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A True Menace to Society: Why the Domestic Terrorism that Occurred in a Sutherland Springs, Texas, Church Will Have No Impact on How America Views White Males

The recent shooting by a white male, Devin Patrick Kelly (26) at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas highlights so much about this nation. Most notably it reminds us that America continues to exist with the same blood-stained hands that were initially bloodied with the extermination of indigenous populations and the African holocaust, two events that were pre-requisites to the founding of this nation.

Although rarely viewed through the correct lens, there is little room to debate that the vast majority of politico-economic and physical violence that has occurred on the North American continent is attributable to white males. Such a truth has failed to inform other segments of this nation that it is suicidal for them to sit unprotected against the physical, politico-economic, and cultural violence that has been a staple of a seemingly insatiable population of white males. It is not a stretch to assert that white males have historically operated from a mantra of “it’s either my way or the highway.” Hence, there is little room to debate that it has been this population that has a claim to the title of “menace to society”; strangely the moniker never attaches itself to this population of domestic terrorists in a significant manner. White males are evaluated in regards to their own merits, never does society view them as a monolithic population; black men have never been so fortunate.

As a highly-educated African-American male who has achieved a few positive things in his life, I will tell you that I have never been afforded this luxury. In the America that black men struggle to survive within, nothing, and I do mean nothing, not educational attainments, church membership, gainful employment, social responsibility, being a doting father over our children, separates us from being linked to what can be best termed the surliest elements within Black America. Rest assured that African-American men and women realize that if a terrorist attack of this type occurs at the hand of an African-American, the consequences for each of us would be colossal as it would be felt in the economic sector, the political arena, and an extreme escalation of cultural wars.

In many ways, it has been these wide strokes of a loosely held paintbrush that has painted all black men as derelicts and a negative on society. The alluded to falsity that all African-American men are a “menace to society” has been repeated so often that there is a segment of Black America that believes this fallacy.

Were I reckless in my thoughts and decided to mimic the routine pattern of whites painting all African-Americans — male and female — in a negative light, I could assert that I am deathly afraid to leave my home as white males are serial killers who strike without the slightest provocation. Rest assured that such fears could be supported by evidence shows that it was white males who have executed domestic terrorist attacks that have taken the lives of innocent Americans, regardless of their race/ethnicity, on a whim. This white male that I allude to has recently executed attacks against people enjoying themselves at a concert (Las Vegas — 58 dead and 489 wounded), praising the Lord in a church service (Sutherland Springs — 26 dead) or studying the Gospel (Charleston — 9 dead).

One thing is for certain, Devin Patrick Kelley is operating out of this nation’s grandest tradition of white males serving as self-appointed corrective agents eager to simultaneously express their personal angst and failings by issuing corrective action on a society that no longer caters exclusively to them. I am confident that you realize that they make their political statements via the most violent means available; an option made possible by the availability of assault rifles to citizens.

Although I doubt that anyone has the courage to state that Devin Patrick Kelley is only the latest reiteration of a long line of white terrorists. If we confine our analysis to the North American continent it is obvious that Kelley’s actions were no different than those performed by “paddy rollers” who were tasked with controlling the movements of stolen Africans, the Ku Klux Klan that dedicated their lives to terrorizing blacks for over a century, the 2nd Klan that demanded new immigrants “become white” in the post-WWI period, a moment where these same white males also lynched African-Americans in the streets during “the Red Summer”, or the recent string of terrorist attacks on American citizens that appear to have “no rhyme or reason.”

Even a cursory examination of the historical record of white males on the North American continent from the establishment of the Roanoke colony through this present moment shows them as not only terrorists but also an apex predator on the North American continent.

Unfortunately for sane and well-adjusted Americans, including white males, this nation has resisted the logical step of “calling a spade, a spade.” And it is for that reason that we should all expect that this latest act of domestic terrorism will have no impact at all on either gun laws, mental health services, or the way we view white males. And for that reason, all Americans will remain in a state of peril.

May God bless this nation, we most certainly need it.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017




Abandoning Your Right to Righteous Indignation: Why Are African-Americans So Quick to Forgive Those That Do Evil?

A unique quality found among African-Americans, particularly those who fashion themselves Christians, has been their remarkable ability to forgive whites who have done evil to them. I am confident that either you have heard of people who are quick to forgive regardless of the offense or you may very well be one of those individuals who believe that your ability to forgive is a prerequisite to you reaching Heaven. Now, I am most certainly not trying to judge if you should or should not forgive those who have done wrong to you, however, I do feel that the swiftness that our people forgive encourages additional attacks from whites.

The forgiveness offered Dylann Roof is the most recent example of African-Americans ‘turning the other cheek’ in regards to an unbelievable white assault. In case you have forgotten, Roof is the murderous white South Carolinian who entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and executed defenseless black parishioners as they prayed. Although I was not shocked that prior to the haze of gun smoke clearing, black Christians had already forgiven Roof for the evil that he had intentionally perpetrated against their beloved community.

It appears that in our rush to be ‘good Christian folk’ that we have avoided significant portions of crucial scripture. The alluded to scripture could revolutionize the thinking of black Christians if African-American pastors emphasized them. For example, in Luke 22 Jesus tells His disciples to go and get swords because he not only knew that his time on Earth was short, but also the lives of those who followed him would also be in peril after he left.

For African-American Christians who may experience lethal violence at a moment’s notice, a scripture that gives them the right to self-defense should be tattooed in their soul. Black Pastor’s and their congregants consciously choose to accentuate portions of the Bible that emphasize forgiveness and pacifism; thereby, placing the entire black community in constant peril from a host of predators of different shades, philosophies, and ethnicities.

African-Americans rarely receive the type of forgiveness given to whites by black people. I guarantee you that there is someone in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church who hurried to forgive the murderous coward Dylann Roof for his demonic actions, yet remains upset with a fellow parishioner for some disagreement that happened decades ago over a serving tray that came up missing after a church banquet.

What makes this matter worse is that Roof has neither asked for forgiveness nor issued an apology. In fact, a recent journal that jailers took from his cell revealed his true feeling regarding those praying black Christians that he shot down. “I would like to make it crystal clear. I do not regret what I did. I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.” Roof is a creature who does not deserve our forgiveness; he is a man who has earned God’s wrath and vengeance.

Unfortunately, there appears to be something about the black psyche that causes many of us to abandon an entirely justifiable position of righteous indignation when the offender is non-black. I believe that the quick forgiveness that we offer whites is the single greatest sign that the problems affecting African-Americans begin in their minds. Put simply, somewhere along their life path, a significant portion of blacks has learned to fear whites.

The alluded to desperate attempts to avoid confrontation with whites goes a great measure toward explaining why so many black males refuse to issue any challenge to white men in crucial realms such as education or employment. At the present moment, droves of black men display their cowardice by avoiding academics and adopting a lifestyle that precludes them from being taken seriously anywhere other than some inconsequential urban street corner.

Make no mistake about it, African-Americans readiness to forgive those that do them wrong encourages whites to heap more oppression onto their plates. If I could, I would advise African-American pastors to abandon traditional ‘love those that do evil to you’ sermons and replace them with the spirit of Henry Highland Garnet. Garnet believed that there was only one path forward and it was represented in the following quote. “Let your motto be resistance! Resistance! RESISTANCE! No oppressed people have ever secured their liberty without resistance.”

I already realize that these words will fall on deaf ears, so keep marching forward Christian soldiers, always take the high-road, fight the good fight, it will lead to you having a stronger bond with God as you will be praying on a continual basis about your earthly problems and sufferings. In the end, I believe that God will rebuke you for your cowardice and admonish you for not honoring Luke 22 and picking up a sword to defend yourself and fellow believers from the evil that you knew were at your doorstep.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017


There is a logical reason that little reasonable debate can challenge the following assertion, ‘When it comes to forgiving whites for their unbridled and unprovoked attacks against them, African-Americans are the most forgiving population in the world.’

In fact, it seems that there is a segment of Black America that is overly eager to forgive whites regardless of their offense. This eagerness to forgive white folk for the evil that they do has led our people to offer forgiveness before the evil-doer asks for forgiveness. One only needs to look at the case of Charleston, South Carolina, shooter Dylan Roof; an individual who has never expressed regret or a modicum of remorse regarding his actions, yet many African-Americans have seemingly fallen over themselves offering forgiveness that he has absolutely no interest in receiving.

This well-worn pattern of African-Americans ranging from the victims of racist attacks to our so-called community leaders resurfaced with the case of Rachel Steigerwald, one of the six white female students at Desert Vista High School. Mrs. Steigerwald emerged to ask the nation for forgiveness regarding her role in a widely circulated photo that showed her and five of her classmates spelling out the racial epithet “NI**ER” during their senior picture day.

Although many within our community have applauded Mrs. Steigerwald’s request for forgiveness and participation in a local civil rights rally that was ironically occurring as a result of her deplorable actions. During the rally, Steigerwald stepped forward to reiterate that she was not a racist and had “…come here to say that I am incredibly, incredibly sorry. I have love for everyone in my heart. I am not a racist and I’m asking everyone for forgiveness.”

Predictably, Mrs. Steigerwald is not alone in her apologies as a Maryland teenager ridiculed for the production of a video disparaging the Black Lives Matter movement has received similar treatment.

During the aforementioned 30-second video the young man, who is a student at Mt. Hebron High School in Ellicott City voiced his feelings on many racial matters such as “who the ^$@$ cares about some black man who dies?…they are an inferior race, OK?” The video ends with the white male holding up a five-dollar bill displaying Abraham Lincoln, ‘the great emancipator,’ whom he characterized as a traitor to white folk.

Predictably, once his actions were made public, this young man, in a blatant attempt to save himself from pending punishment from school administrators stated via social media, “I am learning from this mistake and hope to gain forgiveness from those who I hurt with my words.”

If I could advise each of these offenders, I would tell them that they are wasting their time asking African-Americans for forgiveness because Black America’s eagerness to forgive those who do harm is so great that they forgive the moment that the offense occurred. This segment of our community operates from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., inspired position that ‘the best thing that you can make out of an enemy is a friend.’ However, it is imperative that whites understand that African-Americans are not a monolithic population and there is, therefore, another segment of our population that will never excuse such behavior and are extremely interested in doling out an appropriate punishment for such occurrences.

It is that community that has taken the prominent Abolitionists Frederick Douglass’ words that “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will” to heart. Rest assured that there is a large segment of Black America who is incapable of forgiving those who have done their people harm. These individuals follow Malcolm X’s admonishment that the only prayer they should issue in regards to their enemy is one asking the Lord to give them the strength to kill you for the evil that you do.

Dan Freeman



I am certain that you have heard that Dylann Roof, the cowardly white male who entered Charleston, South Carolina’s historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and fired 77 bullets in a violent rampage intended to spark a race war between black and white Americans, has been found guilty on all 33 counts brought against him.

Although many will celebrate the guilty verdict, truthfully Roof’s conviction brings neither closure to family members nor justice to an aggrieved nation that is presently straining under the weight of daily occurrences of racial violence. Justice would be

  • Clementa Pinckney (41)
  • Myra Thompson (59)
  • Cynthia Hurd (54)
  • Depayne Middleton-Doctor (49)
  • Daniel “Dapper Dan” Simmons (74)
  • Sharonda Coleman-Singleton (45)
  • Ethel Lance (70)
  • Susie Jackson (87)
  • Tywanza Sanders (26)

to be replaced in their grave by their cowardly killer.

Although I understand that the knee-jerk conclusion that Dylann Roof was crazy is one that many will grab for as it allows them to efficiently move beyond this horrific event without spending a single moment searching for a larger meaning.

I have found that the slanderous characterization of individual historical figures as being crazy is not only dismissive but also provides an opportunistic opening for a society to avoid the chilling reality that the perpetrators of unconscionable evil are merely a reflection of their community.

I continually fight against the application of the c-word — crazy — being applied to historical figures as it prevents others from investigating the catalyst behind their actions. Consider the total damage done by the following individuals and how easy it is to consider them aberrations within a civilized society.

  • Mao Zedong (78 million deaths)
  • Jozef Stalin (23 million deaths)
  • Adolf Hitler (17 million deaths)
  • Leopold II of Belgium (15 million deaths)
  • Hideki Tojo (5 million deaths)
  • Ismail Enver Pasha (2.5 million deaths)
  • Pol Pot (1.7 million deaths)
  • Kim Il Sung (1.6 million deaths)
  • Mengistu Haile Mariam (400,000 – 1.5 million deaths)
  • Yakubu Gowon (1.1 million deaths)

One of my greatest concerns regarding Dylann Roof is that in our rush to get past his reprehensible actions that we fail to realize that he is an appropriate representation of American race relations.

Roof himself refutes assertions regarding his sanity by logically explaining why he entered Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and murdered 9 praying African-American parishioners.  

Apparently, Roof’s motivation flowed from internet research that painted an utterly fallacious portrait of American history that depicted persons of African descent as the continual aggressor in racial conflicts with whites. According to Roof, he is merely a foot soldier willing to sacrifice his life in a larger “…fight to the death between white people and black people.” In Roof’s mind, his horrific actions in Emmanuel AME Church were “but a drop in the bucket” when compared to the centuries of unprovoked attacks that African-Americans have executed against whites.

The most frightening aspect of Dylann Roof’s mindset and flawed understanding of American race relations is that he has much company in his viewpoints, company that is by all indications growing by ‘leaps-and-bounds’ on both sides of the racial divide.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the internet is that anyone can present themselves as an expert on racial matters and spew stupid conspiracy theories backed by nothing more than an impressive library of historical inaccuracies and fictitious untruths. It is in this hate-filled fantasy realm that black and white Dylann Roof’s develop their irrational thought patterns that when activated seek to destroy others by any means necessary. As Roof has proven, not even their survival is sufficient to deter such individuals.

It is this realization that makes me reiterate the reality that Dylann Roof was neither ‘crazy’ nor an aberration within American society; he is in many ways America’s Native Son. Roof embodies all of the xenophobia, hatred, ignorance, and illiteracies (political, cultural, and historical) that serve as the shelter for such individuals. Rest assured that the spawn of what can only be termed a dysfunctional and highly racist American culture and political climate are at this point a legion and I am confident that we will hear from them more and more frequently.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, & Culture, 2016