Fighting Back

Please view the attached video and pay special attention to the role that young people, your age and younger, played in the historic battle for Civil Rights. Please respond to the following query; “If you were alive during this period, would you have been able to participate in the movement and taken the abuse, without striking back, that those on the film experienced.

58 thoughts on “Fighting Back”

  1. I feel that the environment and time period that you live through influences your mind-set. With that being said, if I were to answer that question based on the way I view things currently I would say no. No, I wouldn’t be able to just sit back and take the abuse without striking back. I was raised to stand and speak up for myself just like the majority of my generation was. Now, if you were to ask me that same question in that time period and I actually grew up in that time, I would say yes.

  2. Personally I strongly believe that if I would’ve been able to participate in the movements and take the abuse without striking back. I would be able to do so because i would be focused on a greater outcome. I would focus on the impact of me taking a stand and being apart of something that would cause my people to be treated equal.

  3. There are some evil people in the world. I don’t know what’s more disgusting, treated people especially innocent children in such a horrible manner, or doing it in the name of GOD. This is some of the dumbest quotes and remarks I’ve ever heard in my life! People were seriously angry because people of a different skin color, by law had the same human rights as them and where willing to stand up for it. Aberdeen Lucy is a name I now know and it’s crazy that they suspended her like she did something wrong. Eisenhower made no sense saying that they needed to take their time dealing with writing laws that changed the way of the south. That is the entire problem, you too slow in doing what should have been done initially. People should have been treated with human decency from day 1. Harold Engstrom spoke of having fears of desegregation, which he claims were natural. I would really like him to explain how when white people showed time and time again that they were the violent ones. Elizabeth was extremely brave walking alone! To see women and children in the Mob to attack Little Rock 9 was appalling. They have video of these horrific acts and I think they should charge everybody in every shot, because if it was the other way around they surely would. The people in these videos are somebody’s parents and young Grandparents, probably still spreading hate. I need to start looking into the true meaning of these old school songs, because they had a message. When the girl in the street was interviewed she said she didn’t know much about the black people because she never been around them, but she did know she could get along better with a Chinese person because the Negros are different. Pure stupidity! Watching these videos makes me angry at the hateful people, sad for my people, and laugh at the stupidity of the evil. However, the strength, courage, and persistence of my people to fight for their rights and mine to warms my heart, lifts my spirit, and encourages me.

  4. If I was alive during this time I would have not be able to take the abuse and not fight back. I couldn’t do that. Also if I was a parent I wouldn’t have let my child go to school with an atmosphere of thick hatred. I probably would have home schooled my child.

  5. I think I would be able to take the abuse as long as the end goal was something that I strongly desired. Their motives were probably what fueled them the most, because I don’t think they would’ve done it without the reason too, even if they had support from others. But with the right motivation, you can do anything.

    1. I agree with you because the things that these people encountered were brutal but as long that in the end my people would be treated equally the pain would be worth it.

  6. the being of this video seemed to be confusing to me its weird how people seem to find bible verses that only help them out. Out of all situations people use the bible to tell others that God said we should be separated now how would that make since. When we enter into the gates of heaven will God have a sign above our heads that’s say the right side of this is white heaven and the left side is black heaven? No we are all judge according to the life we lived, not if you are white, black, brown, red, green or purple.

  7. Personally I don’t think I would have been able to participate and take the abuse. The students that did participate were courageous and strong for doing what they did.

  8. I sincerely don’t think that i would have been able to handle the situation the way the little rock 9 scholars did. This is a very brave group of African Americans who believed they could overcome the racism, segregation, and torture bestowed upon them by the mobs and students in their school. I am very happy they where able to achieve their goals and succeed.

  9. To see what these children went through just so they can get the same education is crazy. The hatred these people had towards these 9 kids is ridiculous. Growing up, and I feel like this relates to many other black kids in my generation our mom always told us “if somebody hit you, hit them back” and many of us still have that mindset so I don’t think we could have taken the things the little rock 9 took. These were some courages kids and to know that while people would have preferred Asians over black people isn’t surprising to me I think it’s because our skin is over a different shade and our hair; a different texted that makes them feel like the Asians are closer to them and in reality they’re not. I’m grateful that I was born in the time that I was because of it were me, the road would not have been paved. Those 9 were chosen for a reason.

  10. Back then, I feel like there was no choice but to be a part of the movement if you met the criteria. If everyone in the black community trusted that I would be able to do something that no one had ever done before me, like get an education at a PWI. I would do it. I think I could handle it unless my life was put in danger. Then, I think I would have to go down swinging. That’s a scary thought to just think about it. I know I couldn’t stand to see my child go through it.

  11. Im not sure what choice I would make if i was in that situation she was in. Thats why I applaud those who did have the courage to stand up against the law.

  12. Personally if I was a parent of one the children i don’t think I would have let them go.I don’t think I would have been able to handle what the 9th student Elizabeth Beckford went through. What touched me the most was the woman that stepped out of the crowd to help Elizabeth get on the bus and get home safely. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that is grateful that they were not born during this time because I definitely wouldn’t have made it. I know for a fact that if this generation of african american students were going through what they went through it would be so much chaos going on.

    1. I agree. If I were Elizabeth Bechford I would have been so grateful that someone was wiling to do something like that for me despite of all the chaos going on around me. I, too, am grateful to have been born where these things are no longer problematic to that extent.

  13. During this time the Brown Vs. Board of education occurred. in 1956 the university of Alabama was all white. Whites began to riot. The University suspended some members for doing so. To protect the girl lucy they suspended the board of trustees made her leave because they wanted to make sure she was safe. n 1956 the buses had began to be integrated and this is a time were things got out of control.

  14. I don’t know as a parent if I would let my child be the first to integrate in any school anywhere. Especially during these times. Even though the education is probably better than at a black school, but is it worth risking my child’s life? I

  15. The preservation of each student is incredible. They wanted to get through the desegregated high school. Ernest Green was the only one to do it but like he said he went to what he set out to accomplish and he did it. Closing down the schools in Virginia was wrong because everyone deserves an education black, white, brown, green, etc.

  16. The little rock 9 were very courageous scholars for standing there ground and going to a school where white people from all over did not want them to go and although only one made it out he proved that integration was possible. I also think its very ironic that white people up hold an image of blacks being the ones to act like animals and is one of the many idiotic reasons behind not wanting integration then but the white people were always the ones going crazy and being ignorant but the rest of the video was just very political when it came to the souths governors and wanting to stay segregated I think they were putting up a fight against the president and federal orders so they could maintain there seat in office

    1. I was also thinking the same thing on how it is ironic that white people think blacks act like animals and look how they where acting just so the little girl wouldnt go to the same school as them.

  17. I commend the Little Rock nine for being so brave and patient. With the attitude and generation I have grown up in I wouldnt have been able to take what they did. I wouldve fought back and ended up somewhere else. I know that they went throught alot and it helped out in the end but God knew who to have born in that time to get the job done or the word out to help African Americans grow as a race, because if that was still going on today or this generation was born then we wouldnt have a came as far as we have because of the attitude, the idea of being invincible and the strong-will of self defense and hostility.

    1. I agree with the attitude and the way we was growing up I don’t think that I could have been so brave as they were.

  18. I agree we are all the same the same way they go to school we go to school. It really should not be a problem but that will make me mad to because you abusing me for doing the same thing you doing and thats just going to school.

  19. If i was living during this time i don’t think i could have tooking the abuse and punishment with out fighting back because in my mind right now if anyone do anything to me i am going to do something back just because that is the way i was raised in todays time. I don’t know how i would be back then because i don’t know how i would think at that time but i would have been getting beat a lot because i know for a fact i will fight back or end up dead because they really would not handle me the way they handled people back then.

  20. There is a lot that I could say on this issue about how I couldn’t have survived during this period of time. What touched me the most was Elizabeth the 9th black student who missed the memo to meet up with the eight other students who were to attend the high school. She was so brave and I applaud her because she walked alone with an angry mob of people behind her threatening to kill her. She continued to walk with no other black soul around for her to turn too. Not a lot of people are brave and determined enough to do what she did.

    1. Yes, I thought that was so brave of Elizabeth to walk all by herself and continued to walk with nobody else.

  21. As fetid an organized riot the first day of desegregation displayed, it also showcased the lengths people would willingly take to reach a certain goal. A very special mention to such individuals as the older woman who, amid the riot, painstakingly escorted Elizabeth to the bus.

  22. If I were alive during this period, I probably wouldn’t have been able to participate in the movement and take the abuse, without striking back, that those on the film experienced. The reason I say that is because a person can only take so much before blowing up. Some blacks were very patient with the verbal and physical abuse from the whites; but after so long was it really worth it? Honestly I say that I wouldn’t be able to participate without striking back, but maybe I could; because I know that’s what whites wanted us to do I would of tired to do the opposite. They wanted us to strike back so we can get kicked out, just like when Minnie did and they said one down eight to go. So maybe just maybe I would of not struck back, but I don’t know.

  23. If I lived in that period and had came upon that event, honestly I would fight back and not just because of the abuse being put on myself but for the simple fact that I have the same rights as everyone else that attends that school. I deserve to be there with or without a fight

    1. yes, we definitely deserve if anything to be there without fight. Of course it was obvious that it would never happen that way. So fighting back was just to gain the respect we earned, and give.

  24. Me personally if I was alive back then I probably wouldn’t have took the abuse the Little Rock 9 did, which is why I have a lot of respect for the way they got through it. They could’ve easily give up and go to a segregated school, yet instead they chose to fight for their rights in order to gain education despite all the hatred going towards their way.

  25. If I lived during this time I honestly do not feel as if I could have took all of this without saying a word. I know how I am and I have a bad attitude. So for me to just sit back and let people disrespect me would have been absolutely impossible. If people were following me wherever I went would have drove me crazy! Constantly being called a nigger by Whites is the upmost disrespect. Those 9 children who attended Central High were very strong, and I definitely applaud them for fighting back against all these racist remarks.

  26. I am beyond greatful that I did not grow up during thoughs times. To think that you couldn’t be anywhere safe is rediculous. To imagine mobs of people is something that is very over whelming. Intergrating the schools to me was necessary because it symbolized something greater than just a school.

    1. Wow. Same thing I was thinking. They were constantly being harassed every move they made. I mean we still have racism today , but during their time it was totally different. And yes I would have been broken so far down I probably would have lost it.

  27. I honestly feel like if I was put in the position to where I, and a few others were the only ones doing something like that in that type of environment I don’t know how I would really act. for those people put there race/culture on their backs and pushed through.

    1. I agree With You on that one, i don’t know if i would be able to have the same amount of resistance as those other black children. If i went through that kind if harass i might go slightly insane.

  28. If I was alive back then, I honestly do not know if I would’ve handled the situation so well. If it was high school or the young man in college. 1, I know it would’ve caused so much stress, 2 I would have been so annoyed that I probably would have given up. That sucks to say but they went through so much to get us where we are now. I am so happy that we had strong enough black people back then to never give up until they got what they wanted. Job well done!!

  29. At the beginning of the clip, this white girl said that it wouldn’t be as bad if the Asians or Mexicans were to come but since they were black it was going to be that way due to them feeling blacks and white were so much different. Yes, it may have been different but I don’t find it right for everyone to be treated unequally. Those white people acted terribly towards this situation like black people were just that bad, which we aren’t! All those kids wanted was an equal education, and they were willing to get bruised here or there for it. I respect and honor them so much because integration was much needed because those whites had better school stuff than the blacks…

  30. Before watching this video, I had some knowledge on the Little Rock 9 but not really about the integration of Ole Miss. First I want to say that those young black Americans had so much courage to fight for what they wanted; integration. I’m sure that many others would have gave up but they didn’t. I also respect the soldiers for being there to help keep them safe. Not all of the whites behaved ignorantly towards that situation, but the majority of them did. That makes no sense whatsoever.

    1. I agree, in the video one white girl said God created every man equal. If every black person would of just gave up and not fought back, there is no telling where would we be today.

  31. I think that’s important that we remember that not all white people were acting against desegregation. Some times we like to pile everyone into the same category but we have to remember that there were white people who didn’t mind desegregation, or at least felt bad for the children that were being harassed.

  32. If i was living during this time I personally wouldn’t be able to take the abuse.We speak on how brave and courageous the African Americans were back in the day; as of right now you know its our time and turn to act brave just as they did but in all honesty who would really go through that torture to prove a point now a days.

    1. Exactly I totally agree with you. If that happened now today it would have been totally different. Simply because times have really changed. everyone is being brought up differently. I don’t think most people would and could have went though all they went through , just to attend schools, and stand up for what they believe in. They would probably give up before they ever saw any progress. Im not speaking for people im simply just giving my opinion and predicting what the outcome would be.

  33. These Children have more courage than many adults that I know of fighting for their rights to equal education. Going through all that persecution I don’t think I could have stood up to the system and lived. I believe this should make kids more appreciative of the privileges we have today to go to any school or institution without being judged or halted.

    1. I agree with you. People in our society need and should be more appreciative for where weve come to this day. People tend to take allot of things for granted ,and forget how far weve come. We have people not even attending college , or even children not receiving a highschool diploma. Its really a slap in the face to the people who fought for our right and people aren’t even taking advantage of the luxury of going to school we have. It really is sad to see people not going to school.

    2. Right, the children had lots of power when it came to fighting for their rights. Some of the whites also said, they had no problem with blacks in school it was their parents. Some of the white children were perfectly fine with integration, they were just being tortured by their parents to think otherwise.

  34. This actually makes me sad, and appreciate everything they did. They were so brave, and I know if that was me back then, I probably would not have the courage or strength to stand up to the law like they did.

  35. my earlier comment somehow is deleted 🙁

    i dont know if i could say what i would do or how i would respond but i would have been more than active in the movement. it may seem crazy at the time but i like to think futuristically, i would consider the end game, the ‘benefits”, the horrid but inspiring story i would be able to tell. the impact my story would have on others and the drive it could stir up in them to be more involved in the movement would be well worth the pain!!

  36. If i was alive during that time and going through what they were going through I don’t think I would have had the bravery and courage that the kids did to go to a school where they were not wanted and were mistreated without striking back..

    1. Those kids were very brave and I think they did a good thing standing up for themselves and trying to make a difference

  37. This video’s goes to show that African American have went through hard time dealing with segregation throughout history. The Lucy case was fascinating, the fact that the white knew that if they started a riot that will stop lucy from attending their school. The riot get Lucy suspended from the school; how can someone get suspended from a school they have not started attending. African American children did not have a chance, going to a white school. It sadness me to watch this video on how segregated this nation was once and still is.

  38. While watching this clip, and paying close attention to those who were my age in this time period and i see different sides. I see whites men and women who in today’s time would be friends were wild and rough against a group of people they had no reason to hate. The black people my age were fighting a battle they had to win. It was a must win for them. Blacks wanted equal rights, but no one was listenting to their cries. I would have been brave enough to stand and fight for what I believe in.

  39. everything that has happened in Ferguson with many whites calling Afro Americans animal’s for the riots….it ironic to see white ppl doing the same thing.Things could have been separate and equal if things were actually EQUAL. Those whites mad at integration have no one to blame but themselves.

  40. Those African American students that took that chance to go to an all white school to further their education are beyond brave. I don’t think i would be able emotionally keep myself together if a whole entire school wanted me out. I also remembered the story when the African American women attended the white schools , because of how much they got bullied and yelled at by the other student, they were protected by the US army. But as of now , we have made it very far in accepting many races into schools and major colleges. Even foreign exchange students.

  41. I don’t think that I would have had the courage to stand up against the law. That’s one of the reasons I applaud those who did, and am very grateful for their sacrifices.

    1. I would not have been able to protest peacefully as I am now, I may have been able to had I grown up back then but something as emotionally fueled as that would cause me to strike back if I was struck

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