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As you well know, I have used this space to offer what I presume to be intelligent commentary regarding issues facing the African-American community. Although I would like to say that I rarely come across problems that infuriate me to the point that I have to tell many of my contemporaries to “shut the hell up!” The truth of the matter is that I frequently have such confrontations with other African-Americans who seek to offer excuses that explain away the deplorable behavior of many within our community that has consciously chosen to act uncivilized.

It saddens me to know that the plentiful reasons that seemingly sensible law-abiding African-Americans employ to excuse a lawless and immoral “ends justify the means” culture that has made many African-American communities analogous to war zones are omnipresent. Although the alluded to individuals may be well-meaning in their efforts to defend the criminal-minded in our midst, the truth of the matter is that their inability to stand on the side of righteousness reeks of cowardice.

It is the weakness mentioned above that serves as a crucial part of the wicked formula that led to the shooting of Takiya Holmes and Kanari Bowers, ages 11 and 12, in the head this past weekend in Chicago. Bowers was struck by a bullet while playing with friends at a playground, while a shot hit Holmes while riding in the backseat of a vehicle; law enforcement authorities attribute both shootings to stray bullets. Recent medical reports state that both of these children are in area hospitals in critical condition. Police report that there are no suspects in either of the shootings.

I long ago concluded that it was the time for African-Americans to realize that there are several different types of persons of African descent living in our communities. There are law-abiding, progressive African-Americans who are seeking to improve not only their lives but also those of others in their community ‘by any reasonable, honest means necessary.’ In many ways, the aspirations of this segment of Black America are indistinguishable from their counterparts of other races and ethnicities. They are in many ways pursuing the American dream via hard work and commitment to excellence within the confines of a beloved community. Unfortunately for Black America, the population mentioned above is not the only community found in our midst.

There is another sizable population within our midst that is not only hyper-aggressive but also determined to gain possession of material goods ‘by any means necessary.’ Trust me when I say that such people are devoid of a moral compass, a sense of decency, or any consideration for their fellow man, even if they share the same racial classification. It is a person from this segment of Black America that is responsible for not only the shootings of the two children in Chicago this weekend but also the vast majority of the carnage and criminality that occurs within our so-called community on a minute-by-minute basis.

As I have repeatedly stated in this space, it is the time for this cancerous element that no one on the face of the planet Earth desires to associate with is separated from our midst ‘by any means necessary.’ I pray that those within our community who exerted their energy and time protesting the latest Presidential election would turn their attention to removing what can only be termed a scourge from the black community. Trust me when I say to you that the disappearance of a population that can only be termed black barbarians would have a much more significant impact than any other occurrence.

In the words of Marcus Garvey, “Up You Mighty Race Achieve What You Will!!!!!” Even if it means cleaning up your communities “By Any Means Necessary.”

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture 2017.



Look Out Chiraq: There is a new Sheriff in town and his name is Donald Trump

There is a colloquialism that says “politics make strange bedfellows.” Put simply; there is a host of political issues that will lead avowed enemies to join in a temporary mutually beneficial tenuous alliance. It appears that such a situation has arisen between the African-American community and U.S. President Donald Trump.

The evil that has led these two adversaries to come together is Chicago. More specifically, the constant gunfire occurring in Chicago has facilitated this pending alliance. Things have gotten so bad within Chicago, that it is not difficult to form a logical argument that its historic moniker of ‘The Windy City’ has been rightly replaced by a more reflective characterization of it as an American version of Iraq termed ‘Chiraq.’

If nothing else, the roguish criminal element found within Chicago is reliable. Anyone who has paid attention to Chicago’s previous two decades of black-on-black crime was not surprised to read a Chicago Tribune article that gun related killings are currently on pace to exceed last year’s historic rate of 762 murders.

The newly elected President has communicated both his intentions and feelings via Twitter with the following tweet. “If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible ‘carnage’ going on…I will send in the Feds!” Apparently, President Trump was calling Mayor Rahm Emanuel out on the carpet for his failure to address the deplorable activities occurring within the city that he leads.

Most agree that we must expeditiously address this situation where a segment of Black America have proven that they have lost their moral compass or any understanding of the sacredness of ‘Black Lives’ by murdering the fellow man at an unconscionable rate. Considering the alluded to despair, we really should not care from which direction help arrives.

I would hope that everyone would agree that the time for action is now. Hopefully, Black America has grown weary of old excuses from an ancient and irrelevant Civil Rights leadership cadre that has repeatedly failed to address the issues plaguing the blighted urban areas that they claim under their fiefdom. It would be a gross mischaracterization to say that Negro leaders have dropped the ball as their ineptitude makes it seem that they never held the ball in their clumsy hands.

Predictably, Civil Rights fossil Jesse Jackson has interjected his usual nothing to this discussion of how we can immediately curtail the killings occurring in Chicago by positing “We need a plan, not a threat. We need jobs, not jails.

As usual, Jackson fails to realize that an infusion of jobs would do little to quell the lawlessness and violence emanating from a segment of Black America that is reveling in the fact that the violence they have purposely executed serves as the primary pillar behind the construction of the war zone that we call Chiraq.

I would hope that the vast majority of African-Americans would not miss this opportunity to both recognize and denounce the pervasive pattern of social dysfunction that serves as an unreliable moral compass for the lawless in our midst. We must not be afraid to speak on these matters because of a paralyzing fear that many consider a harsh critique of criminality within urban communities to be a denial of the presence and accumulative effects of generations of racial bias, discrimination, and racism. We need to publicly address the unfortunate reality that far too many black urbanites translate poverty’s presence to be an impetus toward criminality and not a clear call for entrepreneurial endeavors.

At the end of the day, one should question if even the infusion of jobs that Jesse Jackson is requesting will stem the tide of black-on-black violence. How many of those raised in a dysfunctional ‘ends-justify-the-means’ culture that equates the accumulation of material objects with one’s value are willing to divest from the only worldview that they have ever known for a mundane, yet honest, existence? Experience has taught me that there is a segment of Black America that prefers the outlaw lifestyle to a respectable life.

This wild population within Black America is probably unaware that ‘there is a new Sheriff in town and his name is Donald Trump. And he is coming for you!!!!!’

As I mentioned above, ‘politics make strange bedfellows,’ and I never in a million years thought that I would ever agree with President Trump on any issue dealing with Black America. However, I do support his contention that the ‘carnage’ in Chicago must stop. Apparently, we do agree on the fact that black women and children deserve a safe place to live. And that is a goal that must be accomplished “By Any Means Necessary.”

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017

Depart from me, I know you not: What African-Americans Should Say to the Undesirables in our Midst

I have learned that it is imperative for my soul that I grasp morsels of wisdom whenever they appear. It is this realization that makes me hold onto the quote “You win with people,” a saying that famed Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes was known to repeat religiously. The above quote was apparently Coach Hayes’ way of stating that the quality of people you surround yourself with is a significant issue that matters.

Truthfully speaking, my adherence to this philosophy has caused me to avoid acquaintances with quite a few people who I realized were not only illogical but also filled with deep character flaws. Although I usually never explain the reasons for our lack of association to such persons, my general unavailability to them eventually informs them of my decision to not be an associate.

Although I have spent my entire adult life studying American racial matters, experience has taught me that close association with persons solely based on their racial identity is a risky proposition. At this moment in my life, it is the character that matters most in my decision to make a new acquaintance, let alone a friend.

It is this realization that makes both the recent attack upon a white mentally disabled man by four Black Chicagoans — Jordan Hill (18), Tesfaye Cooper (18), Brittany Covington (18), and Tanishia Covington (24) — and the reaction from the so-called ‘conscious community’ so unsettling and disappointing.

Cook County Circuit Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil said it best during the initial court appearance for the four individuals mentioned above when she incredulously inquired, “Where was your sense of decency? I find each of you a danger to yourself and society.”

I was saddened to see that a significant portion of the ‘conscious community’ reacted to this offensive action as if it were a justified revenge attack offered in response to prior racial transgressions perpetrated by whites. Those advancing the above ridiculous, immoral emotional reaction fail to realize that if the accused are capable of perpetrating such a heinous crime upon a white man, the Lord only knows the evil that they are capable of committing against their people.

The tendency of some African-Americans to excuse away or silently applaud the criminality among their own will invariably come back to haunt them. It was this principle that led famed rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur to offer the following observation. “The same crime element that white people are scared of black people are scared of. While they waiting for legislation to pass, we next door to the killer. All them killers they let out, they’re in that building. Just because we black, we get along with the killers? What is that? We need protection too.”

It is time that the so-called ‘conscious community’ closes the gaping hole that excuses criminality, immorality, and inexcusable racial bias within their community. Rest assured that the perpetrators of evil are not only residing within our midst but also more than willing to add African-Americans to what is invariably a long list of victims.

I pray that we always remember that “you win with people” and that “there is no right way to do the wrong thing.”

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017

Is the Proper Training of Black Males the Initial Step in Saving Chiraq from Ruin?

Within African-American communities and neighborhoods, black males set the tone for much of what does and do not occur. Under optimal conditions, black men have served as providers and protectors for the African-American women and children in their midst. The benefits of being a provider and protector served as the wind beneath the wings of the soaring manhood that was the very essence of black men.

During times past, it appeared that the vast majority of African-American men took their job of modeling manhood with the utmost seriousness. It was impossible to listen to the life-lessons that these men shared or observe their daily dealings with an invariably hostile white populace and not understand that the primary job of black men was to protect and provide for your family in a host of ways.

One thing is for certain, the men of my father’s generation, although far from perfect, had a well-developed sense of ‘what a man ought to be and ought to do.’ In the face of unbridled occupational discrimination and unending prejudice, the alluded to men were unshakable pillars of their community. Unfortunately for the entire black community, it appears as if those pillars have gradually faded away. More troubling is the reality that there are too few replacements for the men who displayed our grandest manhood traditions.

A person needs to look no further than the ‘Windy City’ to understand the remarkable changes that have occurred to African-American manhood over the past half-century. With the benefit of hindsight, it is evident that the most expeditious path to the unraveling of any community is for its men to lose their understanding of ‘what a man ought to do and ought to be.’ The present state of Black America proves that when critical masses of males abandon steep manhood traditions, things fall apart. The “Windy City” is a notable example of such an occurrence.

There may be no more succinct representation of the pernicious evils occurring in Chicago than residents abandoning its traditional moniker of the ‘Windy City’ for a much foreboding ‘Chiraq’; a play on words that likens the great American city to the war-torn nation of Iraq.

At this moment, Chicagoans of every hue, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, faith, and political affiliation are debating what should be done to save the “Windy City” from roguish African-American males whose toxic manhood is damaging everyone around them. Make no mistake about it, the actions of black males whose propensity for the Black-on-Black crime makes the Capone Era look like child’s play, sit at the core of the “Windy City’s” problems.

Considering the historical conflicts between the African-American community and ‘the boys in blue,’ Black Chicagoans find themselves in an ironic quandary. Should they turn to local law enforcement officers for aid in addressing lawless black males or is there a better in-house solution to this dilemma?

Up to this point, many African-Americans throughout the nation have refused to seek redress via law enforcement agencies out of fear of retribution and a desperate desire to not contribute to the incarceration of African-American males that Michelle Alexander so powerfully details in The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.

There are significant sections of Black America that are disturbed by any assertion that the path to peace is the removal and warehousing of black males in this nation’s penitentiaries. However in a city that witnessed,

  • 713 Killed by gunfire
  • 3665 Wounded by gunfire
  • 4378 Shot

Most agree that something definitive must occur.

The majority of Black America has rightfully tired of this sordid tale of African-American males choosing to live wayward lives that accomplish nothing more than increasing the dilemmas they face in America at an unconscionable rate.

What can be done to address this dilemma? One thing that will most certainly not positively affect this issue are calls to absolve a criminal segment of Black America from being responsible for their actions by citing typical dodges such as squalor, inferior educational institutions, urban decay, and limited economic opportunities. The above explanations, although important to understanding the daily realities found within the vast majority of impoverished African-American enclaves, do not provide the lawless permission for their criminality and uncivilized behavior.

A more productive path to ameliorating the issues facing black males is for the African-American community to address the matters facing black males via manhood training proactively.

Yes, it is the time that we return ‘back to basics’ by teaching African-American males the basics of ‘what a man ought to be and ought to do.’ It is in understanding the path and many obstacles that prior generations of black men confronted and conquered that vital life lessons are discovered. I am certain that the tools the alluded to men used were basic tools such as:

  • Honesty
  • Hardwork
  • Entreprenurialship
  • Diligence
  • Commitment
  • Strength
  • Honor

Unfortunately for wayward black males, until they are socialized to understand that the above qualities are the path to their liberation and not get rich quick criminal schemes that invariably lead to either the penitentiary or the grave, there is no hope. Cities such as Chiraq have definitively proven this fact.

The time to take control of our destiny is now and the path forward begins with manhood training that paves the path for black males to become African-American men.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017


They Say That It’s The White Man that I Should Fear,

 but it’s My Own Kind Doing All The Killing Here!


Eight months ago, I penned the following words in this space.

One of the most disturbing crimes that I have recently read about was the murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee in an alley on the South Side of TYSHAWN3Chicago in a neighborhood called Auburn-Gresham. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy succinctly summed up this incident when he referred to it as “…an act of barbarism, the assassination of a 9-year-old child as a gang retaliation to get back at his father. Tyshawn Lee was failed on many, many levels.”

Merely recognizing the sheer barbarity of this act that extends from earlier conflict involving Tyshawn’s father does nothing to correct the stupefying socioeconomic issues affecting Black Chicagoans or the African-American community in general.

Court papers highlight that this murder was a direct extension of gang warfare. Authorities believe that rival gang warfare reached an unprecedented level after the death of reputed gang member Corey Morgan’s brother and the wounding of his mother. The attack apparently made Morgan blood-thirsty for revenge as he allegedly told fellow gang members “…that since his brother was killed and his mama was shot he was going to kill grandmas, mamas, kids and all.”

Less than a year ago, I was writing about the senseless death of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, today I am pondering what it means that Nykea Aldridge, 32, a mother of four and the cousin of NBA superstar Dwayne Wade was murdered while pushing a child in a baby stroller down a street attempting to make it to a school to register her children for school at 3:30 p.m. Friday. Apparently, her two killers, whose bullets struck Aldridge in the head and arm, were aiming at an undisclosed African-American male. There is no doubt that the only thing that makes Nykea Aldridge any different from the other 2,600+ people that have been shot in the American city that has earned the moniker of Chiraq and 463 people who have been murdered in the ‘Windy City’ is her relation to Dwyane Wade.

The problems facing Chicago are neither new, nor fleeting. They are as permanent as the skyscrapers that make up the skyline. The NYKEA ALDRIDGE 1foremost question regarding the historic pattern of African-American males killing one another is why has this occurred? The only reasonable answer to this query is that there is a woeful lack of understanding regarding what a man ought to be and ought to do in the ‘Windy City’.

When you really think about it, the blessing and the curse of humanity is that they are social beings. Put simply, the influence of socialization upon the development of human beings is so phenomenal that it literally determines who they will become and what they will come to value throughout their entire existence.

The reality that we learn everything we know, or at least what we think we know, shines an unbelievably negative light upon the construction of Manhood ideology for a significant portion of BLACK P STONE RANGERS 1African-American males within the ‘Windy City’. The present state of Black Chicagoan young Black males is one of the most obvious examples of what occurs when our community fails to teach African-American males ‘what a Man ought to be and ought to do’. When left to their own devices, young African-American males invariably develop a manhood culture that centers upon hyper-aggressiveness, ends-justify-the-means economic formulations, sullenness, promiscuity, offensive language and inappropriate dress; not to mention a dire hostility regarding the development of the mind.

Unfortunately for the African-American community, ignorance is not a trend; rather it replicates itself at an alarming exponential rate. History indicates that once ignorance arrives, it is darn near impossible to reverse its damaging affect. The aforementioned logic is quite possibly the only explanation of Black Chicagoans killing each other in gangland style murders for as far back as anyone can remember. The following chart lists the number of murders that have occurred in Chicago between the years of 2001 – 2014.

2001 667
2002 604
2003 454
2004 453
2005 454
2006 477
2007 448
2008 513
2009 460
2010 438
2011 437
2012 504
2013 420
2014 421

Although it is one of the most difficult things to admit as an African-American male who fights against the characterization of younger African-American males as uncivilized thugs with a predisposition toward criminality, I now understand that there is a significant population of African-American males whose socialization flows from a dysfunctional culture that rests upon woefully flawed manhood constructs.

There is no other explanation for the motives behind the actions of those Black males that murdered Tyshawn Lee eight months ago black malesand Nykea Aldridge this past Friday. The types that murdered Lee and Aldridge have grown out of a dysfunctional culture with what could only be termed a terrible understanding of ‘what a man ought to be and ought to do’.

Situations such as that occurring in Chicago definitively display how far African-American males have fallen from their rightful place as the protectors of their community against external aggression. All too often we are the aggressors that make our community nearly inhabitable for Black men, women, and children.

Although the killing of African-American men by white law enforcement officers has dominated the newspaper headlines for quite a period now, the bigger story is the alarming rate that we are killing each other in American streets. Every major city has its own story regarding senseless genocidal killings within their local African-American communities. The fact that we are not discussing this matter with the same vigor that we are attacking killings that are occurring at the hands of law enforcement officers reveals much about the value that our community fails to place upon Black lives.

It is time that we take responsibility for ourselves, our children, and our communities. Although difficult to accept, it appears that we are one of our foremost enemies and it is past time that we definitively address the enemy within ‘by any means necessary’.

James Thomas Jones III

©Manhood, Race and Culture, 2015.