6 thoughts on “Khalid Abdul Muhammad vs. Phil Donahue”

  1. This is a Term I jump at the chance to utilize we are “minorities in side of minorities” when I say this I allude to us having social group in side our races or we categorize ourselves .The brights isolate there self from the dark or the other way around.We don’t grasp our selves nor help our own kind.If acknowledged each other we would live in peace and harmonize with each other .

  2. I believe this video enlightens you on how people should express we as a people should embrace each other rather than degrade each other by categorizing ourselves in to our own social groups

  3. I really wish that every one would preach acceptance instead of boosting there own color if we all simply accepted each other we would live in peace and coincide with one another as people in general

    1. I believe that every African-American wishes for the exact same thing. However, that is a discussion that needs to be laid at the foot of whites, not those that they have repeatedly attacked throughout history. It is similar to telling women to get along with their abuser when they have not caused the abuse other than being a female. Talk to them first and then come see us. They have now gone so far as to enter our churches, sit down, and then murder us. Talk to them first and then come see me.

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