15 thoughts on “Malcolm X: Make it Plain”

    1. I totally agree. However, when egos are involved in any situation. No one knows what will occur. One can only wonder what Malcolm would have achieved outside of the Nation of Islam.

  1. In high school they teach you that Malcolm X was a bad man and an advocate for violence, But he is not like that at all! He was a good man just doing what he thought would be best for the black community. I’ll have to watch a Dr.Martin Luther King video to see both sides.

  2. To me Malcolm X and Martin Luther King had a similar stance yet simply had an alternate approaches they both seen america for what is and discovered it wrong.This video goes to show people fear a smart black man in America . People say he was for violence i say he was for equal rights in his word “any means necessary”

  3. Malcolm was one of the few whom took over the world to help the blacks to help make a change. Malcolm used his own life to explain about what’s going on with black Americans. 1929 Malcolm’s father moved him and his family to Lansoning Michigan where they farmed, located out of the city. they soon were evicted by the whites because it was suppose to be only whites in that area. they chose not to move so the whites put their house on fire.

  4. I never learned as much about Malcolm X. Malcolm X was extremely strong man. To know that a white man raped your Grandmother, have your home burned down twice, your father murdered and ruled an accident, to have your Mother committed, and then you separated from your siblings/only remaining family and not turn out completely crazy is amazing in its self. The opening clip of Malcolm asking us to ask ourselves who taught us hate really struck home and made me think. He’s always painted as a violent man, when in actuality he supported Black Pride and protected ourselves and communities by any means necessary. Malcolm X is someone to look up to, a hero. He was a young black man that experienced true pain at an early age and got into some trouble as a young man trying to find his way, but he rehabilitated himself in prison and changed his life for the better. he owned is past life and vowed not to go back to jail and set forth to change the world. That is inspirational. I admire his courage. Not only for fighting for the rights of his people, but being bold in saying what the people were feeling during a time when they felt they couldn’t. He was also courageous in his growth. He wasn’t afraid to say that his views had changed and that he was simply growing as a man. He was unapologetic for it, as he should have been.

  5. The Nation of Islam had no remorse after THEY in conjunction with the US govt. killed Malcolm X! Brother Malcolm was the best thing that ever happened to NOI and Black folk in general. I never did understand why many Black men hold the NOI in high esteem after they boastfully bragged about wanting Malcolm X dead and succeeded by assassinating him in front of his wife and kids.

  6. This video was eye opening. I feel like Malcolm X is or was misunderstood but after watching this video I feel that I understand his logic more now. Its like after hearing his side of the story I understand why he thought the way he did.

  7. Such a deep video. I’m upset I wasn’t taught about Malcolm X earlier on in my life. After watching all these videos on him and doing my personal research, he is definitely someone I look up to.

  8. I seen this video about 3 times already and I still feel like brother Malcolm brothers were cold blooded…like regardless of if there is some people at the funeral who may target you; that’s YOUR brother and if that was my brother there is no way I would let anyone put fear in my heart to where I can’t even go to my own blood brothers funeral to pay my respects and be there for the rest of my family. I still don’t trust that, don’t you think if they were after anyone that they would’ve went after his wife and daughters the same night they killed Malcolm since they were there.

  9. this is a very powerful and informational documentary on Malcom x’s life. he had a very interesting life and sad ending. honestly the funeral is completely out of line in my eyes.

    1. I disagree. I don’t think he was trying to make white people feel bad he just didn’t want blacks and whites to be one. I don’t believe he was for violence either because he didn’t want the walk on Washington to happen because he felt it would provoke violence. He just didn’t take anything from anyone but he wasn’t a violent man.

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