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“I ain’t no Martin Luther King”: The Ignorant Mind of Michael Crabtree Has Been Revealed For All To See!!!!!!!

I was most certainly not surprised when Michael Crabtree told a white reporter seeking commentary on the recent protests involving michael-crabtree-2Black athletes and the National Anthem, issues that are closely associated with his former teammate Colin Kaepernick, “I just play football. I ain’t no Martin Luther King.”

To be honest with you, I am surprised that a person of Crabtree’s ilk took this long to arrive on the scene as his arrival was in a word, predictable. The Michael Crabtree’s of the world seem to arrive every time whites need reassuring that Blacks are neither politically astute nor desirous of first-class citizenship.

In fact, Brother Malcolm spoke about this type of fool when he stated that anytime that a proud Black man in possession of his ‘correct mind’ says something that white folk don’t like they go and find some bootlicking, buck-dancing Negro to come forward and dispute the obvious truth that he has spoken.

Michael Crabtree’s desperate attempt to ingratiate himself to whites via displaying to the entire world his absolute ignorance regarding all things extending beyond the gridiron is not only unfortunate, but also reeks of someone who has been wholeheartedly convinced that his only contribution to the nation will occur via catching a football. What a pitifully small life Mr. Crabtree has chosen for himself.

Just consider for a moment that here is an individual with what can only be termed an attentive audience eagerly waiting to hear his michael-crabtree-1position on contemporary social and pressing political issues and the only utterance that he is capable of sharing is “I ain’t no Martin Luther King.”

Maybe Michael Crabtree is on the verge of being a marketing genius and planning to trademark his drivel. I can see it now, t-shirts with the saying “I ain’t no Martin Luther King” in every sporting goods store across the nation placed right next to Nike’s well-known slogan of “Just Do It”.

Unfortunately, I suspect that Crabtree’s shirts would appeal to a segment of up and coming African-American athletes who have been duped by teachers, parents, and society in general into believing that the development of their physical prowess and maintenance of a feeble non-inquisitive uncultured mind is the most assured path to “the good life”.

If the next generation of athletes choose to follow the well-worn path that Michael Crabtree has traveled, the world will most certainly be worse off because of it. History has displayed that any individual who travels down a path devoid of politicization and the development of the mind will undoubtedly set the African-American liberation struggle back immeasurably if for no other reason than its propensity to fight against one of our greatest traditions, that being, the creation of politically astute Black athletes. Put simply, if succeeding generations of Black athletes follow Michael Crabtree’s example, not only will we never have another Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., nor will we ever produce another Paul Robeson, Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Arthur Ashe, and the list goes on and on. And for that reason we should all be saddened because the world will be a much worse place for all of us to live.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016


If nothing else, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., has proven to be a lightning rod for controversy throughout the sports world. One would be hard-MAYWEATHER 1pressed to find an individual who has divided Black America so comprehensively; the fact that Mayweather Jr., is arguably this nation’s most prominent African-American athlete has cast his voluminous shadow in ways that one, even the ego-centric Floyd, could have never imagined.

Floyd’s athletic prowess alone translates into him being one of the greatest fighters of all-time. Mayweather Jr., is an undefeated world champion whose reign has covered five-divisions, included ten world titles, saw him selected as a two-MAYWEATHER 5time Ring magazine Fighter of the year (1998 and 2007), earned the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) Fighter of the year (2007) and the ESPY Award for Fighter of the year in (2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014). According to Boxing Connoisseur Dr. Anthony Quinn, Mayweather’s “…defensive wizardry in the ring has been compared to ring greats like Jack Johnson, Willie Pep, Pernell Whitaker and Henry Armstrong.” Although the following may befuddle “Money Mayweather” his inside of the ring prowess does not fulfill all of the demands that Black America places on its great fighters.

This nation, Black America in particular, has always loved its fighters. In many ways, the race’s great fighters publicly displayed the dogged determination that the entire race undertook to ensure their survival. However, that status as the race’s leading pugilist came with numerous often unspoken expectations and rules; most notable was the duty to uplift the race away from the ring. Such a matter has caused serious concerns for Boxing Connoisseur Dr. Anthony Quinn who remarks that “Personally, I don’t care for the way Floyd Mayweather, Jr., carries himself outside of the ring.” Quinn goes one step further and compares ali 3“Money Mayweather” with the undisputed greatest of all-time, Muhammad Ali by highlighting that “Muhammad Ali was a braggart and he taunted opponents. However, with the exception of Joe Frazier, most of it was good natured teasing toward opponents. Mayweather, on the other hand comes off mean-spirited and insecure whenever you see one of his rants.” One of the more notable ‘rants’ that “Money Mayweather” participated in recently was a desperate attempt to sit on the grand throne that has been reserved for “the greatest of all time.”

During the alluded to rant “Money Mayweather” laid his case for being considered “the greatest of all time.” Citing that he had not been defeated, Ali of course lost several times during his career. The fact that he has achieved things inside of the boxing ring that Ali never did, such as holding ten championship belts over five different weight divisions, is the crux of “Money’s” claim to the throne. However, the very fact that his entire case revolves around what has occurred in the ring highlights the fallaciousness of Floyd’s logic.

“Money Mayweather” most definitely fails to recognize that the title “Greatest of All-Time” is not bestowed upon Ali solely because of his prodigious boxing skills, rather it was a combination of his Alipolitical astuteness, steadfast determination to stand on the side of right even when he was in the minority — Ali’s stance against the Vietnam War and the exploitation of African-Americans by whites are just two examples of Ali’s ability to confront racial oppression where ever it reared its ugly head — not to mention Ali’s consistent representation of the Race while speaking truth to a powerful white majority. Put simply, Floyd, and those that support him, have little understanding of why figures such as Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Arthur Ashe, and Walter Payton are revered at a level that “Money Mayweather” will never reach; not even money ‘as long as train smoke’ will allow Floyd to reach such heights of respectability.

According to Professor Carl Tone Jones, when it comes to Mayweather “we should…condemn in private, celebrate in public…He could be more vocal MAYWEATHER 3about the community, which is probably my biggest beef with him. He ain’t no Ali as a man or even a Robinson (who incidentally also hit his wife a time or two). He is his own boss, and from what I can see, does a lot of dealings with minorities and hiring black people for various things.”

It is the voluminous away from the ring flaws that leads many to view “Money” Mayweather in such a negative light. According to Dr. Quinn, “he is one of the greatest to ever step into the square ring. I wish he would recognize at 38 years of age, there is so much more to life than to flash money and behave in such a manner that brings up all of the negative stereotypes that exist regarding black men.”

I wish that someone would inform Floyd Mayweather Jr., that it is his “Money Mayweather” persona that absolutely guarantees that he will never be viewed as MAYWEATHER 2“the greatest of all time” by an informed Black America who realizes that his victories inside of the ring are eclipsed by his antics away from it. Floyd Mayweather Jr., may be undefeated inside of the ring, however, one is hard-pressed to note any victories away from it; and in the larger scheme of things, those are the battles that are not only more important, but also the arena that Floyd will be judged upon.

James Thomas Jones III, Ph.D.


©Manhood, Race and Culture, 2015