44 thoughts on “Two Societies, 1965 – 68”

  1. This video shows how evil whites where and how badly blacks where treated. In today’s society there are still two societies separating the whites and blacks in some states. Blacks are yet today fighting to show that black lives matter and the color of a person skin doesn’t define their character. The fight hasn’t been won completely.

  2. Logically I can never understand the behavior of hateful white people in the videos we watch, but I’m never too shocked. I expect that from them, because of the history of this country and troubles we still have today. What I wish I could understand is how we are always painted as the bad guy when since this Nation’s birth white people have acted his way and we still embrace them. It’s hard to watch innocent people beaten like that, especially when you know that they’re just trying to better themselves. It’s sad that the tale of two societies still exists today. Granted, we don’t have it bad as those that have come before us, but we do need to take a note from their book of courage to continue the fight for our people. We are still at war. It’s saddening to watch how for years our people have been oppressed in every form and fashion and continue to have to fight for what’s rightfully ours. You hear White commenters saying that if blacks are allowed to move into their neighborhood that it wouldn’t be safe, but it’s them that come into our neighborhoods to kill, steal, and destroy everything from the physical to the mental. It wasn’t safe for a black person to walk around, even in their own neighborhood. To face that reality and understand that if the worst happened, they would probably get away with it is a sad truth to face. It can break the strongest person spirits.

  3. This video really shows everything that occurred between the black and white people because of fear and frustration. The white people thought they where better than the blacks, and wanted everything, and made sure the blacks had nothing.This video shows everything African Americans have gone through to be where they are right now.

    1. I agree with you blacks have fought hard for freedom and equality and the fight isn’t over yet. Blacks endure a lot of brutal treatment by whites just to be treated the same.

  4. The idea of the two societies is something that still exists today, although there are a lot more different societies now. Of course there was still discrimination and prejudice going on. There wasn’t going to be an immediate change in the white people’s attitudes even if the law was telling them to change. Besides, white people weren’t used to having to adjust to something they weren’t used to so they had to show some kind of response. I see it kind of like when the spoiled child doesn’t get what he wants, he throws temper tantrums for a good while. White people just weren’t used to it, which isn’t something that should surprise people.

  5. It’s crazy how separated the african americans and whites were back then. It still hurts to think that people feel this way even today when all the blacks were trying to do was build a better life for them and their family, not tear anyone down while doing so

  6. Riots are more destructive than constructive. I don’t agree with them, nor do I believe non-violence is a solution either. There needs to be a balance. It really sucks to think that there were possibly children experiencing and observing this chaos.

    1. Yes I totally agree with you Emerald. I feel as though they were angry and frustrated and didn’t think about the outcome. They just acted because of things that were not being done. But they should’ve planned it how better so it could turn out better for them.

  7. This video really helped me see the separation and how there really was ” two societies”. The SCLC wanted to see if violence would work, so they decided to march. And how the white people really had no purpose but by the fact that they were scared of the black people. And throughout the whole time the blacks were actually cooperating with the police. This video was interesting but not as intense as the videos in the beginning of this session. Bu ti still learned a lot with each video

  8. This video basically capitalized that the problem was not only in the South, but in some cases worse in the North. In Chicago, the hatred for blacks was just as fierce as it was in the South. Quite frankly, with the city being so large the hate was even more in my opinion. To be nonviolent in those circumstances kind of seems like committing suicide. They never quit though, there was no reason to quit. Blacks really had nothing to lose.

    1. I never really thought about that.. They didn’t stop because they had nothing to lose. Makes a lot of sense.

  9. It’s just so amazing how block people was so strong back then and how they had to protect themselves. This is the time where black people where moving to middle class and white people was moving higher up as well.

  10. At the beginning of the video things were going great because Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. When SCLC went to Chicago to help the African Americans their, white people rebelled. White people didn’t want black people in their neighborhoods. A white woman said that it was her experience with black people that he didn’t want them to live in the same neighborhood because she said that she was afraid to walk out at night. And another white man said that they had the right to move to white neighborhoods if they could afford it but it also depended on white type of person it is. Even though achievements have been made their was still racial discrimination happening across the United States. In Detroit, The Kerner Commission finds out that America is becoming two societies, one black, one white, separate and unequal. This was due to the police raid in a black neighborhood when they uprose from discrimination and it left 43 people dead.

  11. Its really sad how people acted, and it was really hurtful how the older white lady said “we can work with them but we can not stay with them” or when the older white man said “its depending on the kind of black people they are” because at this point and time the same things are happening when blacks move to middle class whites move high. Now they are coming back and taking what use to be theirs and blacks can not afford it any more.

    1. The white lady’s comments really struck me as well. I was so surprised. I feel like you are closer to one another in a work environment, but it unacceptable for a black family to live in home next door to you..? What kind of sense does that make?

  12. Watching this video’s have helped me gain more knowledge on the separation between black and white. It incredible, watching this video’s and seeing all the hard things African American had to go through to get freedom and to be accepted as a human being.

  13. Black people are so strong. i cant imagine how unstable the white population would be if they had to endure the same circumstances. and thats what angers me, they don’t understand, they cant relate, its always black people who have to fight for a come up or progress and although it has made us the warriors we are they stirred that anger inside of us and as they continue to force us to fight for rights, estate, and work we literally are forced to fight and riot. this is nothing but the product of white oppression!

    1. We are incredible strong minded people. I liked how you said we really have no choice but to fight , and riot because they’re constantly messing with us. During these riots and bombing so many African American were killed. The big debate in this video was the 3 black men that were killed at the motel. Of course the white men went to trial and weren’t held accountable for any of the murders. Its just amazing to see that these events occurred during the 1960;s and were are still having these same issues in 2015. When are whites going to ever control themselves like normal people should. When the white man commits a murder seems as if they always get off , but as soon as a black male commits any type of crime they automatically get incarcerated. All of our good men are being locked up for things they didn’t commit of should have gotten off for and that’s exactly what the whites want. If our men continue to go to prison we as the black community will never be on top.

    1. Yeah and also during this time it was out of the governors control. He had to write a written statement that said these problems began to become so much that it was beyond his control. There was nothing that he could do things were to hectic.

  14. After watching this video I was informed on how Blacks and whites were separated into two separate societies. It kills me to see how the whites always felt like they were better and should have the best of the best while blacks should have less. So of course a riot was bound to happen.

    1. Yeah the whites were really insane if you ask me. They constantly harassed blacks, and nobody really could stop them their mobs were too big. Im just happy that we actually got to a point were students could be integrated. It took a long time. I am actually happy I wasn’t brought up in these times. I am blessed that the people before me fought for rights we should have been receiving all along.

  15. The events in this video didn’t come as a surprise or shocker to me. I found it amusing that the white folk actually thought blacks cared and focused on them so much that they wanted to take their homes. That wasn’t the case at all, we just like them felt as though we should live wherever we wanted. Some people don’t understand why the blacks would riot but a some point you get real fed up, and without having other things to turn to rioting was a result of that. The blacks had nothing and the white folk would come and even take that nothing away from them. The government in Chicago was full of crap and he solved nothing, and nothing was done in Detroit either the only thing that happened is that lives were lost and people were injured.

  16. You know when Jesus was on earth the people didn’t think much of him in the beginning many didn’t want to touch him because they felt he was unworthy. So when I hear the reasons for the white people migrating because they thought so poor of African Americans it only makes me reflect. The slumps were created because it was very little care given to there property. Still to this day I don’t understand riots, no matter how angry people maybe, I don’t understand why people ruin there own stuff. Sad to say we do live in two separate society and it is being displayed everyday. I hope that the people in the African American community know who to direct there hate towards. It would be yet again another sad day if they began again to kill them selves as the people.

  17. after everything the African Americans went through during this time the video was not surprising, but i can say the African Americans were getting tired of being mistreated but knowing everything they had to go through who wouldn’t be fed up.

  18. It’s so sad how the blacks were always being looked at as being the villain by the government, when all they wanted was equal rights. I don’t blame them for starting the riots, shoot I probably would’ve participate myself because they were fed up of being mistreated by the government and whites, and not getting what they want which was equality and freedom.

    1. Yeah they just began to defend themselves, and take matters into their own hands. Especially since the higher officials weren’t solving the problem. No race deserves to be treated this way. I just always wondered if the tables were turned how things would really be. Like I cant even imagine. In my opinion whites fear us so bad, and want to be us . They wish they had thicker hair, they get tans to have darker skin, they get all these lip injections to have bigger lips. I notice these types of things.

      1. Yes, I agree I always wondered if the tables were turned, even though I don’t think we would do anything as horrible as they did back then.

  19. In this video black and whites were split into two completely different societies. Blacks only wanted the opportunity for housing, jobs, and education. Although they claim opportunity came with power which was white people. July 10th 1996 the freedom rally started; and white people stared getting intimidated. They pretty much started destroying the city, by burning things down. Some white people also said African American people moving into neighborhoods made the value go down. It’s sad that blacks tried everything to just be able to be comfortable and equal, they wanted to get along with whites. Blacks also made sure everything they conducted was nonviolent, but whites pushed them. They made blacks feel unsafe, attacked, and under death all the time.

    1. Your statement about the video is great. I agree with you that the white people got intimidated of Africa American. I can’t believe that they will destroy their home just because they were intimidated.

  20. After many many years with the mistreatment of blacks, the riots in this video was no surprise. Black folks were so fed up and angry from the unnecessary mistreatment from the white people that they just snapped! I don’t blame them at all.

  21. This was a time where segregation was at its highest because the white supremacists knew that Blacks were trying to make a change and they were trying their best to stop it. Instead of them forcing us we were forcing them by protesting and joining together. There shouldn’t even be two societies we should have came together from the beginning and its still prejudice and racism today that questions have we overcame yet and why do they still try to hold the minorities down.No race should be more superior than the others.

  22. After discussing that blacks and whites were split into 2 societies in this video. Its crazy because blacks want to be able to move freely around just like white people and live comfortable right a long with them. Blacks don’t want to be watching their backs everywhere they go and having to protect themselves becasue something may happen they want to live with no stress to and get along with the white people. But the world was to divided for blacks to do that they barely had jobs and no income when the whites had all the jobs and the most money.

  23. I am truly amazed at the ideas of white people sometimes, to believe that black people would come to their neighborhoods and steal their homes from them is just a whole new kind of stupid. I’m pretty sure if someone wanted to buy and own a house that you’re probably not planning on getting, isnt stealing. The very mindset that anyone could destroy a neighborhood that they will be living in is asinine in itself.

    1. exactly, blacks was honestly a threat to the white people in my eyes. I feel if they could get the same rights white would be intimidate because it would give blacks a chance to be better than them.

  24. In this video they compared the segregation between whites and blacks to having two different societies, and they couldn’t be more correct. I feel as blacks would freely intergrate with the whites it just that they’re denied any kind of access that associates with the whites’ society. Blacks fought and protest because they deserved the right to walk around freely and not have to always look over their shoulder because they are black

  25. In this video, it discusses how America was “two societies” one for each race. Its not that the blacks were afraid of being in the community, it was because they were systematically denied. Riots began and areas were changed from all white to all black because of the real estate agents which caused the areas to decline economically. There were marches and protests. Whites moved away from the African Americans because they didnt feel safe around them but the African Americans just wanted to be able to walk around freely in their own neighborhood without being discriminated against or being afraid that someone will try and call the police on them. Cities were being burned and there were a bunch of shootings happening. People were in danger in their house, outside their house, wherever they were because of the things that were going on.

  26. This video was interesting, during that time the split between two societies black and white fueled by nothing but fear and frustration. One quote that stood out me was. “Oppression doesn’t destroy the people, the acceptance can destroy any people”.

    1. yes, that quote said many things in that one sentence. It’s sad how whites couldn’t just accept the decision, yet they wanted to start riots and terrify all those innocent children.

  27. Not to mention the riot. People began to start burning down the city. People did it for many reasons as they thought they were free , they often felt unified by doing this, they rebelled against what the law was actually telling them. Black leaders actually helped the police throughout this time which was surprising. They wanted everyone to stop, but it took 5 days. George then called the army because things were really out of hand. These Army people had no training as they were just forced out in such a terrible situation. Thousands of people were on the streets, and people are just shooting guns like it was the thing to do. So many people died in fires and were killed its ridiculous. Its just so crazy to see because this is not what I come from at all. This was like a war in your own town. People were not safe. I cant imagine raising children in this type of environment.

  28. This video wasn’t shocking after all the other videos I had previously watched for this class. The SCLC wanted to see if violence would work with in the north , so they had a march. in 1966 they agreed not to march , and everyone was surprised Kind did this and they were also mad because this is the march everyone was looking forward too. Detroit was booming in 1968 as they began to build skyscrapers and employment opportunities were getting better. It was crazy to see that the express way really divided the blacks from the whites. of course during this time the blacks were jobless. and were often left behind. Whites dominated the cities as they worked on assembly lines, and the police were 95% white.

  29. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference come north to help Chicago’s civil rights leaders in their nonviolent struggle against segregated housing. Their efforts pit them against Chicago’s powerful mayor, Richard Daley. When a series of marches through all-white neighborhoods draws violence, King and Daley negotiate with mixed results. In Detroit, a police raid in a black neighborhood sparks an urban uprising leaving 43 people dead. The Kerner Commission finds that America is becoming “two societies, one black, one white, separate and unequal.” President Lyndon Johnson, who appointed the commission, ignores the report. Which I think he just didnt care about the report or how it was effecting people at the time.

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