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A True Menace to Society: Why the Domestic Terrorism that Occurred in a Sutherland Springs, Texas, Church Will Have No Impact on How America Views White Males

The recent shooting by a white male, Devin Patrick Kelly (26) at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas highlights so much about this nation. Most notably it reminds us that America continues to exist with the same blood-stained hands that were initially bloodied with the extermination of indigenous populations and the African holocaust, two events that were pre-requisites to the founding of this nation.

Although rarely viewed through the correct lens, there is little room to debate that the vast majority of politico-economic and physical violence that has occurred on the North American continent is attributable to white males. Such a truth has failed to inform other segments of this nation that it is suicidal for them to sit unprotected against the physical, politico-economic, and cultural violence that has been a staple of a seemingly insatiable population of white males. It is not a stretch to assert that white males have historically operated from a mantra of “it’s either my way or the highway.” Hence, there is little room to debate that it has been this population that has a claim to the title of “menace to society”; strangely the moniker never attaches itself to this population of domestic terrorists in a significant manner. White males are evaluated in regards to their own merits, never does society view them as a monolithic population; black men have never been so fortunate.

As a highly-educated African-American male who has achieved a few positive things in his life, I will tell you that I have never been afforded this luxury. In the America that black men struggle to survive within, nothing, and I do mean nothing, not educational attainments, church membership, gainful employment, social responsibility, being a doting father over our children, separates us from being linked to what can be best termed the surliest elements within Black America. Rest assured that African-American men and women realize that if a terrorist attack of this type occurs at the hand of an African-American, the consequences for each of us would be colossal as it would be felt in the economic sector, the political arena, and an extreme escalation of cultural wars.

In many ways, it has been these wide strokes of a loosely held paintbrush that has painted all black men as derelicts and a negative on society. The alluded to falsity that all African-American men are a “menace to society” has been repeated so often that there is a segment of Black America that believes this fallacy.

Were I reckless in my thoughts and decided to mimic the routine pattern of whites painting all African-Americans — male and female — in a negative light, I could assert that I am deathly afraid to leave my home as white males are serial killers who strike without the slightest provocation. Rest assured that such fears could be supported by evidence shows that it was white males who have executed domestic terrorist attacks that have taken the lives of innocent Americans, regardless of their race/ethnicity, on a whim. This white male that I allude to has recently executed attacks against people enjoying themselves at a concert (Las Vegas — 58 dead and 489 wounded), praising the Lord in a church service (Sutherland Springs — 26 dead) or studying the Gospel (Charleston — 9 dead).

One thing is for certain, Devin Patrick Kelley is operating out of this nation’s grandest tradition of white males serving as self-appointed corrective agents eager to simultaneously express their personal angst and failings by issuing corrective action on a society that no longer caters exclusively to them. I am confident that you realize that they make their political statements via the most violent means available; an option made possible by the availability of assault rifles to citizens.

Although I doubt that anyone has the courage to state that Devin Patrick Kelley is only the latest reiteration of a long line of white terrorists. If we confine our analysis to the North American continent it is obvious that Kelley’s actions were no different than those performed by “paddy rollers” who were tasked with controlling the movements of stolen Africans, the Ku Klux Klan that dedicated their lives to terrorizing blacks for over a century, the 2nd Klan that demanded new immigrants “become white” in the post-WWI period, a moment where these same white males also lynched African-Americans in the streets during “the Red Summer”, or the recent string of terrorist attacks on American citizens that appear to have “no rhyme or reason.”

Even a cursory examination of the historical record of white males on the North American continent from the establishment of the Roanoke colony through this present moment shows them as not only terrorists but also an apex predator on the North American continent.

Unfortunately for sane and well-adjusted Americans, including white males, this nation has resisted the logical step of “calling a spade, a spade.” And it is for that reason that we should all expect that this latest act of domestic terrorism will have no impact at all on either gun laws, mental health services, or the way we view white males. And for that reason, all Americans will remain in a state of peril.

May God bless this nation, we most certainly need it.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race, and Culture, 2017




Nothing but a Northern Lynching: The Murder of Eric Garner

In a long ago forgotten interview, Tupac Amaru Shakur quipped after a recent run-in with the Oakland Police Department that one of the “civil servants” aggressively proclaimed that there was no need for Black people to resist oppression at the hands of law enforcement officers, because the police were the largest gang in America. Considering the consistent stream of African-Americans, regardless of gender, age, or class, who were killed at the hands of local officers, it is difficult to argue against the assertion that they are the nation’s largest gang. Put simply, America’s legion of civil servants have long resembled a hostile occupying army within the Black community.

Quite possibly the single-greatest fear of African-Americans is for their loved one’s to have a run-in with a rogue officer from which they most likely will not survive. Hence, the footage showing the murder of Eric Garner is not particularly shocking to anyone with any understanding of police/citizen relations within urban America. The vast majorities of African-Americans has had at least one run-in with the police or are at best once removed from such an incident.

I, the possessor of several graduate degrees and the honor of being a tenured professor of African-American History, am not immune to run-ins with the police. As I pen this entry, I am vacationing in my hometown of Mansfield Ohio, and am less than a week removed from a recent encounter with two rookie officers that led to their threatening to arrest me for observing them from what I knew, yet they could not agree between themselves, was a “safe and legal distance”. The more unstable of the two officers’, who was furious that I understood the law much better than he could ever hope to, refused to give me his badge number and quipped, “You are a Doctor, correct. Well you should already know it.” A statement that was only exceeded by his telling my nephew, who he was forced to release from custody, “I don’t give a shit about you.” When a superior officer overheard the comment, he related that I could write a letter to the police review board if I so desired. I just laughed and asked, “Do you want me to send it directly to him (meaning the offending officer), that is as much impact as it is going to have.”

The death of Mr. Eric Garner is fairly representative of the historic interactions between officers and the vast majority of Black people. With the introduction of cell phones and video cameras to document officers actions, there is absolutely no one, regardless or race or occupation, who can deny that these incidents are regularly occurring. It is time for all Americans, including those who are law enforcement officers to speak out regarding the brutality that they see their fellow “brothers in blue” perpetrating on a daily basis. Failure to take decisive action against rogue officers puts us all in danger.

It is wholly reasonable for citizens to no longer consider officers, “civil servants” serving the community. Past actions have put them in the class of marauders seeking to maim, harm, and kill African-Americans wherever they are found. Within such a climate, it is reasonable to expect African-Americans to arm themselves, in a similar vein to the gun rights activist groups have done for years, in a desperate attempt to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, the reactionary nature of the African-American community and the desensitized nature of this nation in regards to violence toward African-Americans (men, women, and children) leads this issue to one logical conclusion, that being a repeat of this particular incident. I fear that once the furor regarding Eric Garners murder dies, things will return to the status quo; and the cycle will begin all over again; or at least that is what those who have historically exploited and abused us are hoping for.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III