There is a certain amount of decorum that I have for some illogical reason come to expect from so-called adult African-American mentrick-daddy-5 when they are either in the company of or referring to African-American women. I am also certain that if you are a rational human being who has had any exposure to a fair sample size of African-American males that you also realize that I am grossly disappointed with the manner in which many, most certainly not all, Black males consider the women who have historically birthed, considered, coddled, comforted, and aided them in what often amounted to selfless unconscionable ways that no other population of women would ever do for even their own kind.

Let me make this plain, if you are an African-American male who does not hold the Black women in the highest place possible, you are an individual who fails to realize that in doing so you have made a conscious decision to “cut off your nose to spite your face.”

Considering that what I just penned most likely flew over your head, let me say it in the simplest language possible; “Black man, if you do not cherish the Black women you are quite simply in desperate need of a real world education regarding the path that Black women have paved for every Black man existing today. Without them, we would be extinct.”

Maybe you were fortunate enough to miss the most recent ignorance to fly out of a somewhat notable African-American male’s mouth on social media. The individual whom I am referring to istrick-daddy-2 none other than Florida based rapper ‘Trick Daddy’ — a dubious name in and of itself — who took it upon himself to warn Black women that “These Spanish, these white hoes…they done started getting finer than a mother*cka. Ya’ll black hoes betta tighten up…(if non-Black women learn to fry chicken) black hoes will officially be useless.

Only in America would it be permissible for a figure such as ‘Trick Daddy’ to voice such ignorance into a public space.

As an educated African-American I am actually unsure if I am more offended that ‘Trick Daddy’ has reduced the needs of Black men to merely having a fine ‘Spanish or white hoe’ who can fry chicken or what such a statement means in the larger scheme of things. Actually, I do know which offends me more, it is the latter.

Although I would love to say that ‘Trick Daddy’ is an anomaly in regards to African-American males continuing failure to understand even the most basic aspects of choosing a mate to produce and raise children with, he is in many ways ‘par for the course’ when examining this matter. One of the most obvious examples of the failure of many Black men to choose a suitable mate is found in their pre-occupation with superficial characteristics such as the eroding physical beauty of women or even more ridiculous is the adoration of the hair that adorning her hair, yet is not growing out of her own hair follicles. I am certain that many brothers will take great issue with what I am saying, however, it must be said.

Although it is a harsh reality to accept, the truth of the matter is that trick-daddy-1there is no balm to be found for the voluminous political, social, historical, economic, and cultural maladies afflicting Black men to be found between the legs of any woman, regardless of their race, the length of their hair, or even if their racial/ethnic background has been so muddled through the centuries that your ignorant ass is forced to refer to her as an ‘exotical’.

However, all is not lost, you can reverse your current course if you so desire. The first step toward addressing a life that has become so painful to live that you are now cursing your mother, even if indirectly, your aunts, your sisters, and your daughters by swearing off the comforting embrace of a woman who looks like your mama or the sway of the hips that so many Black women have been naturally blessed with that reminds you of your first crush, begins with you and only you. Put simply, stop blaming Black women for your inadequacies, inefficiencies, and failings in life.

Any African-American male who has been able to build a stable family will tell you through experience that whom you mate with matters greatly in regards to where you are headed as a man. Such men would advise you to pay more attention to the expansiveness of a potential mate’s brain than the plumpness of her derriere. Unfortunately, a figure such as ‘Trick Daddy’ and the droves of those who emanate from similar viewpoints refuse to follow such tried and true practices that have worked for our people for centuries; failure to do such most certainly places you in peril.

In many ways it is poetic justice that they pay the price for their poor decision-making. The great social critic James Baldwin said it in this way, “People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become, and they pay for it, very simply, by the lives they lead.”

It is this failure that makes the following information not only likely, but also predictable for African-American males who chose to follow the gospel of the greatest Trick of them all, ‘Trick Daddy’.

Trick Daddy has filed for bankruptcy because, according to him … he’s got trick-daddy-3next to ZERO money in the bank, and his baby mama bills keep piling up.

The Miami rapper filed for Chapter 11 saying he’s got about $430k in assets – which sounds decent, except he’s also $645k in the red! Including: $34,837 child support to one mother, $22,282 to another, $290k in back taxes, and $280k for his first mortgage. (TMZ)

The only thing that I could say to a figure such as ‘Trick Daddy’ or the droves of ignorant males that follow him is that they need to go and get a ‘life coach’ or something, embrace the fact that they are Black and that Black women are absolutely unrivaled in their beauty; and then go out onto the street, any street, and apologize to every Black woman for the evil that you kind has done for centuries.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016

Charles Barkley’s The Race Card: Coming to a Television near You

I always do my best to be honest and see no reason to end that fact at the present moment. So I am being totally honest when I say that I rushed to judgment when I heard that Charles “I am not a role model” Barkley would be hosting a show titled The Race Card, set to premiere in early 2017.

I immediately thought, and partially still do, that there is no possible way that Charles Barkley being provided a national platform to speak on racial matters is a positive for either African-Americans or the nation. According to producers, The Race Card will examine the deep political divisions in American culture in an effort to discover why Americans are so divided along political and racial lines. According to Barkley, “We as Americans never discuss…race in this country, and how it impacts everything in our lives, until something bad happens…I see this project as a way to talk about race, class and cultural differences and challenge everyone’s status quo.”

Although I remain unconvinced that Barkley is the best, or even a suitable, choice to lead this nation in any discussion regarding Race, I must again be honest and say that I actually appreciate the idea under girding the show as it could do much to illuminate an American citizenry that knows little, if anything, about Race in America beyond superficial emotionally driven ‘analysis’ that has repeatedly failed to scratch the surface of the socially constructed issue that noted scholar W.E.B. Du Bois warned the entire nation would be its problem of the twentieth-century in his classic work The Souls of Black Folk.

Those who have tried and failed to understand America’s complex racial issues should not fret over the matter because they have much company. The vast majority of Americans have absolutely no understanding of even the myriad pieces that factor into either American race relations or an all too loosely used boogie man known as racism. Most individuals, regardless of their Race/ethnicity, simplistically believe that the primary cause of America’s racial problem is due to some ‘rival group’ and thereby is definitive proof of their comprehensive ignorance regarding the reality that other factors including, but not limited to, class, gender, sexual orientation, and social status, impact American Race relations in phenomenal ways. Indicative of this nation’s infantile understanding of Race is the startling reality, as displayed by their propensity to use them inter-changeably, that an overwhelming percentage of Americans do not know the difference between prejudice, discrimination, and racism.

One thing is certain, until Americans develop the intellectual acumen to understand Du Bois’ ‘Color Line’, it will continue to agitate the entire nation.

I am certain that most hope that Barkley’s The Race Card will move the dial toward creating a path that will ameliorate this nation’s greatest curse, I hold those hopes as well. Unfortunately, I have little faith in Barkley’s ability to engage, analyze, and offer any semblance of a solution in regard to this pressing matter. I hope I’m wrong, however, I seriously doubt it.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016


I must tell you that one of the most enjoyable aspects of my professional life is that it provides opportunities to visit places and interact with people that I would most likely have never come across were I not a Professor. Let me be forthright and say that I absolutely love the alluded to opportunities as they provide me an opportunity to explore new places and hopefully learn something that I did not know when the day started.

I guess that you can say that even after earning four graduate degrees that I have been able to retain my intellectual curiosity. It is an aspect of my being that I pray that I never relinquish regardless of the circumstances.

I was recently gifted such an opportunity when an exciting project that I am heading called for me to make the trip to Waco, Texas, a location that I have always humorously mused was where blind Jesus appeared, of course, that is a humorous view of David Koresh, a glasses wearing figure who led a religious group in Waco by fashioning himself as Jesus Christ incarnate. I was called to Waco for a meeting on the Baylor University campus.

Anyone who knows me well realizes that everything that I do is not college 4only by design, but also for some purpose. Realizing that not only did I not want to risk getting caught in traffic/construction, but also feeling the need to take an individual walking tour of the Baylor University campus, I planned to arrive in Waco at least two hours prior to my 9:00 meeting.

Fortunately the travel to Baylor University went as smoothly as possible and with the benefit of the students being on the break, I was able to secure a convenient parking space and begin my walking tour of what I soon would deem a breathtaking campus. Baylor University’s physical facilities are in a word, breathtaking. Now that I reflect upon it, the more appropriate term for Baylor University is, historic.

The use of the word ‘historic’ is most certainly no indicator of a negative such as decaying facilities, rather an unbridled applause that indicates the positive manner in which literally every space, and I do mean every space, is used to inform you about Baylor University; even the concrete has information about the school and its traditions etched into them. Baylor’s impressive display of both its historic origins and those figures/organizations that made a notable impact upon it caused me to reflect upon the storied history of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

In a ‘politically correct’ climate that implicitly harkens institutions to conform in a host of ways that begin with curricular offerings, it should not be surprising when those who administrate HBCU’s seek to mimic predominantly white institutions and de-emphasize Race.

What those who administrate HBCU’s fail to realize in their haste to be ‘politically correct’ and accommodating for non-Blacks attending their institution is that the issue of Race has been, will be, and should be emphasized as an integral part of their story. Failure to honor racial matters as a primary reason that HBCU’s were created is to not only be false to the past, but also dooms these colleges and universities to be false to their future.

One of the most maddening aspects of HBCU’s attempt to erase racial matters from its past and present is that predominantly white institutions, to their credit, do not attempt to hide their sordid racial past and actually highlight the Black firsts that occurred at their institution. For example, while touring Baylor University, I found large photos of the first Black professor, the first African-American football and basketball player, respectively, on display.

It is a university’s honesty regarding its past that simultaneously informs its students of the rich legacy that they inherit by walking its Collegesacred halls and provides them with crucial information that prods them toward becoming future contributors to this all important legacy as engaged alumni supporting the university community from whence they come in ways that include, but is in no way limited to, financial contributions. Hopefully, HBCU’s will make Race the very pivot that their creation and current existence emanates from, if for no other reason than that it is a crucial to not only the telling of their story, but also the uplift of the Race.

Lord knows that we need it.

Dr. James Thomas Jones III

© Manhood, Race and Culture, 2016

Committed to investigating, examining, and representing the African-American male and offering commentary regarding his status in regards to Manhood, Race, Class, Politics, and Culture from an educated and authentic African-American perspective aimed at improving their plight in regards to politics, culture, education, and social matters.

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