was an interesting approach she took and I think it really put into perspective just how it feels to be discriminated upon there privileges were just taken away for a day not even 24hrs and they felt bad about there selves and like they could do nothing but they will never know what over 300 years of oppression ever feels like but i think it made them change there mind set some what because after all racism is taught so why not un teach it and them coming back to meet with her showed it did have an impact on them

  17. I think this experiment was great because children are extremely impressionable and the school system does so much through its lessons to instill a strong sense of patriotism during those formative years and glosses over the dark and heavy details such as racism like “oh yes, this was bad, but look it’s fixed!” But obviously it isn’t and experiments like this, that target and teach young children of how life really is, are important because those impressions last a lifetime. I understand Elliot received a lot of backlash for the age of the students involved at the time, but children are exposed to a host of other hostile and psychologically taxing situations throughout their daily interactions and learn and grow from those, so I see no problem with exposing children otherwise oblivious to racism to a small sample of the degradation that other children of the time had to live with

  18. The video of The Angry eye was still a success exercise. It dealt with college students and they felt the same as the children and adults on the first time Jane presented her idea did. The blue eyed people felt separated and embarrassed and angry just being in front of people they knew. They felt intimidated and they had attitudes towards Jane and their feelings were hurt and the attention was on them. The exercise is a big eye opener not only for African Americans but for all races especially when you’re the center of attention.

  19. I like Jane Elliott’s exercise of brown eyes and blue eyes. The experiment is true and it did prove the racism and hatred of how African Americans or other races felt when in the presents of a white person. During the 3rd grade class it helped the children understand what discrimination and hatred was when the brown eyed couldn’t do things that the blue eyed could do and vise versa because the first day at recess the two kids had a fight and one was brown eyed and one was blue eyed and they had been friends. The adults were interesting because you can see how defensive they were towards Jane and the others and how she was telling the brown eyed to view the blue eyed changed their prospective of how they viewed others and themselves.

    1. Exactly, and thats why I thought the experiement worked so well because it worked on children back in the 60 or 70’s and also college students in todays time period.

  20. I believe its true when they say if you want to mess with God mess with his children. Ms. Elliott experiment only proves my theory that racism and prejudice is not our major issue it is hatred. Racism and prejudice are one of many faces of hatred being practiced. If those children were never taught hatred they would not know it existed. So by acknowledging the subject of prejudice in the manor she did it made both the students and adults reflect on there actions and the way they perceive things. When Ms. Elliott said she saw her sweet little third graders turn into the complete opposite it spoke volumes. To think that the students formed an opinion on an entire race because of what they have heard in there households. One experiment quickly changed there views because now they were actually experiencing a taste of what they believed was an exceptionable way to treat minorities. Something that stood out the most was how simple minded the adults acted in the experiment when they started to feel the other end of what was socially acceptable. To imagine the works of one woman that could bring change in our society.

  21. The other video the angry Jane was also an interesting video simply , because she was literally angry. She really wanted to make others more aware, and make them feel empathy of how African Americans felt all along. People were getting frustrated, and were crying and she wasn’t even harming them physically, and it wasn’t even for that long. So that simply shows you that they couldn’t handle what African Americans went and are going through now today. He really made them open their eyes , and allowed them to realize that everyone is equal in this world , and should be treated so.

  22. This video was a great wake up call. To actually see Jane to this great experiment. These 3rd grade children In Iowa in the beginning hated Blacks and called them niggers, and all sorts of names, but after the children realized judging other people with regards to their race wasn’t right. Whites began to see how it would feel basically if they were another color. It also amazed me how their learning ability changed from being either brown or blue eyed. So in conclusion, this relates to Blacks and Whites today. Blacks are capable of many things, but were limited back then , because how they were treated. If everyone was treated equally, and with some respect Blacks would have gotten allot further than they did in life!

  23. I believe the experiment was useful in the sense that it created a buzz boost about the racial issues whites had with blacks that was incredibly inexplicable.

  24. I feel like this if this experiment was done a lot more whites then we would not have such a bad discriminatory society now. This experiment is powerful and goes to show that racism and discrimination is alive in our younger kids and that’s not something that they should be exposed too. If I could I would congratulate Jane Elliot, because not many teachers during her time would have taken the time out to teach their class equality.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Whites need and should understand what Blacks felt, because if it was them im sure they wouldn’t be able to handle it. Everyday of their lives be treated with no respect they would lash out. We have white young children hating blacks , but for what? These White people teach their kids what they want them to know , and its sad to see that happening. Everyone has a mind of their own and should be able to use it how and when they want too. They aren’t even giving their children a chance they are just throwing negative thoughts and feelings in their minds, and of course the children are going to listen they are the parents. in my opinion if the parents weren’t teaching their children to hate blacks these white kids would befriend black just as if they were white. with all this being said your environment definitely affects your attitude.

  25. This experiment was a great way in showing racism. The best part was that the teacher Mrs. Elliott still managed to show the children they aren’t any different than other child. This experiment was very true because if you believe you’re going to do well you will, same as if you think you’re going to do poorly than that’s the way you’ll perform.

  26. Ms. Jane Elliot’s brown eyed and blue eyed racist experiment was basically made-up to create awareness on the effects of racist behaviors, and also tackle racism,prejudice,discrimination and inequality in the American society. She did this by giving greater privileges to the blue eyed people, and also restricting the privileges of the brown eyed people, and vise versa. The experiment was seen to be successful as the people learnt that they should do unto others what they want to be done unto them. In addition, i think that Jane Elliot’s experiment really proved to be productive as the people realized their mistakes at the end of the experiment.

  27. Ms. Elliott’s blue eye/brown eye experiment was an absolute phenomenal idea.Racism and discrimination is something that is taught and it was definitely a “wow” moment for me to see that kids so young who should be focused on the excitement of learning other things, are already aware of the unfair treatment of minorities. Right off many of the students already knew what hateful terms are used towards African Americans/Indians and it’s obvious that it’s not something that they just picked up on their own. It starts at home. I applaud Ms. Elliott because she was one of the people who took a stand to break the cycle of hate and show her students that we are all created equal no matter what the color of our skin is.

  28. This is a way to show that we are equal, this experiment should be tested through all the schools in my opinion. I would say this experiment is one of the best.

  29. This experiment clearly worked to the 3rd graders and also to the college students. I think this experiment should be tested to all the schools and universities around the U.S. This was a great way to show people that we are all equal and no different from one another.

    1. Yes that is true , because guess what there are still hundreds and thousands of people who have not seen this video before. Racism still exist to this day , so until it is completely gone I feel that people should watch it . Of course racist wouldn’t want to watch it , because in their minds their mind is already made up on what it is they want , and how they feel in particular.

  30. My favorite part is relatively early in the second video where she begins to point out how some people will say, “I can’t be racist, some of my best friends are black.” or “I don’t see color.” Both of those statements are popularly used, but are paradoxes. How can you not see color? Even a black and white film has some shades of gray. If you didn’t see color, you wouldn’t need to point it out. Colorblind people don’t point out that what we call red, they consider green. They just see green and assume it’s what everyone else is seeing. Also, if you can deliberately count how many minorities you know – something is wrong. Although this is a good experiment, there are some people who are just set in their ways and nothing can make them change their mind.

  31. To be honest, I feel that the Blue/Brown eye Experiment should be taught all over the world to not only children but to educators, correctional officers and even psychologists and then I believe it shouldn’t be taught. The reason it should be taught is very self-explanatory in the way that children learn from being discriminated against. I doesn’t feel good being discriminated. Its like Jane Elliot said “treat others the way you wish to be treated”. It will enhance student development and further encourage young people to see that everyone is that same no matter what color their skin is, their eyes, and physical appearance. It also would help anyone see that discrimination is not correct. The reason I say that it shouldn’t be used and taught is because like Jane Elliot said, once someone goes too far you may have created a monster in which discrimination is the only way to go. After certain time exposed to being the aggressor one will learn to cope this idea and further enhance this as a way of seeing others and living.

  32. This experience is an excellent way to express how detailed racism can be for minorities. I feel like this should still be implemented at every academic level for teachers and faculty and corporate offices everywhere.

  33. I’m glad that Jane Elliott Brown took her time to educate a group of white kids about discriminating among each other. They learned at a young age that it is wrong to judge one another just because we have different eye color or skin color. Her experiment clearly worked, and it should be taught in every school in order for people to understand the negative of discrimination, which most people don’t still to this day. Jane showed that she’s a women of intelligence, grace, and integrity. Obviously many white educators at that time wouldn’t teach that to a class simply because of the hatred towards black. However she chose to educate her class about a social issue, which is why I respect her.

  34. I believe that this experiment is a good tool to use but like the teacher said I don’t think everyone is capable enough to teach or receive this. There’s just some people in the world that will rebuttal against this just like the older lady did close to the end that wouldn’t put her name on her paper. even the ones that didn’t say anything just kept their mouths closed and didn’t stop the people who were being rude and there’s a lot of that going on in society today

  35. I think the experiment she preform was a creative way to teach those children that they are all equal. It should still be taught in schools today and even to adults. At the end of the day the only thing different about everyone is the pigment of their skin and we should act that way

  36. I believe the Blue Eyed Experiment should be taught to every student and teacher around the world. If this experiment is taught and implemented correctly, What would racism look like today?
    Keyword being CORRECTLY, if taught otherwise you can corrupt a child’s mind, hence having another Charleston. But if and only if it is implemented correctly i don’t think racism would be that big of an issue. What was most interesting is was when Jane Elliott did the experiment with the college kids.

  37. This experiment performed by Jane Elliot was well needed and awesome. The blue eye/ brown eye she did was brilliant; it taught those kids that it did not matter the color of your skin/ eye color, we all are equal. Those kids were hurt to be discriminated, but they had to find out how the black people felt. Truth is they were no where near as hurt as the blacks were. Also, whites really do not know how it feels to be black, vice versa on blacks; they don’t know how it feels to be white. These experiments were great to show how people feel in everyday life. We all are equal so we should be treated that way. No matter the color of anyone’s skin, we all are the same.

    1. I agree what amazed me in the video was how young white children were already speaking about blacks in a negative manner. What they called them and such things. I was very surprise seemed like the young white kids hated blacks as much as their parents did , and that’s ashame. This also shows you how racism becomes a cycle parents teach their kids to hate and it just continues to get passed down over and over again.

  38. The motto she spoke upon is very true because a black person can’t understand how it feels to be white same as a white person cant understand the feelings of being black. We nor the whites will never know either because we change the color of our skin therefore stop passing judgement on each other. Embedding things of this nature into a child at a young age is the best way so, they don’t go through life thinking its ok to treat other races differently.

    1. I felt the same way that it was great to see it made a change in the children at an early age and they will have they own opinion on discrimination.

  39. I thought that this video was amazing. This experiment is a real eye opener for people who don’t know what it’s like to be a minority, or just different in general, whether it be race, age, ect. In my opinion this is a lesson that should be in all schools.

  40. Ms. Elliot was very smart when conducting this exercise with the young children. She taught the children about discrimination and how we shouldn’t treat people based on their color. Judging a person doesn’t benefit you or the person and it only hurts the person you were judging. In the kids cases, it affected their grades. She did a good job making this experiment to teach people about rasism and prejudice against people of a different color.

    1. I agree, she was very smart and she knew as young children they wouldn’t understand if she actually told them what was happening. So this experiment made them understand, and it was a great one I loved her idea.

  41. First off this kid was able to straight up state that what he knows of minorities is that they aren’t treated the same because their skin color is different, this child already knows how to acknowledge discrimination.
    Although I’m sure this “worked very well” for these kids they still will never really understand how minorities and the oppressed people truly feel and have felt forever! This could be a great lesson if it were truly exercised by white parents.

    1. I definitely agree that parents should educate their kids the way she did when it comes to discrimination.

      1. Their parents wouldn’t educate them in a way that Elliot did because most likely most of them were the ones taking place in the racism. It’s a prime example of a child be pushed in a direction not having any understanding of bias toward the consequences.

  42. Mrs. Elliot should be praised on her experiment of brown and blue eyes because it gave all white people a taste of what black people feel when we are discriminated against based on our skin color. If all other races except whites were to disappear from the earth I do believe that whites would find discrimination among themselves similar to this experiment.

  43. I really like this video, it proves a great point. Mrs. Elliott was very clever to come up with this idea. When testing her experiment in 1984 she made the blue eyed children feel like they were better on one day, and the brown eyed ones feel they were better on a different day. This experiment really worked, it taught them a lesson about teasing and thinking they’re better than others. Before this experiment they only knew what they were taught which was treat everyone as your brother except niggers and Indians. During Mrs. Elliott lesson they learned that when being teased and looked down on you do worst. This actuation made them feel less judgmental, understand how blacks felt, and color doesn’t make you bad or good. Also as her 3rd graders got older they still remember this and said they would teach their kids to not discriminate. I love the quote she said which was the sue Indians prayer “oh great spirit keep me from ever judging a man until I’ve walked in his moccasins. This was her motto and she first tried her experimenter in April 1968. society would be a lot better if we actually practiced what we preach.

    1. I agree with your statement, I though the experiment that Ms. Elliott was a great teacher who helped her student on how not discriminate other just because of their skin color

  44. In the first video at 7:09 the little girl looks just like Matilda from the movie Matilda! I like how the guy at 45:26 spoke up and said that the two different colored eyed people are no different from one another, I agree with that. I also thought it was amusing when the two ladies go back and forth about putting her name on the paper.

    1. They were no different, but the experiment made them feel different. It was a great lesson learned. I agree the two ladies going back and forth was very amusing.

  45. The blue eye experiment by Jane Elliott was a brilliant experiment, for young children to learn about discrimination. It fascinate me when the children became so hateful and nasty once the experiment started. She divided the children into two groups the blue eyed children and the brown eyed children. The children with the brown eye wear the caller, they were the stupid one, they were not allowed to play with the children with the blue eye. Once the children felt discriminated by their classmate, they started feeling less then.Meanwhile the children without the caller were doing better, because they were not call stupid or felt less then, because they had blue eyes. This experiment shows that even though somebody is different, that doesn’t mean they shoud be discriminated or feel less then. As children we learn from our parents; I truly feel that this children from this video learn how discriminate others from their parents.

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