5 thoughts on “FREDERICK DOUGLASS”

  1. The genuine question on the flip side is why there isn’t there more African American talking in this narrative. I can genuinely say from watching this film Frederick Douglass is an Incredible Dark pioneer and one of our student of history dark legend at the time he was well sufficiently off to bear the cost of his own home all alone property and savvy enough to free himself to begin his adventure to make blacks separated of the country and still felt as he have to help his kin that show he Was not hatred with where us blacks remain in America

  2. Fredrick douglass is a black leader and a historic black hero and he wasnt satisfied with where blacks stood in america

  3. Fredrick Douglass saw a need for the up lifting for black in America and did everything in his power to make the move to assist the growth for us. I feel as if we need more hands on leaders and not just speakers those who will not fear there people live in what society’s considers to be dangerous and make a difference by loving ourselves

  4. I also start to favor John Brown from this film more even know he was not a rational thinker but I love his any means necessary approach to thinking slavery was unmoral and wanting to end it. Many my say he was crazy which he was but I’ll say he was a rebel with a cause.

  5. I can honestly say from watching this film Frederick Douglass is a Great Black leader and one of our historian black heros at the time he was wealthy enough to afford his own house on his own property and still felt as he need to help his people that shows he Was not contempt with where us blacks stand in America .He had his own newspaper which was so rare for blacks to have especially because blacks couldn’t read or write.

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