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She’s in School Now: What Representative Mia Love Should Now Understand About Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party

The crux of the most recent public spate involving Donald J. Trump is found in the unfortunate reality that far too many people believe that they are special. It is this belief that leads them to then believe that they should therefore be afforded special treatment regardless of the quality of those seek to curry favor from.

At this present moment, Representative Mia Love, born of Haitian immigrant parents, is expressing shock and dismay that fellow Republican Donald J. Trump has simultaneously disrespected herself, her heritage, and cultural inheritance by referring to her land of origin as a “shithole.”

I am certain that Mia Love now understands that in the eyes of Donald J. Trump, she is NOT SPECIAL. Considering her seeming naïveté regarding this nation’s culture wars, it may be time for someone to inform the Utah Republican that Trump has much company in regards to hating Americans who are non-white or not wealthy.

When reviewing Love’s strident defense of her parents who hail from that “shithole” called Haiti, it became very clear that the Utah Republican does not understand that the hatred spewed by Trump and those who follow his life principles have nothing to do with those that they hate. So it matters little to them that Love’s parents, Mary and Jean Maxime Bourdeau,

Took on the responsibilities of everything that being a citizen comes with. They never took a thing from our federal government. They worked hard, paid taxes, and rose from nothing to take care of and provide opportunities for their children. They taught their children to do the same. That’s the American Dream. The president must apologize to both the American people and the nations he so wantonly maligned.

People like Love have convinced themselves that only if they were better citizens, more loyal to the nation, diligent about their lives, avoiding any and all appearances of stereotypical depictions of African-Americans that the reliable bigotry train will not make a scheduled stop at their doorstep. Such persons believe that bigotry will by-pass their lives if they avoid ghetto behavior such as:

  • Welfare dependency
  • A house of kids with a slew of ‘baby daddies’
  • An absence of educational achievement
  • Flawed values/priorities
  • Use of socially inappropriate language
  • Avoidance of inappropriate dress in public spaces

White bigots view individuals such as Love with what the great scholar W.E.B. Du Bois termed “amused contempt and pity” if for no other reason than their failure to understand that they have yet to understand that there is nothing they can do to either avoid or escape it.

If I was provided the opportunity to offer Representative Love one piece of advice, it would be the following. Please stop believing that the prejudice, discrimination, bigotry, and institutional racism that droves of African-Americans who fought for your right to become a citizen in this nation with equal protection rights were somehow flawed in either their efforts or character. They most certainly were not. They were courageous, valorous, diligent, and committed to forcing America to be the nation that it claimed to be. Yet, not even people that Jesus would term “salt of the earth people” were immune from the horrific politico-economic tyranny of hostile white elites whose sole priority was the pursuit of money and power ‘by any means necessary.’

Although many Americans are offended by Trump’s words and antics, I think that they are a much-needed cautionary tale for the beautiful white women from Norway that Trump welcomes, if for no other reason than an opportunity “to grab them by the p#$$%”, to those black and brown people escaping “shitholes”, who Trump believes add nothing to this nation, that this is what you are signing up for when you enter America.

One thing is for certain, in the minds of millions of people seeking entry into this nation, America remains a fabled land of unconscionable and unpredictable opportunities. Those hopes and dreams are not without merit. Consider for a moment that it is only in this nation that a person could,

  • Find the opportunity to be choked to death in public like Eric Garner by police officers.
  • Have the opportunity to be fondled by Donald J. Trump on a commercial airline flight like Jessica Leeds.
  • Have the opportunity to have your ass kicked by Donald J. Trump after a poor plastic surgery job like Ivana Trump.
  • Have the opportunity to be shot by a law enforcement officer at the age of 12 like Tamir Rice.
  • Have the opportunity to be disrespected by Donald J. Trump because you are a Haitian.

Yeah, this is the land of opportunity; enter at your own risk. I am quite certain that Representative Love has learned this lesson very well.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, & Culture, 2018

Unqualified and Inexperienced: Why Betsy Devos’ Nomination Must Be Blocked

I remember the statement very well for one simple reason; it made so much sense to me. The alluded to statement came from a gentleman who painstakingly explained to me that he considered himself neither Republican nor Democrat. Instead, he preferred to “look at the issue for myself, evaluate how it will impact my loved one’s, and then make an educated decision based upon my priorities. Anyone who is voting along party lines is often working against their best interests.”

I have noticed that the older I get, the less likely I am to experience moments when logic converges with common sense. I partially attribute this fact to my increasing understanding of political matters. However, I also believe that the rise of illogical individuals who often work against their own interests can also be partially attributed to a decline in the American educational system.

Unfortunately for  American schoolchildren, a partisan fight between the Republicans and Democrats regarding the confirmation of Betsy DeVos has placed their access to a quality education in further peril.

In a classic case of what more could go wrong with American education, the future of U.S. schoolchildren is close to being placed in the hands of Betsy DeVos, a person that persons on both sides of the political aisle agree lacks any of the necessary qualifications to become the Secretary of Education beyond being a billion-dollar donor for the Republican Party. There is no other explanation for the nomination of this candidate other than the fact that she has proven willing to reach into her

There is no other explanation for this candidate’s nomination than the fact that she has routinely reached into her deep pockets to aid the Republican Party. One would think that a person nominated to lead the Department of Education would possess some form of education experience. Frighteningly, DeVos has never taught a class, run a school as a administrator, or even led a PTA club. The alluded to lack of experience was prominently displayed during a recent hearing that not only displayed her lack of understanding regarding all things education, but also devolved to a point that her Republican supporters shut the much needed debate that highlighted for the nation her lack of knowledge regarding all things education and set the stage for a quick vote.

One would think that a person nominated to lead the Department of Education would have some form of prior experience with the American educational system. Frighteningly, DeVos has never taught a class, run a school as an administrator, or even led a PTA club. Devos’ lack of experience was prominently displayed during a recent hearing that not only displayed her lack of understanding regarding all things education but also devolved to a point that her Republican supporters shut the much-needed debate down and therefore set the stage for a vote regarding her nomination.

It is frightening to see so many politicians allowing financial campaign contributions to shape their perspective on a matter as important as education. At this moment, it is crucial that American voters, regardless of their political leanings, send a definitive message to their elected officials that when important matters such as the education of American schoolchildren arise that partisanship must be muted. Failure to take such a logical step not only marginalizes American schoolchildren in the present, but also handcuffs the nation’s economic future.

It is with the best interests of our children in mind that we must do all that we can to urge elected officials to display their concern for American schoolchildren and deny Betsy DeVos this crucial position.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017.



Foolish Floyd’s Last Days at the Republican National Convention

I am certain that you were wondering what happened to Floyd, I was wondering the same thing. After our last communication after the initial night of the Republican National Convention, I was underBert Williams 4 the impression that Floyd would be exiting the entire scene out of disgust. Unfortunately, he neither contacted me again. For the past few days, Floyd has been the Black equivalent of “Where’s Waldo?

In the middle of wondering what happened to Floyd, the phone rang, and on the other end was your favorite contrarian ‘Foolish’ Floyd.

Bruh, can you pick me up from Hobby Airport at 3:00?

Not a problem. Man, where have you been? I ain’t heard from you in several days. What’s up?

After a dramatic pause and an incredible sigh, Floyd began to speak with what can only be termed incredible tension in his voice.

Let me first say, if I ever agree to take rich white folk money again, shoot me in my Goddamned head. These Republicans ain’t lying when they say that you have to earn your money. I came out here believing that all I had to do was attend the convention. Apparently, their definition of ‘attend’ and mine are totally different.

Now you can’t tell me that you thought that those ‘good white folk’, as you called them, were going to just give you a free trip did you? You should have known that there was some type of ‘catch’ to it.

Unlike you, I believe in the goodness of people and didn’t think that there was a ‘what did you call it?’ ‘catch’ involved. After all of my bad luck I thought that I might have just caught a break.

And what are you thinking now?

Floyd took a long sigh and stated,

Ain’t really got to even think about it now, because I know with certainty that coming out here with these crazy people was one of the stupidest things that I have ever made in my life; and as you well know, that is saying something. Let me explain to you what the past few days have been like.

First off, after I talked to you after Michelle Obama’s speech, hell, I know that it was Melania Trump on the stage, but it was Michelle Obama’s speech so that is what I’m going to call it. Anyway, after that, you remember I was packing my bag and getting ready to get out of here, it was then that I realized that they never gave me the ticket to return back home; it was then that I realized, I was a damn hostage.

I couldn’t help but start giggling at the thought of Floyd being a hostage to rich white folk.

But you know me; I was going to find some way to get the hell out of here. So I carried my bags down to our morning conference meeting intending to get my ticket and leave. It was then that an angry old white lady told me that if I didn’t stay and perform all assigned duties that they would cancel my ticket. And as I am certain you can imagine, I didn’t want these ‘good white folk’ to determine that Cleveland was my new home, because you know I ain’t got no money to pay for a flight home. So I figured, I better set my little bag down, shut the hell up, and do what they told me to do.

That is when things got strange. They took me into a back room that had four other African-Americans apparently waiting for my arrival, I only recognized two of them that Black girl from the Bert WilliamsApprentice and that cute Black girl from Fox News. Well they had apparently come up with an idea that we would have to get dressed up like Civil War soldiers and go up on the stage as a group called “Trump’s Black Brigade” and re-enact Lincoln freeing the slaves; we were expected to emphasize to Black America that Lincoln was indeed a Republican. Fortunately, those Civil War uniforms didn’t fit and they scrapped the idea; I was particularly happy about this because they were going to try and press my hair and make me look like Frederick Douglass.

However, their next idea was even worse. Since the idea of “Trump’s Black Brigade” had been scrapped, we were now ordered to run around the convention hall changing hats so when the camera panned across the audience it would look like it was more than four or five Black people in attendance. That is the reason I haven’t called you, I was exhausted from all of that running around.  

They told us that we could go anywhere on the floor of the arena, however, when Ted Cruz gave his speech we had to stand near Mrs. Cruz so when the camera focused in on her there was a little color around her, if you know what I mean.

It was during Cruz’s speech that things took a turn for the worse. As you know, after hearing Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, I had little interest in anything that was being said. So I did not hear what caused this sea of white folk to begin chanting something that I couldn’t make out, I prayed that it wasn’t ‘kill Floyd’s Black ass’, however, I am certain that at several moments they were chanting ‘Lock Floyd up! Lock Floyd up!’. I damn near ran out of the convention hall.  

The next thing that I knew, they started booing Ted Cruz in the middle of his speech. It then dawned upon me that Cruz was on the stage protected by real security, consequently, these angry white folk couldn’t get at him. So they turned their attention to his wife who I just happened to be standing next to. Before I knew it security had whisked her through the angry mob, leaving me all alone surrounded by what appeared to be a lynch mob. Before I knew what was happening, someone done knocked ol’ Floyd’s hat off his head and they proceeded to kick my Black ass while saying things such as, “get that Black bastard”, “lynch his Black ass”, “Heil Hitler”. The only thing that saved me was a white gentleman grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the fracas.”

Pretty bad experience, hunh? I bet it will be quite some time before you take off on your next political adventure.”

Nothing could be further from the truth brother. The white gentleman who pulled me from the fracas was a representative of the Democratic Party and is providing me an all expenses paid trip to their event next week. So ol’ Floyd will once again be on the political scene. You know my motto, ‘If it’s free. It’s me.’

I couldn’t do anything other than shake my head at the proposition of Floyd placing himself in the exact same peril a week after escaping the RNC debacle. I guess that is why we call him ‘Foolish’ Floyd.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

©Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016


Donald Trump is utilizing the oldest play in the playbook

As the 2016 presidential election fast approaches, there are a plethora of individuals vying for the top office in the United States of America. One of the top Republican Party candidates, billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump has undoubtedly shocked millions of American’s with his success in the polls, despite his obvious lack of political experience or expertise. Many  friends of mine and other individuals I have spoken to were taken aback at the fact that a legitimate  presidential candidate would  feature a campaign platform and other policies that are  embedded  in  sentiments of uninhibited, unapologetic  racial  bigotry and xenophobia. I have consistently rebutted that Trump’s campaign strategy is not only unsurprising but actually anticipated. Put simply,the billionaire is merely utilizing the white elite’s oldest tool at it’s disposal;  disseminating propaganda that plays  to the racist sensibilities  and sentiments of poor, uneducated, and vulnerable  white American’s as a mechanism to keep them under their control  to ensure the elite’s economic and political  interests are not endangered .

Before  the outset of American chattel slavery in Virginia, African slaves, indentured servants and poor white settlers all toiled on the plantation fields together. African slaves undeniably held the lowest position on the social hierarchy, although the living conditions that were experienced by indentured whites was not markedly better. In fact the majority of the whites where extremely financially indigent. In the British colonies, the planters who owned vast swaths of land held a superior position to field workers of all colors.

In 1676, Virginia settler Nathaniel Bacon and his constituents formulated a plan to seize land from Native American’s as a means to obtain more property for himself and other colonists and to eradicate the threat of Native American attacks. Bacon requested armed assistance from the governor of Virginia, William Berkeley.  When Berkeley, who enacted favorable policies towards the Native American’s, declined, Bacon promptly organized and united a thousand of Virginians-regardless of race and position on the social hierarchy to revolt. Bacon’s followers subsequently assaulted the Native Americans, attacked the property of the planter elite, burned Jamestown the ground and forced Governor Berkeley to flee the area.

After the rebellion was quelled, the ruling class realized that a coalition of poor whites and black slaves posed  a serious threat to their economic interests and they found it was imperative that they find a mechanism to divide poor whites and African American’s to ensure there would be no rebellion. The planter class consequently allowed poor white settlers to become plantation overseers and participate in slave patrols, granted them access to Native American lands, among other things. By extending those freedoms and perceived privileges to poor Caucasian settlers, they now had a vested interest  in keeping the racially based system of slavery alive. Despite their new privileges, the economic plight of white settlers remained perilous, to be kind, however they were content being financially indigent due to the fact that they were not African American or  slaves.

Nearly 3 centuries later, following the Great Depression and the sea of poverty that engulfed nearly all American’s, an alliance between blacks, poor whites, and ethnic minorities formed. The group formed and began to support the Democratic Party led by president Franklin D. Roosevelt in response to New Deal programs that were enacted of which the poorest American’s were the greatest beneficiaries. As a result of this newly shaped partnership, the Democrats held a decided stranglehold on electoral politics in the subsequent 3 decades.

Eager to find some advantage that would  end the Democrat’s dominance at the polls, the Republicans and their tacticians decided to employ what would  later be  termed as the Southern Strategy. The approach was designed explicitly to as Richard  Nixon’s  adviser John Ehrlichman articulated “to go after the racists”. Nixon and other preeminent politicians of the time such as congressman Barry Goldwater,George Wallace, and later Ronald Reagan  began to used their campaign as a platform  to denigrate and cast negative aspersions on the African American community as a tool to gain the support of poor white voters. Although the lawmakers never explicitly articulated that they were referring to the Black Americans ,it was no secret who the supposed welfare cheats and criminals were. As a result of these tactics  poor white voters foolishly  began to vote in favor of Republican sponsored  initiatives that would reduce  welfare,despite the  that the majority of individuals receiving government assistance are  poor white women.

In the end, Donald Trump’s use of bigoted  rhetoric and proposed public policy  as a campaign strategy is  expected. In this instance the tactic is not being utilized to malign the African american community as it has been historically. However,attacking Muslims,Hispanics and other groups with discriminatory  language has still achieved  the desired reaction  and support from poor,uneducated whites. I believe this practice  is synonymous to executing the same exact concept or play in a football game albeit from an entirely  different formation. This strategy should all make us question if billionaire mogul’s beliefs actually align with the despicable sentiments he has expressed on the campaign trail, or is he merely espousing this rhetoric for political and economic gain.

Alexander Goodwin


For the longest time I have been waiting for Republican Party Presidential hopeful Ben Carson to reach out to the African-American CARSONcommunity, particularly its formidable bloc of young voters, in some form  or fashion. My patience has been rewarded as Carson has stepped up to the plate, or should I say the microphone, and made a direct overture to young African-American voters via hip-hop culture.

Yes, you heard me correctly, Ben Carson is now attempting to prove that he has some connection to African-American popular ASPIRING MOGULculture with his latest radio ad that uses the rapper Aspiring Mogul in a 60-second tract called “Freedom”. In the alluded to ad that uses a Carson speech as the backdrop, Aspiring Mogul prods listeners to “Vote and support Ben Carson, for our next president, it’d be awesome. If we want to get America back on track, we gotta vote Ben Carson as a matter of fact.”

The Carson campaign plans on airing the radio spot in eight urban markets — Memphis (Tennessee), Little Rock (Arkansas), Atlanta (Georgia), Detroit (Michigan), Miami (Florida), Birmingham (Alabama), and Jackson (Mississippi) — to hopefully spark young African-Americans gravitation toward his campaign as both workers and voters. According to Doug Watts, Ben Carson’s campaign spokesman, African-American youth “…need to get involved and express their voice through their vote…This happens to be a group that we feel pretty strongly is ready and prepared to start working for Ben Carson.”

Carson, who is most certainly attempting to strategically use rap music as a means to connect with young African-American voters, stated that the ad was created to communicate to young urban Blacks “…in a language that they prefer…a cultural format that they appreciate.”

I must give it to Carson; I did not think that it was possible for him to be more disconnected from African-Americans than he has been CARSON4throughout his surprisingly successful political campaign. However, Carson rose to the occasion and showed that not only is he disconnected from the vast majority of African-Americans, but also he possesses an uncanny knack of offending them at every turn.

Carson is in many ways exploiting an opening that other white conservatives would never be allowed to get away with by making his aforementioned overtures via a rap music track. Had it been Rubio, Trump, or any of the other Republican candidates who made a rap song to reach young African-American voters, they would have been not only castigated, but also witnesses to the death of their political aspirations.

Carson’s pandering to segments of the African-American community is particularly revealing as it shows his belief that the vote of young African-Americans will not be issue driven. Apparently Carson believes that a mediocre rap beat combined with a few choice words that have little to do with either the issues facing this nation or the African-American community and its residents is the formula to capture the young Black vote. Carson’s poor attempt at courting young African-Americans reminds me of car companies who produce commercials to promote their product to different consumer groups. Without fail, the advertisement aimed at young African-Americans has a hip-hop beat behind it, flashy pictures, and absolutely no information regarding miles per gallon or any other important information that one would need prior to purchasing an automobile.

In many ways, Carson’s overture toward young African-Americans is insulting as it reveals an obvious belief that they are neither informed about political issues nor desirous of learning about them. Although it may shock those on the Right, the only way to secure the loyalty of African-Americans is by constructing a political platform that addresses the myriad maladies plaguing the Black community in a tangible way.

Fortunately for Carson’s camp, there is still time to apologize for this error and approach young African-American voters as the CARSON2informed and intelligent population that they are; however, I suspect that Carson will fail to implement this rationale strategy because such thoughts flow from the realization that Black youth are as politically savvy as their white counterparts. In all probability, Carson will be too preoccupied with laying down lyrics and tracks for his next radio ad to come to such a realization.

James Thomas Jones III, Ph. D.