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  1. I do agree with the past comment ,The battle will not end until America will acknowledge all individuals, every races wherever all through this purported GREAT nation;It won’t end until the discussions about bigotry are secured on both sides.In our country’s branches of government are prepared to acknowledge and recognize that what they are doing to African American is past pernicious, it is injurious.

  2. I am ever so grateful for the people who paved the way for today’s generation of African Americans. They went through a lot to get us to where we are now. They endure beatings, going to jail,and even bashed for being a different skin color. I enjoyed this video because it made me respect being an African American male and taught me that I can help make a difference in today’s society. We where all created under one image and should all be created equal. I can agree with a lot of mt classmates when they say that black is beautiful. This video was very intriguing because it showed that once we come together as a black race we can achieve greatness.

  3. I do agree that MLK had been a buffer and the white man’s best friend. The Black Panther Party helped the community a lot. It was a beautiful thing to watch. I wasn’t previously aware of the history behind Kwanza. White supremacy does begin in the mind. Black culture is something that has always been copied and used as inspiration. If we would get back to teaching black is beautiful maybe we can also get other people to see it more clearly. We need to work on seeing ourselves as beautiful and promoting that. We don’t have any “Soul Train’s” anymore or anybody really putting emphasis on self love for the black person. Black Unity and pride has always been feared and attempted to be destroyed. In regards to Affirmative Action, I don’t think it’s necessarily excluding someone by excluding another. More so, it’s including EVERYONE. The young lady said, that she didn’t know she got there on affirmative action, but would hear other people talking about. However, she was more qualified. If you think about it, it wasn’t to exclude the white person, but to make sure they still have a chance after black people are finally given one. Our people were qualified. Most of drug users were white, but mostly men of color where arrested. What Terrence did was a beautiful thing! His sentencing was unfair and young men of color are still experiencing this same injustice. This is when hip hop was everything! It wasn’t just meaningless words of nonsense on catchy beats, but it was a message for our people, and by our people. The Rodney King Verdict was just a slap in the face. I can’t believe the News Anchor advised people to go watch the Cosby’s. Katrina was a national reminder of how this nation felt about a nigga and a poor one at that.

    1. I agree this was a beautiful film to watch! I remember watching this film in one of my psychology classes Human Diversity.. I enjoyed watching it then and still enjoy watching it now

    2. I do agree black culture is copied, when I was younger I seen this movie call bring it on at the time I just though it was a cheerleading movie my sister mad me watch but as you can see through out the movie you can see subliminal messeges on how the girls went to the hood and took there movies and was getting nation exposure

  4. Honestly, my people have always had it the hardest in this country. They put us in slavery, took away our rights, lynched us, burned us, shot us, sprayed us with the stinging force for water hoses, let dogs out on us, put drugs in our community, killed leaders of the black community and no matter what we pushed. We never gave up, it was such a beautiful thing to see how strong black people are as a unit it’s amazing to see how far we have come they doubted us, said we’d never have a black president; we have one and I know it’s eating them up inside everyday that he’s in office.We still have gangs and drug issues and poverty issues, so yeah we may have a way to go but we sure aren’t where we use to be.

  5. I agree with Victoria Small because black people have came a long way even after the death of Dr.MLK. I am happy that our people never gave up no matter what .It were many of obstcles thats we had to get over and we did, but still fighting.

  6. Its incredible to see just how far the African American race has come, but there is always room for improvement. The AA individuals that have left their mark on history still influence us today, which goes to show just how much importance AA have in this country’s history.

  7. I love how the saying my black is beautiful meant a lot, i love how it made people see things in a different prospective. but at the end of it all we want to feel equal and everyone want to say we are equal however its sad that is not true. If a black man were to kill a white man he would have life under the jail but when its vice versa its okay whether they are police men or not the sentence would be much shorter if there is even trail.

  8. Just like everyone else I enjoyed this video the most out of all the others. Simply because this is where you see African Americans evolve into their own. AAs making it known to colleges changes had to be made. I’m also in agreement we as African Americans have come a long way. I hope that we will continue to get even better.

  9. I personally enjoyed this video. As a race and culture we face some of the hardest challenges and obstacles but it shows just how powerful African Americans are as a race when we come together especially when fighting for what we believe needs to change. We are evolving more and more as a race. As a whole we have the strongest impact on society. We have come extremely far, but I agree as well with some of the responses, that we still have a long way to go.

    1. Yes. I very much agree we have evolved from what alot of people say is nothing. I think our struggles made us much stronger. I feel as though if band together we can achieve more. We are all one people.

  10. I agree, i believe that African Americans have accomplished a lot, but they still have a long way to go.

  11. Viewing the progression us as African Americans have overachieved has been remarkable, and as I watch as black America tries to conjoin the things that could be done … It’s Simply mind blowing

  12. We as a black community as came a long way from just the 60s. Just seeing all the changes we went through I just we as a black community would come together just as much as they did back in the day.

  13. I agree with a lot of my classmates. The black community have come very far in society, but yes we still need a ways to go. I think that there always is going to be tension between white folk and the black. But the fact that we have had a black president and all the things he has done for our country and defending racial equality especially recently in Baltimore and South Carolina. The black community have come so far from MLK, Malcolm X, WEB Debois and all the way to Obama. African Americans are very strong and i think may be the strongest race among us.

  14. Drugs killed the black community. It’s something that we still suffer from as a community, but when you have no other way to get things doing it the illegal way is the only way you don’t end up on the streets with nothing. People that have never had anything, all of the sudden have the chance to experience having things. Hip hop was born, and it was a since of liberation for all blacks. It’s what could’ve saved us. The ignorance I see now in hip hop bothers me the most because it became just like drugs distribution. Survival of the fittest. Whatever you have to do to get yourself another dollar, and killing your own people is okay if that’s what it takes.

  15. African American’s have went through so many hard time, but this video show how the civil rights movement have accomplished great victories.This goes to show how much our ancestors before us fought for our freedom.In my opinion, I don’t believe African American will finally gain racial equality. Even today we are still fighting for racial equality. It important to hope and believe maybe one day we will get there.

  16. It’s amazing how far african americans have come so far. Since the Emancipation Proclamation, to the 44th president of the United States. African American people never gave up, yes their was some downfalls in hope when Malcolm X died, Martin Luther King Jr. died but the people never stopped chasing racial equality. When the african american people came together, it was encouraging how they changed the laws in the courts and in congress. “Black Power”.

  17. When african americans come together it is a beautiful thing. we as a people can do and accomplish so much aslo when we take a stand people notice. I’m one who will be returning to my home hometown after i graduate; im not from the ghetto or the suburbs but where im from its lots of opportunities for me plus giving back is part of my community.

  18. It is just a blessing to see that we now have a black president. Obama was a senator before he went into office. Nobody would have ever thought that we would have a black president , but it happened. It made me look back on all the other videos , and made me wonder did all the fighting back then really pay off? I hate that those who fought back then couldn’t see all of our accomplishments blacks have came to as of today. We have came along way and im so anxious to see how much further we will go.

    1. I agree with your statement, having a black president shows that we have come a long way. I believe we still have more ways to go , to have racial equality.

  19. reasons i wish the Black Panther Party was active all over the country today. Education, empowerment, cultural revolution, support of the entire race is what we need to recover. in my neighborhood your gangbanging or selling drugs because that the only way to occupy kids or get money. if there was more giving to the community so kids weren’t in the streets trying to get it themselves, we could truly save this generation. we have to find ourselves and this video along with this entire class has truly motivated me to want to educate my people and promote black power. our world could be so much greater we’ve got to become Activists!!!

  20. However I find it ridiculous had people really thought that just because a black man was president that America was “post racial”

  21. I enjoy how this video came almost to present day and speaks of the things that have been accomplished recently.

    1. Me too, I enjoyed how they did the timeline from the 60s until present day even though I feel like a lot of stuff is repeating it self from back then.

  22. I love the black is beautiful movement ! That was needed because it helped mold our community nd give us all that confidence that our black is beautiful.

  23. I agree also that we do need to come together and create are own again like once before. schools, protection, firms , and business … not saying not interact with other races but that are should be priority should be to take care of are own.

  24. Oh yeah, I liked how they discussed how African Americans tried to boost up the way the felt about themselves in the community by dancing (Soul Train).

  25. I first want to start off by saying that I do agree with Kendall. As a people of black complexion we do need to come together and return to living by guns and butter. We need protection and to rebuild our black power nation. I also love how in this video they talked about the Black Panther Party and how they were a non-violent society but carried guns for their own protection.

  26. We need to return to living by the guns and butter method that the Black Panther party put together to protect and serve the community to bring us back together. Guns to protect the community and butter, community programs. Let’s stop being individualistic and rebuild our black power nation and movement

  27. I can see how the media and the government plays an important role on how certain races are portrayed. Makes us not very close to one another. It’s really unfair. I really liked when the historian said “anybody off their plantation” when referring to the murder of Trayvon Martin. Being at the wrong place based on what race you are.

  28. Self love was the most important thing an African American can have. After Martin Luther King died they expressed this Self love to the fullest. Many wealthy black people took advantage of their position and helped there people. Ex, Don Cornelius with soul train. Black Power movement was strong but will eventually come to and end.

  29. I truly understand why the people in the video said Martin Luther King Jr. was the white man best friend because he was peaceful. The African American community went into uproar because he was like a saint then to be killed in that fashion it made the people feel like you can’t win for loosing. The Black Panther Party focus was on the community and its well-being at any extent. Black Power started to become a culture within the culture. To install confidence and create solitude shouldn’t have been a major issue but it became one through the eyes of white people who originally felt the African Americans were inferior. Later in the film I realize that drug penalties are very extreme compared to a lot of crimes due to the money. Me personally would rather live next door to a drug deal than a register sex offender. What is a criminal?

  30. This video shows that although we, being the black community have come so far, we still have ways to go. This video really hit home for me, especially because being from New Orleans and a hurricane katrina victim, I’ve known several people that are locked up in jail because of drugs with severe punishments, and they all happen to be African- American living in low class areas. It’s sad that law enforcement’s still to this day attack our homes in the intercity just based on our race and social class. Like the lady said in the video most of the people that were doing coke were whites, yet the government felt the need to attack the poor black communities and fill up jail cells with them.

    1. Yes personally I couldn’t imagine being from a town and it be destroyed. Like people that were apart of hurricane Katrina , and actually survived had nothing. No homes, no car , no belonging. They really had to start their lives over. I just cant imagine losing everything I have , and having to start my lives over in an entirely new area. They are strong individuals I just hope no one ever has to go through that again.

  31. This video was so interesting to me, especially the part about how blacks started expressing themselves through tv shows/commercials and hip hop. It was so interesting because they were introducing the world into their culture and showing them that black is beautiful!

    1. Yes that was definitely my favorite part of the entire video. It was so amazing to see blacks actually doing what they loved to do for a change. Nobody could have told them anything back then. They really were on top with everything. Everyone wanted to be apart of something. Rather it was be on tv or to make music, and that they did. This is a time where whites actually were on blacks side with allowing them to do what they wanted and actually supporting black music and tv

  32. This opened my eyes to see how blacks were during the civil Rights Movement. It showed how king was really running things trying to get things right and everyone was looking up to king. Blacks were getting beat and put in jail and they still was fighting strong to try and prove their point. After king was shot It took a toll on people they were scared of what was going to happen. They wanted to know was is it waste of time they were scared for their lives after the assasination.

    1. I totally agree with you. I mean I cant imagine having someone as inspirational as king. And all of a sudden he is just gone. Some people had been on his side for so long , and really stood for what he believed in and they no longer had that support system anymore. So they began to act out in a violent way. I mean doing what they did such as blowing the city up wasn’t the right approach to go about resolving these issues , but they did what they wanted to do.

  33. Every aspect of the black community was touched on in this video. We saw things from civil rights, to black love to the war on drugs. We got a glimpse of the black struggles. It’s crazy to me when I hear white people say that we’re this way for no reason. Us, black people have had to fight our whole lives. We had to fight against slavery, fight for equality, fight the war on drugs and most of all; fight for our lives. We also got to see how beautiful the black community is with things like self love with the black panthers and the soul train which allowed the world to see our culture. It also shed some light on success black people like Will Smith, Halle Berry, and Opera. It’s amazing that we’re still facing the same troubles they rapped about during hip hops first emergence, to this day I find it hard to believe that white people care about us and it’s been proven on several occasions like the ones in this video and many more and I still believe the system was set up against up. Honestly, the fight isn’t over.

    1. The fight does not end until America is willing to accept all people, of all races, everywhere throughout this so called great nation;It will not end until the talks about racism are put away on both sides; it will not end until these people in our states, in our nation’s branches of government are ready to realize and acknowledge that what they are doing to us, Black People is beyond hurtful, it is abusive.

    2. War on drugs was a great topic for me. Crack actually hit harlem. They say that the majority of the users were white. But of course they made it a black drug. I just don’t see why people would use crack. Like crack can kill you. I don’t understand why anyone would put themselves in danger. And if you get caught with this type of drug you will get locked up for a very long time. Like who wants to be away from their families their entire life, I know everyone doesn’t think like I do , and im not expecting people to. But some people really need to see what theyre doing.

  34. After the assassination of mlk jr the black community had to see an outcome to come together and once again prove their worth. The late 60s going into the 70s we had to make a name for ourselves through music, fashion, and trends. To let society to know how we represent our self and how we see ourselves as the African American race being beautiful. Movements and power was represented by non-violate behavior such as us during our own thing with each other like the soul train show which we had fun and showed off our music and fashions.How we felt was represented alot through music but when Rodney King got arrested from nothing and beat up by police it set off another anger in the black society by us having riots. Hurricane Katrina was a sad time not because it took away houses and families but it took away another African American city that was free and what we can call our own man made city that is yet to be rebuilt. After an African american president we have overcame alot but still proving that we can be the superior race but whites are still today trying to remove or take us out by targeting black communities. Barack Obama getting elected help us to know everything was possible but still questioning is it over but really and truly we question has it only gotten worse.

  35. This video explains the leading events that occurred after MLK was assassinated, and the blacks were angry. Another voice that wanted to be heard was gone and people lashed out with violent protest and riots, everything King did not want happening. But the Black Panther Party still remained to keep good vibes in the black community with the fundraising and free breakfast for all, it was a good thing. Then blacks began expressing themselves in a different way, through music. The hip hop that came out back then are priceless classics and you won’t hear anything like it today. It had so much soul behind the lyrics because they actually rapped about what was going on in the world

  36. As blacks began to get locked up they wanted a way to express themselves, which they did through hip hop. This created the black culture. Later in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit and this was a horrible time. more than 1500 dead and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. It was amazing to see black people stick together throughout this time which came the black men of labor. Their mission was to help people who were stranded. The president did nothing to help people its like they didn’t care because it was a poor black community . At the time Obama was the senator and he moved people from Katrina to the Houston astro dome. A year later Obama seeked presidency as he understood both sides of whites and blacks.

  37. This video was so intriguing because of the civil rights movement they achieved greatness through the courts and congress. This began the divide of the black community. When MLK was shot on April 4 , 1968, everyone was devastated. King was definitely the symbol of civil rights.. They didn’t know what to do without him. They had justice with king now people began to do crazy things like set the city on fire. In Oakland , California the Black panther party began to defend the black community. People also began to defend themselves as the 2nd amendment said they could. The black panther party organized allot of events such as feeding breakfast . They demanded freedom , and became the black power movement. in the 60’s black feminism , black theology , and cultural nationalism was significant. Then came a time where they invented the black holiday. After this time is when everywhere began to speak about black is beautiful. People thought that blacks had no value back then and they were more superior to us.

  38. This video discusses the events that occurred after the assassination of Martin Luther King. They talk about the Black Panther Party and it’s actions from being a non-violent society to an advocate for revolution amongst the African Americans. how they wanted guns to protect themselves and community programs. Many other people tried ways to improve the self esteem of African Americans in the community with music and dancing by Soul Train. Ways for the African Americans to identify themselves positively instead of through the eyes of the whites. The efforts of Soul Train was a benefit to the black community. It also discusses the ‘war on drugs’ and the effects of crack. The majority of crack uses were white but the media portrayed it as blacks causing the damage and caused many of them to end up in jail. Another thing it talks is about Barack Obama becoming President of the United States and how it was such a big deal because he was African American.

    1. To go off what you said. Black is beautiful is what change the game during this time. Blacks had 21 tv shows , and soul train was the popular one as you mentioned. Blacks were beginning to shine in music, dancing, and even fashion. When they came up with the idea of affirmative action they could began to compete with whites. Late 96 blacks attended yale and this was important as they shined. They held the first major convention in Gary Indiana. They thought that unity was hard, and politics wasn’t enough. Back then few African Americans achieved greatness , it was a middle class but they really weren’t middle class, and of course their were allot of blacks in poverty. As time passed whites, and the middle class of blacks moved to the suburbs. The poor blacks were left behind. Drugs became a major issue. Police were very suspicious and would just come up to you on the street and pat you down, they would come and check in your apartment. Crack hit harlem hard most of the users were white. But of course people called it a black drug.

  39. Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., director of W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University talked about the evolution of the African-American people, as well as political strategies, and religious and social perspectives they developed , creating our own history, culture and society against a variety odds. Showing remarkable historic events right up to the present – when America is led by a black president, yet remains a nation deeply divided by race. By highlighting the tragedies, triumphs and contradictions of the black experience, the video reveals that the African-American community has never been a uniform entity, and that its members have been actively debating their differences from their first days in this country.

    1. I liked how in the video terrance wanted to give back to his community since he was incarcerated for 8 years. he did so by helping children whose parents are incarcerated . He brought them together and got mentors for them for tutoring. He also had buses there to take the children to visit their parents.

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