4 thoughts on “Minister Farrakhan vs. Phil Donahue”

  1. I have seen this video several times years ago and I still find it very disrespectful how every time The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan tries to answer a question or continue answering a question Donahue was cutting him off. It can be very hard to defend yourself when you are not given the chance to do so.

    1. If it were not the dear Minister, I would agree with your sentiments. Donahue knew that he was in over his head. His only hope was to not allow Minister Farrakhan to speak; the truth he possesses is too much for many to handle. He attempted the same thing with his interactions with Brother Khallid when he appeared on his show.

  2. Before watching this I would like to comment that my uncle follows islam and overtime I would go to his house there would always be a video on of MINISTER FARRAKHAN

  3. Donahue demonstrated his bigotry in the very beginning of the show discussing how startling those black men are. What’s startling about them remaining there tending to their very own concerns? I figure Black men who aren’t delicate placed in their souls, too terrible I wished us Black men conveyed themselves that way.

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