The Lynching of Emmett Louis Till and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

This documentary revolves around two of the most important moments in the early Civil Rights Movement; the lynching of Emmett Louis Till and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The lynching of the young Chicagoan in 1955 emboldened African-Americans throughout the nation and fed directly into the subsequent Bus Boycott that occurred later that year.

4 thoughts on “The Lynching of Emmett Louis Till and the Montgomery Bus Boycott”

  1. Emmitt till was an eye opener for all of us how real hatred against ones skin can come and prevail into such a tragedy

  2. In these times we are in now I feel as though a situation just like this Emmett Till, may reoccur. Why? Because there are still people just like the white lady’s husband and brother in law, with the same mentality. I also feel the way people see how Zimmerman and Darren Wilson have “gotten away” with murdering black men people also have the mentality that they can kill more black men and get away with it as well.

    In the beginning of the video one woman stood out to me when she mad the comment ” I feel the negroes should be able to sit at the bar just like we do”. It was crazy to me to see that she felt like we should all be equal but still addressed black people as negroes.

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