53 thoughts on “Keys to the Kingdom”

  1. At the point when the woman said that “any school in Boston that has negro‚Äôs in it is an inadequate school”. Blacks were doing no mischief to the school were all the while being dealt with unjustifiably. The books that they were given were old or beat up. All that only for the children to go to class together. As i cited on a pass video I believe that when whites attack our children they are attempting to ensure us blacks don’t develop.

    1. Hey how did you watch this film? When I click on it it says playback error as if the film have been deleted .. if you know the name to the video may you tell me .. I tired to search on YouTube but didn’t find anything for keys to the kingdom

  2. I agree with Steven King, black parents only wanted the same thing that other parents wanted. I don’t see the problem with that, but it shows how distanced our people were from others because even that was a struggle.

  3. in this short flim it shows white people in the time period of segregation and it displays the fight that blacks had to go thruogh just to get an equal education. Black teacher were the top of theiir class but, the school houses were old and broken down. All black people wanted were the same thing white parents wanted, which was a fair education. Its sad it had to be a fight just for education for chldren.

  4. Black people were finally in the runnings for proper eduction and equal treatment, and whites were doing everything in their power to manipulate the system. America has never been a country to accept change, and that was a change they would never be able to accept if you put a time limit on it. Parents were still engraving hate into their children, and in spite of our accomplishment having educated black folk would mean a decline in excellence to whites. it’s just crazy how far we’ve come. I think when you fight for something so hard you value it more, and those blacks that attended PWI’s had to sneak out the back just to get home. I’m pretty sure failure in the classroom wasn’t an option.

  5. It sounds like white people were just intimidated by what an AA can do with a proper education. You can’t blame them when you’ve got so many intelligent black people that have influence in their communities, just imagine what it would be like if there were more of those individuals like them around the country. But that fear does affect how one looks at people, so their actions go according to what you feel.

    1. Yes Victor. You could not have said it better. They feared us. That’s why they took and deprived us things only offered to us. I believe whites envyed our ability to learn and problem solve that they developed such jealousy. It’s sad that you would really hinder someone’s resources.

  6. They would have no compassion for the age of the students. They stoned the buses that had children that were in elementary schools and it is a shame. All the judge wanted to do is give everyone an equal chance to get the same education and whites did not want to follow

    1. I’m not able to watch the video because it says error but reading this comment really made me upset. You said they threw stones at the buses regardless of the age, that’s sad man. I honestly don’t understand their mind set back then.

  7. I don’t see how white people thought that black people were so bad that they couldn’t even receive the same education as white people. It was a big deal over something that shouldn’t have been much. The fact that black people were willing to go through these things just to be equal in society shows how strong of a race we are.

    1. RIGHT!!!!!!! Like what made them believe we were less than them and not worth anything. Who implanted that in their brain. They looked at us with disgust when really they were the disgusting ones.

  8. Blacks fought daily to get there children a good education that they deserved. Black parents only wanted what they felt was best for their children they weren’t trying to cause problems between blacks and whites but where only trying to give their children a better quality education like the whites. But for some odd reason whites where intimidated of what a an African American child would become with the proper education that they did any and everything to try to stop this from happening.

  9. Even though segregation had been bands schools but times were still hard for African Americans. All African Americans wanted to do was get an education because whites were so fearful of what become of them. I believe that if the white peoples back then would have let the AAs get there education just like everyone else everything would’ve been a little better.

  10. I totally agree, i think that integration was the hardest thing African Americans had to do to survive.

    1. I totally agree with, you the process was even more complicated because Blacks where looked down on and considered as the minority’s.

  11. This video shows how the anti-discrimination legal rights gained by the civil rights movement were put to the test. Maynard Jackson shows that affirmative action can work.

  12. Integration was a very hard thing for the African Americans because the white folk took away every opportunity that they had away from them. With the bus segregation, i thought that it was very sad how the white people kept throwing eggs and other things at them. Its a big deal when the major has to talk to the white folk about the segregation. During this time it was very hard for the African Americans to live through this discrimination.

  13. Even though in the video, it showed that the high court ban segregation in public school. That did not mean that it would be easy for black and white to attend school together. It goes to show even if the court legalize segregation in school, it still going to be a hard road to cross due to that fact that white parent did not want their children attend the same school as black children.

  14. African Americans experienced a lot of discrimination when it came to the school system. When the law of the buses was passed to desegregate buses white people got furious with the black people. When the black people left school the white students stoned and egged the buses. Integration was happening but every movement that black people had, white people tried to prevent it and that makes me mad because it white people gave them the chance; I believe it would benefit everyone.

  15. I hate seeing how our people were treated in this time. It pisses me off because things could be so much better if whites let it happen. All the blacks wanted was to live peacefully and be equal with the whites but the white people were just to much. They think they were above everything and if things didn’t happen the way they wanted it to they will throw a fit. Blacks just wanted a chance that’s all. they fought for what they wanted and they got it.

  16. I couldn’t have been attending school around this time. It’s so interesting how we as blacks do nothing and i mean nothing to provoke the whites to treat us the way that the do. But if it was the other way around i sure the whites would be strongly provoking us. It’s hard to just sit and take it so commend them for being strong. And people fault the young blacks for not being able to read or write but how can they learn in the horrifying setting they were in.

  17. When the airport opened it was crazy to see you know because ever since I was young I’ve rode on an airplane. It took allot for them to get the airline up and running people didn’t understand that much at all. They said if they had no affirmative action then there was no airport and 20% of the people participated. The airport was officially opened on September 21,1980. I bet having an airline to people was just amazing.

  18. the fact that they could have everything in the world and still feel like something is being taken away from them kills me!! the little opportunities that whites take for granted black people are so appreciative of and once again we are left fighting for white scraps and hand me downs!

  19. I think every black person knows that black people can get very ignorant and act as if they don’t have home training but that’s not all black people. I feel as white people treats us the way they do because they’re scared of us and they know we are the superior race in all actuality. My mom always told me that if black people would smarten up and ALL come together we could take over for the better of course. So when I watch these videos and I see the majority of blacks continuing to fight and protest, I have to commend them because I know it’s hard to endure all that they do.

  20. I appreciate those white Americans who stood up for what they felt was right. It takes courage to stand up for other people.

  21. I thought it was amazing how the mayor of Atlanta went nd stayed in the projects with that family. He really did a lot to help rebuild Atlanta. I couldn’t deal with how those people in Boston were acting ! They were acting just as crazy as the people in Little rock Arkansas

  22. In my opinion that is awfully too much to go through just to sit in a class room with another race the fight shouldve been for equal funding. Yet I do commend them for going through all of that, but at the end of the day if they dont want you there dont force it just get your own and better.

  23. I believe that little Joanne that was interviewed by the reporter had a valid point and it still goes on to this day. Anything that the white people do to us we are told to be calm and peaceful and to pray for our enemy but when we go to their territory they performe some of the most gruesome acts against us with no remorse. There come a time when the praying and being calm stops. Actions need to be taken to make sure our people are secure and out of harms way even if that means segregation and sticking to the all black community

  24. I commend the black parents and children for fighting for what they believe in. I love how they pushed to be integrated and have equal opportunities as whites. White parents of course reacted in a very violent way causing more confusion which was also unnecessary.

  25. It doesn’t surprise me on how the white people acted towards the blacks because sadly, they always behaved in a ignorant way. It does piss me off to see that my people were treated like everything other than a people. I feel that we are all equal and that’s what we are and always have been. Whites always feel like they are superior but the truth of the matter is… They ARE NOT!

  26. White people can be so petty when things don’t go their way. Although their way is usually not fair and often harmful to others. I don’t understand how a group of people can have so much hate. I don’t think the parents would have cared about integration had the school board provide equal funding and treatment. I also, feel as though the kids were being mean because it was almost like a game. Almost like a monkey see, monkey do. I see/hear my parents not like black people, so I don’t like black people. When realistically, there’s not much difference but how much melanin is in our skin.

  27. It is truly tragic how the white people treated the blacks, all the children needed and wanted was to go to school simply like others. In any case, it likewise did not amaze me that the white would be annoyed that the schools were being to be integrated. .

    1. It really broke my heart to see at the end of the video the young black girl they interviewed. She was so confused and didn’t understand why they had to be treated that way. She said we don’t bother them so why did they have to bother us. She really touched my heart because she didn’t want things to be that way she simply just wanted to go to school.

      1. It sad to see how the African American children did not understand why they were being treated so bad because of their skin color. It will broke my heart if my child was being treated some kind of way just because of her skin color.

  28. it amazes me how Boston and Atlanta were the last to integrate schools, especially in Boston. Its was an eye opener to finally see police treat the white how they did blacks. After the the fight between the white and black student, they kept all the blacks in the school and had a hard time getting them out. Also seeing the mayor stay in the projects for a weekend was pretty interesting.

  29. its really sad how the white folks treated the blacks, all the kids wanted was an education just like everyone else. but it also did not surprise me that the white would be upset that the schools were becoming segregated.

  30. This video had allot of information. This video discussed how the city of Boston was in allot of trouble during the 60’s and 70’s. Since the blacks didnt have enough money to create schools by themselves. It got so bad that the parents took the imitative to help students get into the schools. They wanted their students to be integrated, be able to work independently, and also have a great social relationship with other people. It was a tough time when schools did integrate, as they were harassed , and constantly got into problems with whites. One incident was so bad that a black student stabbed a white student, and that day was so much chaos because the word got out and it was hard for blacks to get home safely. Most white students stop coming to school because of blacks. The whites didn’t give up at this point . It took allot of time for them to finally accept black into schools and buses.

  31. It’s unfortunate that white people didn’t want black kids to be equal, seems like they always wanted to have the edge. I feel bad for the black parents, having to worry about their kids safety all day while they’re at school is horrible. I myself wouldn’t be comfortable in allowing my child to get mistreated anyhow. I would’ve prefer to have my child stay at a segregated school, where I know he/she is safe while getting educated.

    1. I agree with you, I feel bad for the African American parents. They had to alway wonder if their children will be ok going to a school that don’t want then there. As a parent that had to be the hardest thing to do.

  32. Of course the white people were not pleased with blacks going to school with them. They reacted so childish in this video in my opinion. Throwing temper tantrums by yelling racist remarks, stoning the buses and threatening these students and not only that they were keeping their kids out of schools, which is doing nothing but depriving them of their education. and what got me was the little girl saying ” When we go into their neighborhoods they mess with us ect, but when they come through our neighborhoods we don’t do nothing to them, its not fair.” Just their behavior in all these videos we’ve watched throughout these classes is bothersome!

  33. It doesn’t amaze me at all how white people reacted to blacks being able to attend school, but it did make me mad. On September 12 1974 is when it all begin. Because blacks were given an equal chance to further their education whites had a fit; they attacked the buses that transported African American students everyday. They tried every technique possible to change the system and decision. They also tried to make blacks leave on their own by attacking them physical and verbally; they yelled at them niggers go home, held bananas on corners referring to them as apes, and help up signs saying they didn’t want niggers there.Most black people couldn’t write complete sentences or spell correctly, because their ability to learn was being shorten by the fear and violence.

  34. It’s crazy how the white people reacted to the black people going to the schools. They would have no compassion for the age of the students. They stoned the buses that had children that were in elementary schools and it is a shame. All the judge wanted to do is give everyone an equal chance to get the same education and whites did not want to follow the idea. In Atlanta, it’s shocking that less than one percent of employed population was african american.

    1. i dont know aaobut you but i find it a little hilarious to hear about white people talking about the barbarism and idiocy of black people, but as they themselves can’t even see those same traits in their own actions.

      1. yes absolutely, they think what they’re doing is perfectly fine. Although we are only trying to better ourselves in a none violent way, but they push us to be ugly. Everything they’re doing is wrong and they don’t see because they think they’re better and that’s not the case.

    2. you’re right and I agree, how could you treat a child like that? None of those children deserved what the whites put them through, as grown adults they should of had more consideration for those innocent kids who didn’t know what was going on.

  35. From Boston to Atlanta While Blacks were trying to make better for themselves Whites were trying to react and prevent Blacks from having to integrate. Blacks were having travel far for better schools and jobs. The start of integrating schools was coming about and Whites didn’t agree. They didnt want Blacks to do better and they try to keep them down with education and transportation.

  36. Its sat that the lady had said that “any school in Boston that has negro’s in it is an inadequate school”. The African Americans were doing no harm to the school and were still being treated unfairly. The supplies that they were given were old or used or they had very little of and there were many fights between the children for many different things. All that just for the kids to go to school together.

  37. Even from a relatively young nation with way too much baggage, a situation as such with Boston proved way too destructive from the nature of all sides involved. Not many listened to the national government, and that led sadly to its abandonment of the city.

  38. Going from Boston to Atlanta, Americans were looking for solutions to the problems of discrimination. In Boston, the issue was busing students to different schools some that were miles away. White parents reacted violently to court-ordered busing legislation and Black parents prepared children for their role in this next civil rights event. For both Blacks and Whites, busing proved an unpopular means of integrating schools. But it was the only way that black students could receive the same quality of education as white students.

    1. I totally agree. The mayor had to meet with white parents who opposed bus segregation. He said that everyone should join the city. The white people often thought that just because theyre right doesn’t mean they don’t have their rights to the 14 amendment. It was so childish how the white were throwing things such as eggs towards the bus. Like how low can people be. Blacks had to go out of the back door just to make it home safety. They also always told the niggers to always go home. They often stood on the corner with a banana in their hands as if they were apes. Like they had too much hate in their hearts seriously. The students also discussed how they had to go through tons of things before they could enter the classroom. Such as going through medical detectors each morning. They often thought it wasn’t fair that they were so young and had to go through all of this just to attend school. There were about 10-15 fights per day in my opinion that is allot of commotion .

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