The Murder of Black Panther Party Leader Fred Hampton

The following video details the rise and fall of Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton. Hampton was the engine behind the rise of the Chicago, Illinois, Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Due to his brilliance and courage, “Chairman Fred” was selected as a formidable target by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for extermination. In this documentary you will be able to see the brilliance under girding Hampton and the potential he held for not just Black America, but also the nation in general; potential that would unfortunately be extinguished by the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO).

5 thoughts on “The Murder of Black Panther Party Leader Fred Hampton”

  1. I feel the price in todays society are similar to back in the day, the only difference in today’s society is that americans try to cover up there wrong doings

  2. Before I watch this video I just want to say that William ‘Gloves’ O’Neal is so out of line for assisting in the murder of the 2 Black Panther members. I was so upset when I read about him. He is a snitch and I know he regretted his decision because they believe he committed suicide.

  3. I really dislike the distance they went to incriminate the black panther party. The government was just afraid that the black panther party was going to help their fellow blacks realize how bad the government is and afraid of the blacks wold rise up against them.

    1. i concur with what you stated “The government was just afraid that the black panther party was going to help their fellow blacks realize” i believe the government will kill anybody who they to wake up there black community names from Malcolm X to MLK

  4. they way the police acted was criminal like in my eyes. i was a complete assassination on fred hampton.i mean the burnings of the food and the corruption to what the panthers were trying to do lets us know that they were trying to keep us down.

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