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  1. In the wake of watching this I felt like I was miss educated experiencing childhood with the Rosa Park act .I didn’t know myself this was not Rosa Park’s first time saying no. I can concur with Brittany Samuel each time I heard the story it was shown she wasn’t feeling it that day after a long day of work, they never expressed she disagreed with the rules in the first place grade school history books made it out to be that she was a drained old lady who did not have any desire to move and it turned to a movement later on.

  2. And this why our culture will always mean so much on history. It gives a perfect explanation of why so many events that happen in today’s era are so offensive and aggravates people.

  3. its sad to how they killed Enmity tills just because he said something wrong he dint know what he was doing or saying because he only 14 year old

  4. I learned a lot of detail watching this movie. I didn’t know that this wasn’t Rosa Park’s first refusal. Every time I’ve heard the story it’s like she just wasn’t feeling it that day, which is partially true, but it doesn’t emphasize her feelings of being frustrated with the way things were. To watch how the families of Bryant and Williams seemed to be proud of what the men had done and the fact that they got away with it was deplorable. I don’t see how their wives could kiss them after they were found not guilty, but they obviously supported their husbands actions. It was moving to see how committed black people where to the bus boycott. I believe that the people that walked miles for a year (that go unnoticed) should be recognized, because they made the true sacrifice. Just think of the magnitude of a boycott in today’s time.

  5. it’s sad how much whites can get away with. Especially when it come to children, no child should be treated like that.

  6. This video seemed to talk about segregation of black and whites but, actually spoke upon togetherness, the courage of blacks such as Emmit Til, and Rosa Parks; also about Martin Luther King’s speech and the impact that his speech had on his people. The strength for the African-American people. I found it intriguing that the community stood up to the KKK.

    1. Yes its always good to see our people standing together, because without them doing that we wouldn’t have gotten how far we’ve come. They had so much ambition to be able to fight back against all the odds, and them always knowing the punishment they will receive. They just didn’t care especially since whites didn’t care too much about them

  7. I have heard of the Emmit Till, but I didn’t know it was this crazy. Like he got killed for saying, “bye baby”. It may had been rude to say that, but they should have not took it that far. I know it was a huge race issue back then, but killing someone did not have to be the result. Why something so small have to go to such extreme.

    1. Man that is the same exact thing I said . That’s how you know times back then were rough. Any simply thing could get you in trouble . But his cousins should have informed him that would happen. He didn’t know the consequences ,but they did. Emmit was acting hard , because they didn’t think he would really do it. So in my opinion his cousins allowed him to die.

  8. The murder of Emmet Till was very cruel, unnecessary, and unfair. But this event gave black southerners the courage to fight for their rights.

    1. Yes I agree after this event occurred many Blacks were livid. So I would say this was a huge wake up for the black public. Even though he died something better came out of it not saying it was right with what they did. But it encourages African americans to fight back. They have always been taking advantage of so this was there time to get revenge I guess you can say and they made allot of progress.

  9. After watching this video, i’m still sure nothing has really changed in America. African Americans just want to be left alone, and also to better their lives and succeed in life.But they just end up being beaten up, and being shot at and they just become another statistic.It’s so sad that Emmitt Till was beaten beyond recognition for no particular reason.

    1. Yeah it is really sad that these things still occur today , I guess you can say its not as bad. The things the police does isn’t right they innocently just kill African americans because they know they’ll get off and they do. If you look at our society now , and back then im sure youll be able to see some correlation between the two. Whites still hate us . I just want to know when is it truly going to be over? Like when will the day come that race no longer matters, I guess only time will tell.

    2. Right? Whites just keep picking expect us to just shut up and take it and then look at us like we did something wrong when we react. “But, as it is, we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.”
      – Thomas Jefferson to John Holmes,

  10. I was aware of events that happened but did realize how it hasn’t been long since things like this were going on in the world. To know that there are people in my family who went through this. Really it explains a lot when it comes to the way they act. Especially the older people. They want us to take advantage of the many opportunities available now that they didn’t have.

    1. I agree our elders probably look at us so bad because our generation is so messed up. They would be so happy if they had what we have now back then. We just take every little thing for granted without realizing everything can be taken away within a blink of the eye.

  11. I just don’t understand how Emmitt Till’s uncle Mose Wright could just let them come in and take him like that with no fight , he had to have known that they were going to kill him.

    1. Of course he knew. He’d lived there his whole life. He knew how the white people were — which is why he gave him up. Emmitt dies, or the whole family dies. They weren’t going to go away without someone dying.

  12. i was shocked and disappointed when the court let the guys that killed emitt till go and the fact that they killed a 14 year old because he said t a white woman “bye baby” is cowardly and appalling.

    1. I totally agree, it’s sad how much whites can get away with. Especially when it come to children, no child should be treated like that.

    2. Disappointed, yes. Shocked? not so much. It was a pretty flawed justice system at the time, especially when the crime was committed against a black person. Ineviably, the suspects were sort of viewed at as “heroes” in their community for lowering the black population – whatever the reason behind it.

    3. Yeah they really had things messed up back then. like I know times were different back then , but they should have never allowed things like this in the first place like seriously killing innocent people is unconstitutional. So whites really didn’t care about killing anyone , because they knew they would never get convicted , and that’s sad.

  13. It’s crazy to know that times were like this not that long ago. The fact that grown men thought that doing that was acceptable to do to a teenager tells you how much worth we were to them. I feel like if his mother wouldn’t have made it an open casket, nobody would have known the severity of it.

  14. It’s horrific to have to think that my elders had to experience this within there time and then for us to be living in the society that we are in right now… And having to relive these times are really hard … We just have to keep that focus as people to stay together and not break.

  15. Just like everyone I new of what had happened to Emmit Till but I didn’t know the whole story. Its amazing how my grandparents lived through this horrible time. It’s just so crazy that you could be killed just for speaking to a white person. By Mamie Till leaving her sons casket open to me showed to me she wanted to show the world of the cruelty that was done to her son. African Americans have come so far from where we once were. If it for individuals fighting for what they believed in we’d still be in those terrible conditions.

  16. I really dislike the fact that the two men felt they had to kill a young boy to make a point of others shouldn’t say anything to white women. I feel how they handle the situation was taken over board, if it was as serious like they made it they could have at least scared him, but to kill him especially in the manner they did it’s horrible. Emmett’s mother is by far the strongest mother I have heard of, to see her baby in that condition and show him to the world so everyone can see what they did took a strong, brave woman.

    1. yes, his mother is a very strong women. Nobody deserves to lose a child, especially for something so small. Emmett didn’t realize what he done was wrong although his friends did, but they didn’t think he would actually do it.

  17. Its amazing on how the people back then used to have so much hatred. I knew who Emmit Till was and what had happened to him and it is unfair that the people did that to him without giving him a chance to explain himself. Knowing that human beings are capable of doing such harm to one human being is immoral and wrong.

  18. My grandmother was born in Natchez, Mississippi and growing up she always told us stories about how they were treated back in those days and for my grandmother it was a way of life. That’s just the way that things were. I don’t believe that our generation today could’ve endured what our forefathers actually went through. Me personally I know that I could not have handled that type of treatment and belittlement. There were certain rules that they had to follow because their lives depended on it. I am very thankful that they chose to stand up for what they believed was right and they let their voices be heard. Although they were sprayed with water hoses and beaten by police officers they did not budge on their decision to protest. Without these brave black southerners our lives would not be how they are today.

  19. I was aware of who Emmit Till was but this video gives me a greater understanding of the actual situation. I try to imagine the pain he went through as they did the things they did to him and it’s saddening. The way this young boy was treated is disgusting and the men who did it to him are animals. I know his mom dealt with so much heartache but the way she faught for her baby boy shows how strong she is. As far as the boycott, it is amazing to see how hard my people fought for what was right and they did not give up. Honestly i don’t people of today would even march for that long, but see they had so much courage and heart. As black people we have always been oppressed and we will continue to be. It’s time to stop trying to be accepted by white people and work on our own.

  20. I also agree with Victoria. I do too appreciate the fact that our grandparents and great grandparents were so strong for what they believed in. I don’t think I would’ve been able to handle all of that. But, I say this now. Who knows, if I was in that time I am pretty sure I would have been strong as well. I am also glad I was born when I was born; into a world that has changed but in reality needs so much more work.

  21. in my opinion, this video realy explained a lot to me on what happen back then during that time. I think its so crazy that my grandparents were living and also experience these events that have happen. Im just so grateful that I do live in this generation, even though sometimes us young adults take advantage.

  22. the most important thing ive grasped from the video is the idea of resistance in our people, it is there and always has been even though it isnt always seen or put out on the forefront. resistance is so important because its what drives this case and every movement or bit of action that has ever taken place anywhere. the resistance of black people is so powerful and evident in this story, the only way to continue to be powerful is to continue to resist!

  23. I’ve heard of the Emmett Till story, it a story that always make me cry. It sad that, this was a young boy, who was just being a kid. For him to get murder like he did sadness me. I do appreciate his mother’s decision for having an open casket doing his funeral. I’m sure his mother want others to see what the white men have done to her baby boy.

  24. I agree with Tyra because The Emmitt Till situation was so uncalled for, Emmit didn’t understand the customs of the south so the whole murder of that young man was uncalled for. Not being from the south I understand Emmit point of view, but it sucks that his life was taken for some miscommunication.

  25. You could really see how much strong the black community faith was, cause throughout all that, that was going on in the community they still see a light of change coming.

  26. I remember Emmit Till’s story from high school, and only now do i fully understand it and from a greater perspective. I do agree with my classmates that his mother was very brave and strong to stand beside him and fight for him. It must of been hard to see her baby son go before she did. Racism is something that i believe has never gone away. It was harsh then and still is now, just taken and dealt with in different ( i guess modern ways) People still fail to realize that race shouldn’t dictate how we treat each other.

  27. I love how black people never gave up and never stop fighting for their rights because that’s what the whites wanted, for us to slowly but surely fall back into slavery. The Emmitt Till situation was so uncalled for, Emmit didn’t understand the customs of the south so he didn’t know he wasn’t suppose to speak that way to a white woman but the way he was killed was hardly the way to punish him for that. I believe that incident was a eye opener for blacks

    1. Agreed, blacks never gave up. They continued to work as hard as they could to receive the rights they deserved. I also agree with you on the part about Emmett’s death being uncalled for. Who could ever do something so cruel to a child.

  28. It took major courage to do the things these black men & women chose to do. I only wander what kept them going. After so much oppression, what kept them from just giving up on it. The privileges we have now were just given to us honestly. If you think about it, some of our parents were alive and breathing when this was happening. That’s what astounds me the most. I’m lucky to be in this generation.

    1. I wonder the same thing. Black people never gave up when it came to what they knew they deserved. although we still have some issues in this generation it’s not near as bad, so I would have to agree about being lucky to be in this new generation.

    2. I was thinking the same thing on how its crazy that out own grandparents were alive when this was happening and how we are lucky to be in this generation.

  29. It is true we came along way through Historical figures like Emmit Till, Rosa Parks, and MLK but in a way I feel that. Even through all the protesting, long boycotts and speeches. Nothing much has changed or it could be that things are starting to return to how they were during the civil rights movement. And it makes me sad to live in a time period that generally you are still not accepted.

  30. I was already informed with everything discussed in this video, but to watch it again just helps me understand more and more how strong our black people were. The entire boycott lasted for a year, and I just adore how those black people did not give up on walking and fightinf for what their rights. They showed how much the white people actually did need them by not paying to ride on those buses.
    The whole Emmit Till situation was terrible. Those white men did the absolute. 1, Emmitt was not even from the south so he didn’t know that it was such a huge issue for speaking to that white woman in the store. For those white men to hurt that little boy so bad and then be proven not guilty is TERRIBLE! I can only imagine the pain his mother went through. They abused that boy to the extreme. I hate that that happened.

  31. I think it’s time to stop trying to fight for equal right and build institutions and laws for our own people. They will never let us into their inner circle no matter how much we change ourselves to be like them. A white teacher recently stated, dealing with the McKinney incident, that it might be time to segregate again cause all forms of integration did not help us in any way. Black teachers lost jobs, black businesses closed down, more laws were set up against us that we choose to justify. Growing up in an all white town furthers my argument of separation

  32. What was most intriguing to me was the number of people that came out to see Emmit Till’s body. There is strength in numbers with that said, can you imagine if the African American population would stick together and cut for each other like they did back then we would put a dent in racism.

    1. I totally agree, back then everyone was for everyone. Blacks never gave up on each other they pushed each other to gain what they deserved . nowadays it’s like we are against each other in many cases not all, but many.

  33. To me in this video it showed me that black people were tired of suffering. They really wanted to show their pride and confidence in themselves. They wanted to better their people and they wanted there children well educated and wanted to see them succeed. It showed how things were back then and broke it up in parts to let you see what really went on.

    1. yes, Emmett’s mother went very hard for him. many blacks stood up in court to get those boys punished for killing Emmett. Although they were found guilty, they never gave up on him or his incident.

  34. This video showed me how much pride black people had in themselves. It really saddens me to know a young man at the age of 14 was killed, for saying “bye baby”. Emmett’s mother stood up for him, having an open casket funeral to show what they done to her son was a smart move, she proved a great point. Also the man that stood up in court(I think it was his grandfather) and pointed out the man who came to his house looking for Emmett was brave. Emmett was young and really didn’t know any better, he didn’t mean any harm by saying “hey baby”. It really sucks that the men that killed him was found not guilt, all because he was black. NAACP fought really hard against segregation in : court cases, demonstration, and speeches. Little by little change accrued; because many black men stood up for what they believed.

  35. African Americans, we have came along way and I thank the activist and events that have happen to help us today and try to make it a better place which it is in some cases we may not live as bad as they did then but they are still killing us off. I see the events in history such as the civil rights movement African Americans have always had to prove themselves to the white community and we are still doing it. After all the slavery, the lynching and the law changes we are still her as a race and some still may not like us because we remind them of how we have overcome and the guilt of what they’ve done.

  36. I have actually seen this video before on tv and everytime I see it I have to say the African American Community has come such a long way. The fact that they took advantage of the media to use as a source to put a face to prejudice, racism, and hatred was one of the best things they could have done. It shows what is done in the dark will come to light and there is no excuse for the way minorities were treated. It feeds into todays society but its way more modified. The more I learn the more grateful I become because if no one had the courage to do the things they did I don’t know where our society would be today. For a mother to allow the media to place her son as the face of southeren hospitality it takes a strong woman to do that. Even the courage to say no when she knows in her heart she deserved to have an equal right to sit down where she chooses that made a difference.

    1. Yes it was in this usage of the media that we were able to aid in the removal of desegregation. For those without open eyes may visualize the tortures of the black man within the south.

  37. This video basically discussed some of the events that happened during the Civil War years. Blacks during this time were mostly servants , labors and farmers . The national association for colored people fought against racism. During this time African Americans fought in World war 2 . The NAACP was a major group during this time as the brought demands for African Americans. Brown vs. Board of education discovered that separate schools were unconstitutional. The story of Emmitt Till shocked me how someone killed him and left him in the river because he simply said ” Bye Baby” to a white woman . Just shows you how times have really changed over the years. you can see how much trouble you can get in from a simple talk. And its so sad because the people accused of the crime were not charged.

  38. I believe that white people have an inherent hatred of black people. They see their stronghold on America weakening, so they are trying desperately to keep it through terrorist acts. I believe they are still lynching us on a regular basis. Only now, they lynch us with bullets

    1. I feel like white people have this tendency to destroy anything that is not them. Its immoral and white people today say that white guilt is their punishment today. I feel like white poeple today don’t know anything about this. They have no clue what THEIR history is. The only thing people see is the advancement that they make. Not how they came to succumb to this advancement. But literally putting fear in their competitors. By killing, raping, neglecting, hating, all forms of abuse they pulled out to keep black people under their rule and oppression. Just like this video the world is still very Black and White.

      1. Wow this is a great point that should often be discussed. White people tend to forget where it is they came from. And I think they need to be reminded. They’re so racist , but theyre the ones who have really done the most damaged to Blacks.

    2. Yes I agree with you how whites have developed a hate for black people. And its crazy , because it still occurs today. Lynching back then was insane. People were hung and beaten until they died. Its so sad that they really were allowed to do that.

  39. I appreciate Emmett’s mother’s idea of leaving the casket open. I’m sure that was a catalyst for action in a lot of the attendants.

    1. that was so nice that she did that, and had so many people come to the funeral. Emmitt’s face was so destroyed that it was unrecognizable. It probably broke her heart that no one was charged for such a bad crime. His uncle was so brave to go and speak out in trial even though he knew people were after him.

  40. It’s a shame how a innocent young black boy was killed just because of the way he greeted a white woman. He obviously didn’t know how it was in the South and because of his skin color he killed in such a brutal manner by some racist man who got a way with his death. Rosa Parks showed that she was brave and full of a lot if courage by not letting her seat go despite the segregated rules, which was stupid. Rosa Parks helped proved that blacks should have the same rights as whites. Although it took a while, she gave African Americans hope towards the Civil Rights movement.

  41. In my opinion, this video is one of the best ones uploaded on here. This video really broke the events down on how things took place. One of the best phrases that caught my attention was when the woman said in a song ” I know one thing we did right was the day we started to fight”. And i think that this phrase is so true because if not, I believe that blacks/african americans would have been taken advantage of as much as possilble, maybe even until this day. Im really blessed to have the ancestors that we have had that chose to fight for our rights back then so that we can have the freedoms that we do have now.

  42. This video includes Martin Luther King and the March on Washington and also Rosa Parks when she refused to give up her seat on the bus in Montgomery. It also discusses the Brown vs. Board case and the case of Emmit Till. Emmit til was beaten bad for telling a white girl “bye baby”. His body was damaged so bad that they couldn’t identify him as Emmit Till. His uncle testified in the court and identified the white man that had came to his house. It was a shame that that poor young boy was beaten that bad for something small as that.

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